Espadas Reborn

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Warning: This is a very brutal story with a lot of deaths and gross scenes. I will make this rated T for now, but I could very well be rated M soon.

Recap: Four years Aizen's defeat, and arrancar named Palu Gulpur single handedly broke Aizen out of his prison and teleported him to a near by desert. Once they arrived Palu revealed to Aizen that his Zanpakto had the abilty to bring hollows, arrancars, humans, and soul reapers back to life. Palu successfully brought back all of the Espadas and the Gotei 13 enemies. He revealed that if they die a second time, the result would permanent death. Aizen stated that Palu is no longer useful and slashes Palu across the chest with Palu's sword.

Episode 2: Gin Laughs, Goodbye Palu

Palu stared at Aizen square in the eye. He never saw this coming. Palu's body started to twitch. He knew he was dying. Palu immediately grabbed the sword out of Aizen's arms, but instead of swinging it at Aizen in retaliation, he activated his Zanpakto and started shouting several names. Aizen only recognized a few of the names and made no attempt to stop him. Aizen and his army stood there in curiosity to see what Palu was doing as his last stand. When Palu finished speaking a bright light appeared and when the light disappeared, several stood reapers stood in front of him.

Aizen's grin turned into a frown. Standing in front of him was Gin, Tosen, Kenpachi Kiganjo, Kanisawa, Aoga, Sojun Kuchiki, Heizo Kasaki, Miyako Shiba, and several other soul reapers.

Aaroniero recognized one of the newly revived soul reapers and smiled. Kaien Shiba stared at Aaroniero with a look of hatred on his face.

Palu looked at what he did and said,

"I die now, knowing that you guys will help avenge me. I bid farewell to this world that I wrecked. I hope someone will be able to fix the damage I created." Palu then collapsed to the ground dead.

Back in Munken, Ichigo, Kisuke, Rukia, and several other seated officers are in Aizen's former cell. They are trying to investigate how one person managed to kill almost all of the guards. As they are pondering this, the Visords appear and state that found out about Aizen's escape.

Shinji expressed his fear that a full scale battle will occur soon now that Aizen is free.

Ichigo stated that he belives that Aizen has more followers, and that some are probably powerful.

Kisuke then proceeded to send a messenger to contact Head Captain Yamamoto about this event and his suspicions. These suspicions about the new followers, were way off.

Back in the dessert, Gin smiled and said, "I believe it is time for us to go back to our lives. I wonder how Rangiku is doing. Judging by the shape your in Aizen, I would say she is doing very well. Don't you agree?"

"She is doing very well Gin. Whenever she wakes up now, she gets out of bed and makes Shuhei Hisagi and sandwhich." Replied Aizen.

"Is that so?" asked Gin. "That wouldn't be right considering the fact I died in her arms. I died avenging her. To make sure a monster would never hurt her again. That very monster is standing right in front of me. You are a monster Aizen. I always swore to kill the boss, I may have failed the first time, but I will not fail now."

Gin drew his sword and began swinging at the unarmed Aizen. Aizen simply flash stepped away and said, "I was not done speaking Gin. After Rangiku is done making Shuhei Hisagi a sandwich, she gets back into bed with him, and has sex with him again. This happens every morning. My guess is, they will get married and have kids. Think about it, when you died, she went to who ever could satisfy her needs. Im pretty sure she was a virgin until Hisagi fucked her."

Aizen avoided another sword. This one was swung by Tosen.

"Don't talk about my lieutenant that way. I know you're lying." Says Tosen

"I wasn't talking about your lieutenant, I am talking about your replacement. Hisagi is now the captain of division nine while Momo Hinamori is the new lieutenant. Personally I do not believe either of them are strong enough to be seated officers."

Gin and Tosen did not respond to this with words, instead they just kept aiming their swords at Aizens's head. The Espada was watching this in an amused manor. It became clear that Aizen was just playing with Gin and Tosen.

That was when Kaien said, "This is pointless. You guys aren't going to be able to kill him. He is just to good, we have to get out of here."

Gin looked at Tosen, and they silently agreed to flee with the rest of the soul reapers that opposed Aizen. Before they could leave however, Ulquiorra shot a cero that missed Tosen's body by inches.

"You seriously didn't believe that we would just let all of you leave alive. You will all die again." Said Ulquiorra.

Before any of the soul reapers could respond, Gin yelled to the soul reapers, "All of you get out of here, I will hold them off."

The soul reapers stared at Gin in disbelief and Tosen said, "We can't just let you die. We want to fight with you."

Gin looked at Tosen. Gin grinned and said, "Who said anything about dying. I will be all right. Trust me. I wont die again without being able to see Rangiku again"

Tosen frowned. Tosen and the rest of the soul reapers fled while Gin stayed back. Aizen ordered his followers not to chase after them. Aizen then ordered his army to kill Gin.

Gin continued to grin while Stark volunteered to fight Gin. Suddenly Nnoitra appeared right next to Gin on gin's right side and violently swung his sword at Gin. Gin barely managed to block Nnoitra's sword with his own sword.

Nnoitra then screamed to the rest of Aizen's followers, "THIS IS MY FIGHT. I WILL KILL ANYONE THAT TRIES TO INTERFERE."

Gin said in an amused tone, "I guess resurrection has no effect on immaturity."

Nnoitra said to the Espada in a deadly tone, "Leave the former Captain to me."


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