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This is a flash back of what happens before Thalia dies, first part is Thalia's thoughts, second is Nico's, then Thalia again, then Nico, etc...

Thalia's POV

Sometimes life sucks, like when you're sent to kill a manticore that refuses to die. That's what the Hunter's and I were sent to do by Lady Artimis (who is currently on Olympus with

the other gods). Whoop-de-doo. Normally, the manticore wouldn't have been a problem for us to kill, but these weren't normal circumstances. For example, it should have died

when Kayla shot it in Colorado, but it came back two days later and attacked us in Nevada, where it should have died when we led it into a pit full of greek fire but nooooo, the

stupid monster just had to come back again and ambush us in California. So here we were, half a dozen teenage girls fighting a monster that we didn't know how to kill. Damn it. I

drew my last arrow, took aim, and let it fly, it hit the manticore in it's eye, right on target. It disinigrated into yellow dust, but did it go back to Tartarus? Nope. I could see the dust

shifting, the monster was reforming already. I sighed. This was going to take a while.

Nico's POV

Monsters are very annoying, according to my dad, Hades. For once, I'd have to agree with him. Monsters are annoying. Expecially now, since they don't die and go to Tartarus

when you killed them. Very, very annoying, Hades was going crazy trying to keep all of them in the Underworld, it was driving me crazy too, since I was trying to help him, in fact,

that was why I was in California, I was on my way to the Underworld. (Yeah, I know he could shadow travel there, let's pretend, for the sake of my story, that he decided to

walk) But something ruined my plans, that something was the manticore. Damn it, it was supposed to be in Tartarus! How'd it get out again? I froze as soon as I saw who was

fighting it. Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus, wow. She was hot. I loved how her eyes- wait, what the Hades? Why am I thinking about her eyes? She's a hunter! Damned hormones.

Speaking of the Hunters, where were they? I counted six girls total...hmm, where were the rest of them? Damn! There were more than 2 dozen a month ago. I noticed that Thalia

was weaponless and the mantiicore was coming right at her. Damn it! I shouted, "Thals! Look out!" Than I pulled out my Stygian iron sword and charged.

Thalia's POV

"Thals! Look out!" someone called. The voice seemed familiar but I couldn't figure out who's it was, certainly not a Hunter, it was a male voice. I spun around to find the manticore

speeding at me, damn it! Why did it have to reform so fast? I didn't even have time to look for arrows. It hurled the poisonous spikes on his tail at me and I ducked just in time, I

knew I couldn't keep dodging it forever, sooner or later, it would get me. My fellow hunters were looking for arrows franticly, they couldn't help me.

"HEY! Look at me you stupid monster!" Someone shouted it was...Nico? Wow. He's changed since I last saw him. He was the same age as me now, at least six feet tall and rather

good looki-wait, what? Damn it, Thalia! Your a Hunter! Your not supposed to think guys are hot! I shook my head, not the time, I reminded myself, as I searched for arrows.

"Duck!"Nico yelled just as I reached for an arrow, I spun around just to have Nico tackle me to the ground. Our faces were less than an inch apart, I could feel the blood rush to

my face as I stared into his pure black eyes, he was so cute...NO! Bad Thalia! Your a freaking Hunter! You. Do. Not. Think. Nico. Is. Cute.

"Next time, listen when I tell you to duck," he growled.

"Shut up."

He rolled off of me and helped me up, "Now shoot the monster before it kills one of us." I did, and the manticore disinigrated, hopefully it wouldn't be back for a while.

"Nice shot," Nico said.

"Thanks," I said, then I leaned in and kissed him.

Nico's POV

Wow. I didn't see that coming. Thalia Grace was kissing me, and I was kissing her back. It was bliss, her lips were so soft and they fit perfecty in mine, like pieces of a puzzle. My

arms were wrapped around her waist and hers were around my neck. We probably would have stayed like that for a lot longer, but we were interupted.

"THALIA GRACE! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" It was Artimis. I gulped, we were both in deep trouble now.

"L-lady Artimis," Thalia said.


"I-I'm sorry, Lady Artimis, but I love Nico. I'm quiting the Hunt." Thalia said, I squeezed her hand reasuringly.

"I see," Artimis said,"Unfortunately, a Hunter cannot quit. The oath you took was binding, the only way that you can get out of the hunt is if you die," she drew her bow, and I

realized what was going to happen but couldn't do anything,I was paralyzed with fear," You were a wonderful lieutenant, but you have broken your oath. Good bye, Thalia." She

let her arrow fly and Thalia fell to the ground with the arrow in her chest, dead.

"No!" I dropped to the ground next to her, desperatly feeling for a pulse, but I knew it was useless, I could feel her soul leaving the Earth, going to the Underworld. Artimis took

one last look at her dead lieutenant, then she dissapeared in a flash of golden light, leaving Nico alone, with Thalia's dead body in his arms. He choked back tears and whispered

five words that Thalia would never hear.

"I love you too, Thals."

And it's over! Well? What did you think? Have you ever read another fanfic where Artimis kills Thalia? I haven't which I thought was a little weird. I can't have been the

first to come up with this idea, right? Okay, anyone want a sequel to this? If you do, tell me through the reveiws!