Hi guys. I know that it has been a while and I would like to apologize for that. I do still care about this story and its outcome. As some of you know, my enjoyment for writing has gone down a lot during the past couple of years, but completely this story has weighed heavily on my mind.

I understand that some of you were very disappointed with the ending of bleach, and my goal is to have a new (original) ending with this story that will close out most loose ends. Of course the Quincy arc will not be included, but the base of this story has been built on the story of Aizen, his army, and the Gotei 13's struggle against them.

I will probably replace the previous chapter with another interlude and rewrite it to fit the narrative I have planned for the final season. I do hope that some of the people that have followed the story are still active on fanfiction. One of my favorite things about writing this story was the positive comments you have all given me, it is so encouraging.

Thank you and new chapters will be coming soon.