Important announcement!

As you all know, I had abandoned this story for a year and a half now. Due to mother board meltdown on my laptop, I was forced to sit in idle boredom and decided to re-read my hiatus works. I was appalled when reading this story, as this story had lost touch with the actual storyline and several plots such as the disastrous play, Reborn issue; the cousin horrorfest was omitted from the story. The latter chapters had a hurried, cramped yet useless mini plots stuffed into them and several of you had complain on how I handle the whole Gokudera-Haru relationship.

However, worry not. I am NOT abandoning this story. I decided to return back to the original plans I had for this story. This led to several nights of rewrite and revise and writing some new chapters.

I end this particular arc here and posted a sequel which started directly on the katekyo ondo chapter.

Oh, and to all Gokudera/Haru fans? I decided to rework their entire relationship… but they still endgame.

Enjoy… and review?

*Duck down as several pissed off front row readers tosses rotten fruits and vegetables*