Prologue: It has been four years since Aizen was defeated. In this time Ichigo has regained his Soul Reaper powers and is now the loyal Lieutenant of Division 5, serving under captain Kisuke Urahara. Momo became the Lieutenant under new Captain Shuhei Hisagi, and Yoruichi became the captain of the third division. With the exception of Grimmjow, Nelliel, and Harribel; every member of the Espada is dead. Xcution has also fallen and all of the members that survived the conflict of the Gotei Thirteen has been massacred. However, everything was about to change due to one Arrancar by the name of Palu Gulpur. Palu Gulpur was Aizen's final follower that had not been arrested by the Gotei 13. His zanpakto possessed a very special power, the ability to bring someone back to life. With this power, he could raise a new army.

Espadas Reborn

Episode 1: A New Army Awaits

Opening Theme: Alones by Aqua Timez

Location: Munken Shinigami Prison

Current Date: Spring Equinox

Palu swung his sword and a large amount of spirit energy appeared behind him. His sword brutally struck the guard in front of him and blood splurted from the body. Palu paid no attention and moved deeper into Munken. A final wave of twelve guards stood in front of him, and he began to fight them. It took him no more than ten seconds to overpower them. Some of the guards were killed, some weren't. In no more than five minutes, he had penetrated the entire prison and had reaced Sosuke Aizen's ceel.

A guard standing inside Aizen's cell drew his sword and announced that he was Aizen's personal guard. Palu laughed and with one swing, decapitated the guard's head. The guard never knew what had hit him. Palu looked at Aizen and told him that they need to get out of the prison. Before Aizen could even ask Palu for his name, Palu grabbed Aizen's arm and they teleported out of Munken.

Aizen and Palu stood in a deserted desert. Palu stated, "You are free now, Lord Aizen. You may now resume your command sir."

"Before we go any further, I must know your name." Said Aizen. "What you did was very commendable. The fact that you killed all of those guards alone without releasing you zanpakto is impressive."

"My name is Palu. I am the last of your followers that have not been arrested sama."

"So I see. How come I have never seen you before. I have made sure I knew who my followers are."

"I was the 12th seed of your division sir. When she was in command, Momo appointed me to that spot. Now your division is run by the two bastards that cheated to defeat you."

"Yes, I heard about that. As far as I know, Hinamori left my division to go work for kido corps, Urahara was immediately appointed captain. I eventually found out that he selected Ichigo to be his Lieutenant. So have you been planning this for a long time?"

"I was relieved of my position last month for refusing to arrest another one of your followers. Urahara executed him on the spot and then relieved me of my duties. I immediately began plotting against them. They have no idea what my true power is. What power I possess."

Aizen then said, "Tell me, what is the true ability of your Zanpakto?"

Palu responded, "My Zanpakto's name is Ressurecion, it can bring dead humans, hollows, arrancars, and soul reapers. In other words, I can bring back your army of Arrancars. Along with that, when the people are reborn under my Zanpakto, their strength almost doubles. That means that their fighting skills will be heavily increased. They should easily be able to defeat the rag tag soul reapers."

"That is an incredible power. I would like to see a demonstration."

"Of course, Lord Aizen." Palu smiled and yelled, "Ressurecion. Stark, Barragan, Ulquiorra, Nnoitra, Zommari, Szayel Aporro, Aaroniero. Ressurecion."

An flash of light appeared and when the flash disappeared; Stark, Barragan, Ulquiorra, Nnoitra, Zommari, Szayel Aporro, and Aaroniero were standing right in front of Palu.

An impressed look appeared on Aizen's face. He was slightly shocked but the look on his face made it seem like he knew that this was going to happen all along.

"What happened?" asked Ulquiorra, "I thought I was killed by Ichigo. Wait a second." Ulquiorra scanned the room and said, "Aaroniero aren't you dead. I also felt Zommari and Nnoitra die along with Szayel Aporro suffering some horrible fate."

"Barragan, I saw you be killed by some obese kido master before being killed by that captain." Said Stark.

"I was engaged in battle with the strongest captain of all, I would have won but I just gave up. NOW WLL SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON BEFORE I START KILLING RANDOM PEOPLE." Roared Nnoitra.

"Settle down everyone." Said Aizen. "You have all been brought back to life. I don't know how but its happened. You are all stronger too. You guys could thank Palu for that."

"Now then, I believe it is time to bring back your Fracciones, and the Exequias." Said Aizen. "Palu, demonstrate your powers for us again."

"Certainly Lord Aizen." Said Palu.

Palu brought the Espadas' Fracciones and the Exequias back to life. He also brought the Privaron Espadas back to life and several Gilliads.

"Is that all sir, is there anyone else you want me to bring back to life?" asked Palu.

Aizen walked over to Palu and whispered something into Palu's. Palu smiled and released his Zanpakto and began shouting more names. A beam of light appeared.

When the light disappeared, the members of Xcution including Ginjo and Tsukishma appeared right in front of Aizen. Standing next to them was Metastacia, Kageroza Inaba, and Nozomi Kujo.

"Are you satisfied sir?" asked Palu.

"Everything is perfect; you actually managed to construct my new and improved army." Said Aizen.

"Well I do live to succeed. I spent four years waiting for this day and I am glad that I managed to satisfy you."

"And that you have done."

"One more thing", remarked Palu. "You should know that I can only bring organisms back to life once, if they die a second time, it is permanent."

Aizen looked at the dessert filled with his army and grinned. Aizen said to Palu, "Now that you said that, then there is really no more use for you. I don't need you bringing back anyone else to life... so I am making a judgement call."

Aizen flash stepped over to Palu and grabbed Palu's sword right out of Palu's hand. A shocked and nervous look appeared on Palu's face as Aizen slashed him directly across the chest.


Ending Theme: Hitohira no Hanabira by Stereopony

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