The pain flashed across Draco's body. He could hear a steady beeping in the background, and cool crisp cotton sheets tucked him in comfortably. His breathing was slow and his mind felt groggy and-where was he? His eyes snapped open and he struggled to focus. Through the hazy blur of the medicine he just managed to make out a figure dashing out the door before he could open his mouth in question of their identity. What on earth was going on?

The nurse looked up from her clipboard to see the visitor leave his room for the first time since he'd been brought in. She smiled sadly at her dedication, even though the news the visitor bore was going to break his heart. As she approached her, the visitor looked up from the cup of water she was holding with trembling hands.

"He looks so fragile."

"He will do, he's been unconscious for nearly two weeks. I'm just relieved you've left the room – sleeping on the sofa and using his bathroom is understandable but not necessary. He'll wake up."

The visitor smiled wryly. "Oh I know. He's stirring now. But I can't tell him, about her-"

The nurse laid a hand on her shoulder calmly. "He will understand. He knew it was required of you, and he'll know that you did it to keep him safe. You're very lucky that he even made it out alive. To bring them both out would have been a miracle."

The visitor took a long shuddering breath and closed her eyes. "He will never forgive me."

"He will, in time. After all, you are his –'' Snapping her head up, she narrowed her eyes at the man approaching. He cleared his throat nervously and leaned heavily on the cane he was carrying.

"I am informed he is waking up."

"He is, Mr. Malfoy. If you would please wait here, the doctor is already in with him." He nodded curtly and sat down with difficulty. The nurse went over to Draco's room and slipped through the door without opening it wide enough to let them see. Following her eyes to the room, he perused the woman in front of him.

"How are you going to tell him? And are you sure we are doing the right thing in having him treated by doctors knowledgeable of us in a muggle hospital?" He rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "It will certainly keep the press out of our hair for a short while longer."

She nodded in agreement. "I almost lost him. We both almost lost him. I will not do that to him. He doesn't need to be the freak show. But he needs to know about her before he finds out on his own."

"I will do it." He looked her in the eye, and she had the beginnings of a protest rising in her throat. But she caught the glimpse of determination and sadness and let out a wordless sigh. "If you must."

Draco stared at the Doctor who was examining him. She didn't look like the figure who had left his room in her white coat and red hair, but he might have imagined that. All he could feel was pain and tiredness, and an odd aching in the crux of his chest. Accepting the sip of water the Doctor helping him drink from the cup, he caught sight of his wand lying on the table next to him and it all started flashing back and he let out a shriek of anguish as he remembered Hermione falling, with blood on her forehead and her hands from trying to stem the blow and she couldn't be dead no she couldn't she'd promised she'd promised she'd live and no no no NO.

"Nurse! I need something to knock him out quick! He's going to hurt something if he doesn't calm down quickly!" The tears rolled down Draco's face as he felt the medicine seep through his system. She wasn't dead. She wasn't dead. Please don't let her be dead was his last thought as black took over.

Three years later.

He hurried through the graveyard with a sunflower in his hand and a smile on his face. He had some wonderful news to share with her, and even though she was gone she was still an important person to tell. She would always be there.

Clutching his wife's hand and just managing to stop in time, he sucked in air to calm his pulse.

"Draco, breathe. I'm sure she'd be happy for us. She loved you with all her heart and I thank her for you every day." Kneeling down on the grave, she pulled her husband down with her. He laid the sunflower at the stone and traced the letters with a sad smile on his face.

"You should be here for this. You should know – I'm-we're having a baby," he said. "We're having a baby, and if it's a girl you'll be in her name somewhere," he turned his head to smile at his wife. She nodded and smiled back.

"Of course, and if it's a boy we'll just have to have another one," she laughed and her husband hugged her tightly. She rose to her feet and cast a charm on the flower to keep it fresh. "I'm so sorry that you'll never get to hold your grandchild, Narcissa," she said quietly. "If I could have saved you, I would have. But I was injured and blood loss and-" she cut off as her husband took her into his arms.

"Hermione. It wasn't your fault. You shouldn't feel guilt. My mother is at peace and she wouldn't want you to hold on. You are the mother of her grandchild and she loved you before, during, and after that battle." He wiped the tear from her cheek and turned back to the grave.

"Mum, I miss you. Keep an eye on the baby until they get here," he rubbed Hermione's stomach and grasped her hand. "We'll be back soon."

The couple turned and walked out of the graveyard in Godric's Hollow they had stood in three years previously saying goodbye. Not everyone gets the ending they deserve but sometimes, just sometimes, they do.

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