I present to thee, Online Mafia Wars and Blind Date!

Chapter One: The Game.

Byakuran was crackling madly when Shouichi entered the room. Blink incoherently, the bespectacled boy snorted when he noticed the hunched form in front of his laptop.

Figures. He was playing Online Supernatural Mafia War again. And judging his mad laugh and the bored stare Spanner was giving him from the albino's bed; it must be against Tuna27, the head of the opposing Mafia family, Vongola again.

"Byakuran-san. If you damaged my keyboard again, I'll burn your marshmallows and feed it to Daisy." Byakuran turned blearily; his unnatural purple eyes stared at the bespectacled red-head.

"Is that a threat, Shou-kun?"

"No that's a promise." The white-headed boy grumbled, before turning back to the computer. Shouichi and Spanner could only exchanged resigned looks before opening their maths textbook and immediately immersed themselves into their homework.

Midori tanabiku namimori no
Dai naku shou naku nami ga ii
Itsumo kawaranu
Sukoyaka kenage
Aah, tomo ni utaou
Namimori chuu

Hibari was walking out of his bathroom when the phone rang. Rubbing his wet hair with his towel, the Perfect grumbled as he pulls his purple I-phone from his bag.

You have two messages.


From: Bucking_Horse12

To: Skylark18

Subject: Kyooouuuyyaaaa!

What are you doing?


From: Tuna27

To: Skylark18

Subject: Online session

Kumo-san. We're having a game session right now. Against Millefiore family.

At the Fulmine field. See you there?


Hibari quickly deletes the two messages before plugging on his computer. Beside him, by the window, Hibird was warbling the Namimori Chuu school anthem. Absently petting the yellow canary, Hibari logs onto his Mafia account. The screen clears up and a black-haired male character appears on the screen wearing a altered Japanese chouran with a red sash on his left arm standing in a room.

Outside his bedroom, about ¾ of the people online all over Namimori groaned. "No! Skylark's online." And promptly log off. The remaining ¼ immediately look for missions that can take them far, far away from the insane prefect.' Che… Are people really that scared of me?' He quickly select a door label 'Fulmine Field' and emerged in a man-made island with lighting flame resistant high-rise building all over the place.

Seeing a chat box blinking at the bottom part of his screen, he snorts again. As usual he had walked into yet another argument.

Namibird18 had logged in.

Smoking_Bomb59: It's all your fault, you stupid Yagyuu-Baka!

Yamzilla80: Maa, maa. Aren't you over reacting here?

Smoking_Bomb59: OVERREACTING? *bleep* I'LL SHOW YOU *bleep* OVERREACTING!

Lucky_Bond27: Arashi-kun! Calm down! Ame-san didn't mean it? Right, Ame-san?

BoxingToTheExtreme: Oozora's right to the EXTREME!

Lucky_Bond27: Onii-san…

Smoking_Bomb59: Shut up Turf head.

Lambo the Great: Come on Ahoudera. Can't take a joke?

Smoking_Bomb59: no one ask for your opinion, *bleep* Ahoushi.

Lucky_Bond27: Aah, Arashi-kun! Remember what the moderator said last night? No more cursing!

Smoking_Bomb59: Like I *bleep* care about those *bleep**bleep* moderators!

Lucky_Bond27: Please, Arashi-kun!

Smoking_Bomb27: Fine. That's because Juudaime asked me to.

Yamzilla80: Ha, ha. Oh, btw, can I copy your maths homework again?

Smoking_Bomb59: You *bleep* of a *bleep* idiot! Do it you *bleep* self!

Lucky_Bond27: Arashi-kun!

Namibird18: Desist from all this nonsense or I'll beat you all to death.


Lucky_Bond27: Err, I meant, Hi, Kumo-san.

Lambo the Great: LMAO

Yamzilla80: Yo, Kumo!


Lucky_Bond27: Onii-san…

Namibird18: Then? Where are those Herbivores I'm supposed to bite to death tonight?

Lucky_Bond27: Umm. Okay.

Lucky_Bond27: Tonight we're fighting Millefiore: the Six Funeral Wreath.

Lambo the Great: Yare, yare. Again? Didn't we kick their collective asses last five time we fought with them?

Lucky_Bond27: Apparently, WhiteOrchid wants a rematch…again. We just have to wait for Kiri-chan to show up.

Namibird18: Whatever. Let's get this done quickly. I have better things to do.

Smoking_Bomb59: *snort. Like you have anything to do tonight. As if a girl like you have a boyfriend…

Namibird18:what are you implying?

Smoking_Bomb59: only what you think I implying.

Namibird18: , BITE . YOU . TO. DEATH.

Chrome96 had logged in.

Chrome96: Evening Boss, gentlemen, ladies… and those I still not sure of.

Smoking_Bomb59: Others? There something you're not telling us, Kiri-san?

Chrome96: Hey, just making sure I cover everything. You never know on this website.

Yamzilla80: true, true. Remember Lussy64?



Lambo the Great:…

BoxingToTheExtreme: I thought we promised NOT to mention about that night, TO THE EXTREME!

(Outside the virtual world, across Namimori, 7 people shuddered, obviously remembering the necrophilic gay Sereno player they met on that eventful night.)

Smoking_Bomb59: Err, Juudaime? Not to disturb this rather wonderful team bonding session, but I think they're here.

