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There was a knock on his door.

"We have a case," JJ said, peering into Hotch's office. "Montana." There was a silence as Hotch finished up the last of his paperwork. "Hello?" she called.

"Right. Sorry. I'm coming." Hotch closed the case file and immediately got to his feet.

They were all gathered in the conference room in a matter of minutes; well, except for…

"Where's Reid?" Morgan asked, raising his eyebrows.

Emily looked concerned. "I hope I didn't offend him that much…"

"Relax, Emily, Reid wouldn't skip work because of that," Hotch said dismissively. "For now, we'll start without him."

After they had finished discussing the case, they all prepared to board the plane; a teenage girl was missing and she might only have forty-eight hours to live. They weren't about to waste time.

Hotch called Reid; three times. Morgan called him; Garcia called him; nothing.

"We don't have time for this," Hotch snapped eventually. "We're leaving in five minutes, with or without Reid."

Five minutes passed; they boarded the plane. They departed, everyone agitated and exhausted.

Meanwhile, Reid was just waking up.

He let out a comforted sigh; his headache was completely gone. He had obviously gotten a very good night's sleep. He yawned and tried to stretch his arms; but something stopped them.

Reid frowned, again trying to pull his arms apart; but something was in the way. Reluctantly, Reid forced his eyes open.

His wrists were handcuffed together.

What did I do last night? Reid wondered, panicking. He moved his head from side to side; he was in a relatively comfortable bed. He sat up. He tried to get out of the bed, but then he realized that his ankles were chained to the bedposts.

Well, this wasn't good.

Then it all came back to him.

He sat up taller, looking around; he was in a basement, which was empty save for a small television, a bathroom on his right, and the bed that he was currently situated on.

"Tucker!" Reid called drowsily, then realized that it probably wasn't even his "friend's" real name. He sighed. This was his own fault, anyways, for thinking he'd met someone who he got along with so easily.

"Tucker!" Reid called again, for lack of anything else to do. "Tucker! Hello? Someone! Help!"

He kept this up for several minutes before giving up, and looking around the room once again. There were no windows; that could mean that the basement was underground. He moved his legs again, testing how far he could move; not very far. He couldn't even make it off of the bed.

It was at this point that he heard a door opening from upstairs. Anxiously, Reid peered up at the man who entered.

"Tucker," Reid said, as soon his face came into view. "Why are you doing this?"

Tucker didn't answer; he looked very excited. "You slept a long time," he said. "Do you feel rested?"

Reid glared at him. "Let me go," he commanded.

Tucker frowned. "No! We're going to have a lot of fun. You get to meet our father soon."

"I don't want to meet - wait, what?"

Tucker didn't reply, just hummed to himself as he walked around Reid's bed, checking to make sure all of the handcuffs were in working order. "You slept in your work clothes," he said suddenly. "That probably wasn't very comfortable. Do you want some new ones?"

Reid gritted his teeth. "No."

Tucker nodded. "I had a fun time last night," he said suddenly. "I like talking to you."

Reid swallowed. He didn't want to agitate Tucker; he wasn't acting violently, which was definitely a positive sign. "I had fun, too," Reid said hesitantly, "But why did you kidnap me?"

Tucker smiled. "Our father will explain it to you," he said. "He's coming down soon." He walked forward and sat down on the bed beside Reid. "Can I call you Spencer?" he asked.

Reid pursed his lips. "If you let me go," he said, offering a hopeful smile.

Tucker laughed loudly. "You're funny, Spencer," he said. "I'm glad we're going to be brothers."

Reid frowned. "Um, what?" he asked. Just then, the door to the basement opened again. Reid turned his head and focused on Tucker's expression; he looked excited, but also a little bit nervous.

"Father!" Tucker immediately got to his feet. The man that approached him was older; forty or forty-five; but he didn't look quite old enough to be Tucker's actual father, even though the two of them looked similar. He had a short auburn beard and serious eyes, and he was very tall; taller than both Reid and Tucker; and had large, rippling muscles in his arms. He stood up straight, and his posture was aggressive; dominant.

"Father, this is Spencer," Tucker said anxiously, as if desperate for his "father's" approval.

