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Chapter 4

Katarina Bishop P.O.V
Venice Italy
The day of the heist

Kat woke up feeling terrible she hadn't got much sleep last night and was extremely nervous about the heist Gabrielle was right it was too easy and in a thief's world that is a very bad thing. It might be a trap or might not but either way no one was comfortable without proof this was a once in a life time chance to reclaim the hope diamond. Everyone was well prepared and eating breakfast all though the attitude was sombre. We sat in silence Uncle Eddie's message head even the best get caught sometimes Uncle Eddie used to say like a broken record sometimes anytime a big shot got caught. I could picture him saying it tomorrow at a breakfast telling the family but the show must go on.

Joe Solomon P.O.V
Gallagher academy
Day of the heist

Today in class we were showing and operation when the Hope diamond was being stolen and the CIA were catching the thief's these guys were top notch to the point of it being the real hope diamond as they could spot a fake a mile away. The girls and boys (As Blackthorne where here on another exchange) entered the class.
"Today we are looking at 6 people, Hamish and Angus Bagshaw, W.W Hale, Gabrielle last name unknown Simon last name unknown and Katarina Bishop. These guys are top notch thieves." Grant had a look of pride on his face all though he was masking it well. Macey looked shocked as well though a different kind of shocked she was defiantly familiar with the Hale bloke. I placed their pictures on to the data projector.
"Katarina Bishop more commonly known as Kat she's 16 and the leader of this little organisation. She is also second in command of a major crime family. Of which they are all a part of. Her mother was shot when she was five and her father is an international art thief. Her family has been in the business for generations. We have very little information on her she's top notch everything she does every piece of information disappears" Grant still had that proud look in his eyes as I spoke of his cousin.
"Gabriele, 17 her and Miss Bishop are cousins. Her mother marries people who can help the family and then leaves them. She works with the family as an art thief as well as doing a smaller version of what her mother does. She usually works as a distraction. She is also very good and we can't get any information on her." Grant looked Angry at certain parts of the description all though he knows as well as I she likes to empty the pockets of the European elite.
"Hamish and Angus Bagshaw twins 17 specialise in pyrotechnics we know very little about them other than their Scottish and were born into the business"
"Simon the technology expert his father Was recruited by the boss 'Uncle Eddie' when he was broke at 21 Simon was born into the business he is 17 very little known about him." Grant had a look of Pride on his face throughout. He as well as a look of hope at the mention of his father.
"Finally W.W Hale the fifth. A Billionaire he funds operations as well helping with the thefts he has properties all over the world and is funding half of the senators in congress. He was bought into this world by Katarina we are unaware of how exactly. He is dangerous politically as well as physically. Age 17" Macey looked as if her worst nightmares had come true.
"They are currently in a heist to steal the Hope Diamond which is a trap although it is the real diamond. If we succeed 5 of them will defiantly be coming here. Miss Bishop may be."
Grant looked worried and placed his hand up. I nodded to ask his question.
"Why only maybe for Kat"
"She has a lot of information. We can use so it depends on the deal she makes." He didn't seem to care about the slip up he made by calling her Kat. "Though she should be alright in CIA care they wouldn't want to piss off her family too much." Grant looked worried for his cousins
"Ok Guys this is live time and their attempt to steal the hope diamond."

Grant P.O.V
Gallagher Academy
Day of the heist

Finding out my cousins team are going to be caught and put in Gallagher while she gets sent to interrogation (because that is what it is even if they don't call it that) was terrifying even. As Solomon turned on the footage I saw my family the equipment was out and everyone was in business mode I saw the Bagshaws slowly create a small hole through the ground and clean it Gabrielle gave the thumbs up for the harnesses and she looked at Simon and I could see the fear in her eye's that he wouldn't come back. It broke my heart knowing he might not and she would be devastated.

Kat went through first before sending up the signal three quick flashes of a torch. (Pull back up being two slow ones) Simon slowly went down and five minutes two slow flashes went up and Simon came up. Him and Gabrielle started packing up his equipment. Three seconds later there was a large bang and Kat threw up the diamond. Hale catching it with ease handing it to Gabrielle who stuffed it down her shirt and somehow managed to make invisible. But this was defiantly not part of the plan.

Packing up all important equipment (laptops and other such items) and hiding the damming evidence. I watched as Hale stood at the edge waiting to pull Kat back up and the rest of the team stood at the door waiting for people to storm in. I hear a shout of Sprint and see the team go to run through the door albeit begrudgingly when the door slammed open and 30 fully kitted agents come storming in.

The team ready for actions immediately but all of them eventually fall. First Angus then Simon quickly after Gabrielle fell Hamish was shot in the leg and then arm rendering him immobilized. Soon it was just Hale verse the left over agents they had put up a good fight only five left or so he thought an agent on the floor hit him with a patch in the angle.

