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He cried as he held her lifeless body in his arms. She was dead, he could feel her soul leaving her body and going down to the underworld. He wondered wether she'll go to Elysium,

or the Feilds of Asphodel or, gods forbid, the Feilds of Punishment. He growled, a low soud coming from the back of his throat. That stupid godess, this is all her fault! He looked down

at the angel in his arms, she had been his girlfriend for half a minute before she had killed her. Even thinking of that damned goddess left a bitter taste in his mouth. Stupid damned

goddess. He looked back down at Thalia, her electric blue eyes were still wide open. He loved her eyes, he loved how they would change color to a stormy blue-gray when she was

mad and how the air around her crackled with electricity and smelt of ozone. He took one last look before he gently pulled her eyelids over her eyes. Now she looked like she could

be sleeping, but, of course, she wasn' flashed back on how it had all started. He remembered everything, from how he'd save her from the hydra in California to how her hair

smelled like lavender. Every little detail from the time they went into that little shop in L.A. and had ice cream up until the minute she died.

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