Chapter 1

Captain Amelia strode onto the deck of her spotless ship and frowned. In her absence she had instructed the entire crew to clean her beautiful ship, the RLS Legacy, while she met with The Council. The Council had instructed her to report to them the second they made port. Normally she would have objected, but if she angered The Council they'd keep them in port and she would much rather be out and about the galaxy. She examined the deck with a critical eye…it was spotless. Most of the crew would be crawling around below decks gathering their spoils and going to the first tavern in sight.

"All hands on deck!" all types of creatures come from all directions onto the deck and formed a line before their captain waiting for orders. Once all were present Amelia declared,

"You are all dismissed for the rest of the day, I don't want to see any of you on board until this evening. Is that clear?" The crew nodded and went scrambling off the deck,

"Except for you, Mr. Hawkins." The young cabin boy stopped where he stood and groaned.

"I need a private word with you in my state room."

"Yes Captain" He made a mock bow and the two went straight to her office.

Jim Hawkins walked in through the door to the captain's state room. His filthy, baggy clothes hanging off and his long chocolate bangs hung in front of his sapphire eyes. His dark pants and coal black boots were filthy. He had already spent enough time on this ship today; he had hoped to visit his mother. On top of it, Jim didn't like being in the Captain's rooms, it usually meant something involving trouble. Captain Amelia locked the door behind her and she pounced into the air, landing comfterably in the large armchair behind her desk while Jim remained standing.

"Mr. Hawkins…as you are probably aware I just got back from a meeting with The Council." Jim rolled his eyes and started playing with the ponytail on the back of his head.

"Yeah" The Captain sighed.

"Well, did you hear about the missing princess?" Jim looked up at the Captain with interest and Amelia smirked, glad to have caught his attention.

"Well, two days ago on the planet Arista, King Triton reported to The Council that his youngest daughter has gone missing." Jim looked at her, frowning with his eyes swimming with questions.

"Arista? Haven't heard of that one."

"It's a long ways from Montressor, Mr. Hawkins. A very primitive planet with little as far as technology goes." Jim stared at here,

"Then how come this is so important?" He walked slowly over to the Captain cabinet full of maps and treasures. He always looked around there to look like he didn't care.

"It matters Mr. Hawkins because King Triton is a very helpful asset to The Council for underwater excursions."

Jim spun around to face her and blinked.

"Underwater because…"

"This planet inhabits merpeople, Mr. Hawkins."

Jim blinked twice, a bewildered expression plastered on his face.

"Oh" Captain Amelia rose from her perch and started to gaze out the glass window that made up the back wall of her state room.

"It's a standard rescue mission Mr. Hawkins. You will travel alone to Arista and search for the missing mermaid princess. Once you find her you will safely return her to the underwater city of Atlantica and return back here to me. You will receive triple you're usual pay for this assignment and, if you're results prove worthy; you will be admitted into the royal navy as captain of your own ship. Any questions?"

Jim felt like he was going to explode. This is just what he needed, a chance to show what he can do! His own ship! He could sail wherever he pleased and make his own rules. He would be free. Jim slowly walked over to the captain,

"Yeah, two. One, how in the world do I get a mermaid back to an underwater city while not letting her outta my sight? Two, once I'm done how will you guys know to come get me?" Amelia sharply turned around to face the young boy. He was only seventeen, but she knew that he could handle the job.

"You will be administered a ring that if worn will turn you into a merman. If any merperson wears this ring they will turn human. Once you complete your mission and report back to Atlantica King Triton will send us word of your return and someone will be there as soon as possible to receive you and take you back to my ship." Jim nodded. He could do this, no problem. It was just a simple rescue mission, nothing that he hadn't done before, what could happen. He turned to leave,

"Oh, and, Mr. Hawkins." Jim rolled his eyes, put his hands in his black jacket pockets and twirled around.

"Also, it is vitally important that no one else know of the merpeople. Their existence has remained a secret for thousands of years and they want to keep it that way." Jim nodded,

"Yeah, whatever." The Captain sighed,

"Very well, go pack your things, a long boat will arrive shortly to take you to Arista. Good luck."