Everyone was staring wide eye's at how well they had done soon I saw the wire Kat would be hanging from tugged and I saw the peak of her head come up from underneath before I heard her scream and Grunt and the wire was cut. The agents pulled the team into a group and tied them before bringing up three maids carts which they were hidden under after Hamish had been knocked out before they started looking for the diamond before they suddenly stopped obviously being told Gabrielle had it.

That's when Mr Solomon pressed pause and I tried to control my emotions.
"Mr Solomon what did Katarina say to her team I didn't quite catch it" Tina said
"It was a strange Russian dialect I'm not 100% sure what she said."
"Спринт or Sprint in English." I said instantly wishing I hadn't,
"How did you know that?" Tina is being as nosey as ever.
"My father's family is from Russia it's the same dialect I speak at home."
"What dialect is it?" Tina continued to prod.
"I'm not sure." This is just a blatant lie but I can live with it, it's only Tina.
"Okay" I could hear the disappointment in her voice as she said. Solomon knew about my family and the look on his face was terrifying.
"Remember what you saw we will be discussing it tomorrow. you're dismissed" We excited the room and back to the earth's surface quickly but not rushing.

Bex was looking at me strangely but didn't say anything. No one knew about my family and while I wouldn't help them escape unless they were treated badly I would be on their side. They wouldn't put me on guard duty for that reason Zach and Nick would be on guard for Hale and Simon and Marc and John would be guarding Hamish and Angus with Jonas as a helping hand. People would ask why I wasn't on guard it would arise suspicion and my life would be hell for the rest of my school life if they found out I wasn't sure why I didn't want to only work with my father I just wanted to have options in my life. I went through classes in a daze thinking of what to do I even let Zach beat me in P.E I didn't know what to do whether I should acknowledge them or ignore them if I don't talk to them then they will ignore me but I don't know if I will be able to just ignore them they are my family but if I speak to them then everyone will know.

I walked out onto the roof it's the only place in Gallagher I'm able to think

I see Bex walk out onto the roof I was shocked she had just blended into the shadows. "It's beautiful isn't it" she said pointing out to the setting sun. "It may sound cheesy but I love to watch the sunset knowing that somewhere out there my parents will eventually see the same thing just over a different skyline."
"Not cheesy well maybe a little but sweet. When I was younger whenever my father was away my cousin used to take me out to see the moon and say
'I see the moon
the moon see's me
the moon see's somebody I want to see
god bless them and god bless me' It always made me feel better somehow" I didn't quite understand why I was being so open with her I mean sure we had been dating a little while but this was some serious blackmail information here.
"That's really sweet Grant."
"Not really." I said wrapping my arm around her waist.
"Are you okay? You've been in a daze all day."
"Yea I'm fine Love."
"You know for a 'Spy' you're a pretty bad liar."
"It hit's home you know they were top notch and they got caught what's goanna happen us out there. What's going to happen to them" I said the last sentence in a whisper though she probably heard it being a spy and all.
"Its hard being on both sides of the fence isn't it?"
"What do you mean?"
"You're not the only ones with connections to that world"
"Yea its hard, those girls are my cousins and other than Hale I grew up with them they are family all of I don't know which side to support. Should I help the girls should I tell them everything will be alright and give them their favourite candy or ignore them completely and allow them to find their own way."
"I know I have the problem with the Bagshaw's part of me wants to go over to them when they get here and kiss their cheek and give them a packet a crisps and the other side wants to ignore them and let them face there punishment."
"Especially knowing it could so easily have been me instead"
"You ever done a job"
"A few with my dad when I was little, occasionally some family bonding in the hols"
"Same but With my grandfather not my father."
"You know rush you get when you succeed"
"Have you ever thought of leaving this world for the underworld."
"Yea but I will always live in my father's shadow."
"I know I will always be fighting the sexism of it if I go back. It's a man's world and it won't change anytime soon."
"I don't know Kat is Second in command of a major crime family that's a huge step for women in the underworld."
"I guess it is."
'I'd miss the guys to much."
"Yea I'd miss my girls."
"You know what we were just talking about was treason right."
"Actually it wasn't as we were just talking about quitting here."
"I'll take care of my girls if you take care of your boys and I'll make sure the boys are well taken care of when you're not there."
"It sounds perfect. I'll take care of the girls as well."
"If Kat shows up." I said as quietly as possible
"Hey, she will turn up they wouldn't want to piss of 'Uncle Eddie' too much."
"Yea dad can be pretty scary when he wants to be."
"Your dad's Uncle Eddie huh you are just full of mystery aren't you." Cam and Zach walked up the stairs and both Bex and I put on straight faces.
"Don't worry we were just leaving."