[The soft crunch of leaves beneath my feet the only thing to be heard as I stride forth out of the trees and into an open field. My head tilts back slightly, the rays of the sun catching my gaze before I drop my head once more, eyes closing at the brightness there. Blinking away the spots that appear from the blinding light before taking another step forward, turning on heel, brow furrowing as I call] Danica? [I am unsure as to where she has gotten to, having sworn she was just beside me. Stopping my motion forward and beginning to turn, I feel something sharp hitting me in the back, the automatic response to shift at least into half form overtakes me, the glistening scales that slide over my skin act as a shield to block the stabbing object, knowing my attacker will have to jab with more force if he is to penetrate, I spin quickly, the raven recoils as his murky gaze meets the jeweled brilliance of mine. Avians were always deathly afraid of meeting a cobra's gaze. A low warning hiss releases from my lips as my fangs are shown with the opening of my mouth. I lurch forwards at a blinding speed, striking at the man's neck. My fangs delve into his skin, drawing a crimson liquid from the wound as I secrete venom into his bloodstream. Detaching myself from the feathery fiend, watching him fall to his knees, eyes glazing over as the raven's body shuts down, a scream is heard from my right, a serpent, and rushes to the side of the young man lying dead in the bloodstained battlefield. "WHY!" She screams at me, "I thought the war was over!" The word over rings in my ears, echoing in my mind, I stumble back away from my kill, eyes widened as I realize what I've done…but he attacked me…I look down, noticing the raven was merely holding a pencil, not the sword he held before, he was holding a sword…right? I mean I saw it. He was attacking me, my brain cries out with the cries of the young python as she leans over her dead companion. I had killed without cause, but why? My brow furrows, unable to pull my garnet gaze from the raven until I hear a battle cry, turning I find the man's brother shifting into half form as he charges me sword in hand. A hiss beside me brings my gaze to one I recognize as one of my personal guards, colorful scales rippling over his skin as he faces my would-be attacker. I step back, spinning in a circle, taking in my surroundings. Serpiente and Avains alike draw weapons, the clash of metal to metal, the cries of war surrounding me engulfing me. I fall to my knees, calling out in desperation] Not again! [Shaking my head I drop my head in my hands, all but sobbing as I repeat the words over and over in a muttering whisper, the sounds of the battle dying out as I bolt from my lying position to sit straight up in bed. Body covered in a sheet of sweat despite my normally cold skin. My ruby gaze falls on the beauty lying beside me, how she was still deep in slumber amazed me as I shifted to my side and resumed my position next to Danica, an arm draping over her torso to press into the flat contour of her stomach feeling the warmth that radiates off her as I burry my face in the back of her neck a mist the golden strands of hair and equally colored feathers that rest on the back of her neck and tell of her hawk's heritage. Inhaling the only scent that could calm my wild thoughts and worries, I feel the soft shifting as the woman I have pledged my life to moves into me in an act of comfort as if she knows it is needed even in her sleep. I press a soft kiss to the back of her neck, then turn my head to rest on the back of her shoulder falling back into unconsciousness, hoping this time it will be undisturbed]