The man appraised him with a critical expression; instinctively, Reid looked away, beginning to feel self-conscious. Finally, the silence got too long, and looked up again nervously; the man's face hadn't changed, but Tucker was looking anxious. Reid's heart began to beat faster. What would happen if "father" didn't approve of him? Would they kill him? Reid shuddered, and looked down again. How many others had been here before him?

Then the man spoke. "You were right, Tucker," he said. "He's an excellent choice."

Tucker's face lit up.

Reid swallowed. "Excuse me," he said, finally deciding to speak up, "I think there's been some kind of mistake. I'm not related to either of you. I work for the FBI, and my team is going to be wondering where I am soon. My badge is in my pocket, I'll show it to you."

They both stared at him in silence for a long time.

"He's probably hungry," the larger man said eventually, and Reid sighed. Well, it had been worth a try.

Tucker nodded. "What do you want to eat?" he asked Reid, a friendly smile on his face.

"Uhm…I don't-"

"Make him a peanut butter sandwich," the man commanded. "And get him some new clothes." He surveyed Reid's purple shirt with a critical expression. "He looks ridiculous."

Tucker nodded eagerly and darted up the stairs.

"Please," Reid said, as the man turned his back to him and began fiddling with the television. "What's going on here?"

The man turned around and advanced on Reid, who shrunk back into the bed.

"You will address me as father," he said sharply.

"But, you see, I think you're mistaken, because my father actually lives in-"


Reid let out of a cry of protest as the man's fist came into contact with his face. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he said hurriedly, backpedaling.

The man slapped him again. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I'm sorry…f-father," Reid stammered, not wanting to be hit again. The man nodded his approval and turned again towards the television.

"You're forgiven, Spencer," the man said, "Just don't let it happen again. I would hate for Tucker to lose another brother."

Reid swallowed anxiously. Okay, just be good, and he won't kill you, he thought to himself, trying to remain calm. The man turned around again.

"So," he said, folding his arms. "Tucker tells me that you're a genius."

Reid opened his mouth, then closed it.

"Tucker is very smart, too," the man said. "He's going to Georgetown."

Reid nodded. "I know," he said.

He was smacked again.

"I mean, I know, father," he panted clutching his face.

The man nodded. "Tucker says that you already went to college," he said.

Reid nodded. "Of course, uhm, father. I'm twenty-eight and…and work for the FBI. So, of course I went to college."

"You went to college when you were quite young," the man remarked. "When you were a child."

"Uhm, yes, that's right," Reid muttered. "Father," he added on hastily, as the man began to look enraged.

"Hmm," the man muttered. "You're quite something. You'll make an excellent son. And you're a perfect brother for Tucker." There was a pause. "Don't mess this up," he threatened angrily.

Reid didn't say anything, just stared at the man in disbelief. There was another silence as the man turned back around and began to fiddle with the television again.

"Uhm, father," Reid began carefully, and the man turned around. "I know that you don't want to hear this, but the thing is, my team will notice that I'm missing and come looking for me, and then if they find you, you and Tucker will be in a lot of trouble, and that wouldn't be…what are you doing?" he asked suddenly. The man had crossed the room again and had disappeared behind the staircase, only to reemerge holding a pair of what appeared to be silver bracelets.

"These are for when you're bad," the man said, crossing the room.

"I don't…hey!" The man attempted to fasten one of the bracelets around Reid's wrist; he pulled his hand away.

The man slapped him again and grabbed onto the chain holding his wrists together, pulling him closer. "That's one strike," he said. Reid watched helplessly as the man slapped the bracelets onto his wrists, where they jangled horribly against the handcuffs that were already in place.

"Hmm. Your wrists are skinny," the man noted. "They're a bit loose." He reached forward and reopened each bracelet again, then fastened them again; tighter; so that they were practically cutting off his circulation.

Reid rubbed his wrists, annoyed. The man pulled some kind of remote control out of his pocket. "I don't underst-" Reid's voice was cut off as a small electric shock jolted his body; he let out a yelp.

The man smiled, holding up the remote. "That's what happens when you're bad," he said.

Reid stared at the remote control and shrunk further into the sheets.

"That was setting one. There are twenty settings." He paused for effect. "Number seventeen was how Tucker lost his first brother. You don't want to be like him; do you?"

Reid shook his head vigorously.

"Then be good," the man said, smiling, and pocketed the remote.

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