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Percy sighed, a tired smile on his face. He's body was overly sensitive and he couldn't feel or move his lower half. He was numb to the touch. Percy could stay like this all day, just lying there on the kitchen floor, enjoy the warmth of the body next to him. The floor didn't feel uncomfortable under him; in fact he seemed more relax than ever. He just wanted to close his eyes and fall into a deep slumber, but like always Jason had other ideas.

A groan left Percy's lips as his blond lover crawled over him, hip pressed to hip. "Jay not now," he whimpered softly as Jason pushed his legs apart, wrapping the long limbs over peach, flushed hips. Percy's used hole twitched as a large object pushed its way into the loss, yet tight rings. His back arched off the cool floor and into the air. He gasped and shivered as Jason began to give lazy thrusts.

Jason gave a pleased hum, his hips still moving at a slow and easy pace. "Gosh feel so good Perce." Percy gave a slight moan, happy that he could please his lover. "Wanted you so bad, was so jealous of Nico for having you first today. Love ya, Baby." Percy's body throbbed with weak pleasure; it was times like this that he loved having two lovers. He gasped and turned his head, his mouth being kissed slothfully. He whimpered as line lips pulled away. Black abyss eyes stared at him unblinking.

He reached out a hand, gripping loosely to the black greased hair that Nico inherited from his father, among "other" things. His mouth parted and a groan left his red lips, Jason's pace was still the same easy, sweet thrusts. He closed his eyes and gave into the sugar tainted passion. His blond lover was covered in a little sprinkle of sweat, the light hitting off his skin, giving it a bright glow. Percy's bottom lip wiggled, Jason looked like a God as he moved against him. Sometimes it hurts to look at him; the glow was just so bright and enchanting.

"That feels good? Hum?" Jason nuzzled his neck; the warm skin was being nibbled and licked.

"Please," it was barely above a whisper, but it was clear what Percy wanted and Jason could never neglect Percy's needs.

"Yeah, Babe, yeah," his lazy thrusts picked up slight speed, but his angle was just perfect, hitting his lovers prostate. "Gosh that feels so good." Jason moaned and Percy mimicked him, weekly pushing his hips up.

The blond and Nico knew, just knew what turned him on and what made him feel hot, good, and mind blowing. He sometimes hated it, seeing as the two would use that against him whenever they had the chance, but he was ok with it, now at this moment he was ok with it. He gasped, moaned, whimpered, sighed and he was close, so very close all Jason had to do was…

"Oh?" it came to a surprise to him. Bright white lights filled his vision and a welcoming weight lay on top of him. Soft blond hair brushed against his cheek as Jason sat his head against Percy's shoulder. The scent of sweet cherries brushed against his nose. "Love you Jay."

He could feel a smile forming against his shoulder, "Love you too, Perce."

"I love you both two, now get your asses up from my kitchen floor and take a Gods damn shower, you smell like sex," they turned their heads towards the open way. Nico stood before them dressed only in black slacks. He was shirtless and the tiny, dribbles of water slide down his abs, disappearing into the crack of his pants. Light hairs trailed down his navel.

"Hey Nico," Percy purred, stretching his arms over his head, a pleased smile on his lips, "Didn't realize you left to shower."

"While you two were busy I decided to wash off the stench."

"Aww come on don't tell me you don't like it," Jason taunted, getting off of Percy. Nico snorted as he walked by, ignoring the fact that his blond lover smacked his butt. "Perce, shower?" he held out a hand for the older man, smiling at the lazy grin on Percy's face.

"Yeah, race you there! Last one in the shower has to mop the floor!" Percy cried, running for the bathroom.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Jason was not far behind.

Nico shook his head, enjoying the sight of the two males running naked to the bathroom.

Percy laughed as Jason slammed him against the wall, holding him into place, gripping his hips tightly, nails digging into his golden skin, sharp teeth attacked his shoulder. "You sneaky little fuck."

"Gods, love it when you go all animal on me," with a shift of his hips he was able to get the blond to moan, a smirk formed on his lips.

"Don't you ever get tired?"

"No, not really," the body behind him choked back a moan.

"No wonder Nico was ok with sharing you. It's a mystery how he survived this long."

A moan erupted from his throat and his legs gave out as he fell to the floor, Jason's thick cock in his ass a second time that day.

Nico looked him as he continued to stir his sugar, mixing it into the black coffee, "What the hell are those two up to?" there was a crash and he sat the spoon down and headed for the bathroom. Bare feet brushed against the carpet. There was a shout and the sound of something snapping stopped him from moving forward. He heard a bang and then a hiss. A curse ran through the apartment. A frown appeared on his face and he slowly, as if scared pushed the door opened… "What in the world of Hades?"

Jason and Percy both turned to look at him, wide eyes looked frightened before they blinked and grinned.

"Hey Nic," Percy waved at him. Nico stared. Percy was on his back, his legs thrown over Jason's shoulders. He was bent in half, and it looked painful to watch, but the older male seemed quite content, if the heavy red blush was anything and the wide smile. Jason was on one knee, his dick balls deep in Percy, he seemed to be holding all of the other male's weight in his hands. Percy must have noticed the look Nico was giving them because he smirked and looked shyly at the dark haired man. "Want to join?"

He had to blink and think about the situation, his eyes taking in the bathroom. The shampoo and body wash was on the floor of the tub, liquid leaking out—just like Percy's cock, he swallowed. The curtain was on the ground torn in half and the towels lay in disarray. He closed his dark eyes and took in a deep breath, "I want this cleaned after you're done in here." And turned around, leaving the two males to fuck each other blind.

"Don't worry Nico we will!" Jason yelled after him.

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