Lucky_Bond27: V$%&$TY2Y64J#%gefgb$te

Lucky_Bond27: Err, I meant, Damnit!

Tsuna sweatdropped as he stared into the screen. The once simple game of Choice had quickly deteriorated into a free-for-all battle. At the corner of the screen, he can actually see Namibird18 strangling one of the Funeral Wreath with his necktie. Oh, dear.

White Orchid100: Die, Tuna27! Bwahahahahahaha!

Lucky_Bond27: Why me?

Tsuna silently sobbed as he quickly dodged his character down from the flying chair Yamzilla80 had thrown into the crowd. Wait? Where on the sky sake did he even get his hand on a chair?

Quickly remembering the magical sack of weapons Gokudera-kun's character had given him before the battle, Tsuna quickly dig into it and pull out a … spoon.

What the heck?

Cursing and praying, Tsuna quickly type in a D-rank spell he knew and immediately threw the spoon at WhiteOrchid's head. The spoon had quickly explodes in a bright orange boom and next to WhiteOrchid, the sign, "-100 " appeared.

Tsuna blinked. WhiteOrchid blinked. What the hell?

Unfortunately for Tsuna, WhiteOrchid recovered from the shock first.

WhiteOrchid100: I won't let you kill me!

On the screen appears Sacred Technique: White Applause in bold and in a bright yellow colour. Tsuna groaned, known from rumors what was going to happen next. Tsuna's poor character quickly disappeared into a bright explosion of colors.

WhiteOrchid threw his miniature head and laughed his evil laugh.

WhiteOrchid100: How much damage did that do?


There was a slight pause for both Tsuna and WhiteOrchid to register exactly what had happened. In the real world, Byakuran let out a long string of curse word. He then turned to his bestest roommate in the whole world.

"Shou-chan," he said in a grave voice. "If I die, bury my marshmallows with me."

With that dramatic gesture, Byakuran turned back to the computer screen. "I won't let you kill me!" With that, he began to type ridiculously fast. Shou could only shake his head in disbelief then cursed as the keyboard Byakuran was using was emitting smoke.

"Byakuran-san, the keyboard!"

Byakuran merely continue to crackled his mad laugh as he launched his ultimate technique Black Flame Attack onto the poor Vongola Decimo, ignoring his bestest roommate, who was whimpering as the poor bespectacled boy watched 2 buttons pops out of his beloved keyboard.

"Why? Why? With all the best technologies I had salvaged, with all my powerful members I have gathered, why can't I beat you?" Byakuran sobbed as he watched his poor character being carted off to in the infirmary. Once again, Vongola Decimo and Guardians had won, thus thwarting the evil Marshmallow Monster from taking over their turf.

"Byakuran Gesso."

The white haired gamer turned, and quailed in horror as his once gentle, nice roommate standing behind him, emanating a terrifying aura of darkness as the bespectacled boy was holding onto one of Byakuran's marshmallow packs and a lighter.

"Byakuran. Do you know many keyboard of mine had you retired this month? Do you?" the gamer only whimpered as Shouichi clicked the lighter open.

"Five. Five of my damned keyboards are currently residing in the computer graveyard because of you. And today, it's sixth."

"N-Now, now, Shou-chan. L-Let's talk… Let's talk about this!"

The techno geek merely crackled, putting the lighter toward the poor marshmallows. Byakuran could have sworn those marshmallows are quacking in fear.

"For continuously destroying my keyboards, Byakuran Gesso, I'll burn all your marshmallows supply!"

They said that Byakuran horrified shrieks and a eerily crackle echoed across the dormitory that night.

Hibari watched the screen satisfied. He had gained another A-rank Nuvola ring and had managed to bite that stupid lizard from the Six Funeral Wreath and Smoking_Bomb59. (To be exact, he wasn't actually aiming for the bomber expert. The idiot was just in the way.)

But before he could even log off, he noticed another item had appeared in his inventory. Opening it, he saw a bottle of Life-Elixir (Life Elixir is a potion that restores the health back to normal no matter how much life you have left with the exception of having zero life) and a small message attached to it.

Thought you might need it, Kumo-san.



Hibari snorted but smiled. He reached for his phone and quickly send a message.

Nagi silently stretched her aching hands as she hears her favorite cousin 'ku fufufu' ing merrily away as he and his gang terrorized another gang on the Mafia Supernatural Online Game. She turned to her bed when her violet purple I-Phone rang out loud.


From: Skylark18

To: Chrome96

Subject: Life Elixir

Thank you,

Night Herbivore.


The purplenette smiled. Who said you can't find good friend online?


Online Supernatural Mafia War: Basically a game where online gamers are members of a Mafia Familigia that can use different types of flames to battle against other families to gain more power, land and protect their turf. there are 5 different level; D being the lowest while S being the highest. Players would normally use Flame Rings and their respective weapons of their choice though there are magical weapon sacks provided in the game. and as shown by Lucky_Bond27, while a correct spell casted, even a spoon can be used as a deadly weapon. lol.

First chapter done! Next chapter is out tomorrow! Enjoy and review!

Preview of the second chapters for everyone who can guess who's who in the game!

2nd chapter: The Bet

Can the Skylark survive when the two Italians in his life forms an unholy alliance? Will Tsuna finally found out about the true identities about his online guardians? Can Hibari find a perfect date for the dance? Who will Tsuna go to the dance with? And why is Gokudera going to the dance with his archenemy?