Chapter 101: Interlude

Hey everyone, its metsfan101. This first and only interlude for Espadas Reborn. I have been getting messages over the past six months asking me if I was going to continue the story. The answer to that is a definite yes. I didn't spend two years writing one hundred chapters only to quit at the final arc. However I will say that I have not recently had much enjoyment with writing. I currently go to college as a creative writing major, and I have been writing so much for my classes that I have honestly not had the encouragement to do any extracurricular writing. Honestly, the program at my college has almost made me forget how much fun writing has always been for me, and all of that enjoyment started on this website.

In terms of the rest of the story: My intention is to split the final arc into two seasons. The first season will be around eight episodes, and the second season will be around ten episodes. The first part will be called War: Captains vs. Espadas, and the second part will be called War: Final Stand.

I will admit, I didn't originally plan the series to end this way when I started the story; and for the most part this story has nearly followed the path that I had designed it to go on when I created it back in 2011. However, I have put a lot of planning into this and I feel like I have a solid storyline that can chronicle a full, finely paced war over the course of 18 to 20 episodes.

Upcoming Fights: I feel that readers deserve to know what to expect in terms of fights:

Shinji Hirako vs. Barragan Louisenbairn

Kensei Muguruma vs. Koga Kuchiki and Muramasa

Toshiro vs. Zommari

Ukitake vs. Kariya

Mayuri vs. Szayel Aporro (This one will be a fun one for me to write)

Unohana vs. Ulquiorra

Stark vs Kageroza

A major fight between two of the remaining Espadas

An all-out fight between one of the captains and Palu

Unfortunately it has become clear to me that the path that I am planning to follow will not include a final fight between Byakuya and Ulquiorra. I know there was a lot of build up to that but with the way that I am planning this final arc, a battle between those two does not fit.

With that being said, I wrote a short coming attraction for the upcoming season, I hope you all enjoy.

"Kill them all," was the last thing that was heard. The ground has been tainted with a fresh a fresh coating of blood. One hundred episodes down, One final war to come. Fights that have never been seen. History that has never been taught. More soldiers heading to their graves.

War: Captains vs. Espadas

Starting in April 2015