Code Blue?

Disclaimer: Scarecrow and Mrs. King belong to Shoot the Moon Productions and
Warner Brothers and I'm making absolutely no money for this writing! Ideas
were taken from The Mole written by Cliff Gould and Weekend written by Rudolph
Bochert and Fearless Dotty written by Timothy Burns.

Many thanks to ele for being my awesome 'beta'. All remaining errors are my own.

Setting: Late season one, early season two...

Scene 1: Billy's Office

"Amanda, I want to thank you for coming in so soon since I called you on
such short notice." Billy said as he leaned over his desk, hand outstretched
to make his point. "Blue Leader's nephew Jethro is going on special

Amanda leaned in over toward Mr. Melrose from her position in the chair
across from his desk. "Sir, I'm not sure what this has to do with me..."

Billy nodded curtly, "You see Mrs. King, Jethro specifically requested you
to work with him on this case." Billy hoped that the disapproval he felt
about this whole business didn't show through his facial expression. He
continued, "Jethro *is* Blue Leader's nephew so I'm sure you understand how
much your cooperation is appreciated."

Amanda raised her eyebrows and said, "But sir, I've only worked with Lee.."

"Lee? Lee's off in Venezuela" Francine coyly remarked as she barged in from
the bullpen and walked past the door and into Billy's office.

"Oh, hi Francine!" Amanda greeted cheerfully but thought, 'Lee's in

"Mrs. King." Francine forced herself to smile. "I hope you are ready to
work with ol' Jethro. He's quite...something."

"Francine!" Billy warned as he stood up from his desk. He pointed toward
his door and said, "Take Mrs. King over to meet her new...partner."

Both women took leave of Billy's office. Amanda tried not to worry as she
hurried to keep step with Francine. Francine spat out instructions the whole
way, "Amanda, you'll need a bullet proof vest for this one. Jethro has, uh,
never been a good shot and he refuses to wear glasses. That's vanity for you."

Francine stopped abruptly in front of the training room door and pushed it
open. Amanda peeked over Francine's shoulder and saw a tall, dark, and
mysterious man with the most gorgeous head of hair she had ever seen. It
would put Liberace to shame. She was captivated.

It just so happened that this particular man was also captivated by his own
mane and sat there gazing at his own reflection in the sheen of the table.
He was admiring himself when Francine interrupted, "Give it up Jethro, you'll
always have thick eyebrows just like" Francine thought but didn't
say 'uncle'.

Jethro looked up reluctantly from his own visage and was ready to throw back
a retort but was caught off guard by a certain beautiful brunette standing
behind Francine.

Jethro stared at Amanda for a moment then stood up and walked over to grab
her hand and kissed it. "Ah! The unflappable Mrs. King! We meet at last.
My uncle has said such great things about you!"

Amanda was shocked, she didn't realize that Blue Leader had noticed all her
hard work and sacrifice. She replied, "He did? Really? Well, I had no idea
your uncle noticed how hard I've been working and..."

Jethro continued, "Well he really *didn't* but I'm sure he should." Jethro
put his arm around Amanda's petite waist and led her over to the conference
table. "We'll be able to prove to him your skills on this case" Jethro
said as he guided Amanda over to a chair and bade her sit down.

With sincerity in her voice, Francine leaned over and whispered in Amanda's
ear as she left, "Don't forget that vest Amanda..."

Amanda gulped as Jethro sat down next to her and kept droning on and on
about how he (*not they*) would solve this case. All Amanda had to do was
maintain Jethro's cover. She would pose as his wife this weekend at a
charity golf tournament in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Several socialites would be in attendance and word had it that a notorious
drug king was hoping to lure these ladies into a web of intrigue and addiction.
It just happened that one of these ladies was the niece of Blue Leader's old
college chum Redd. Blue had told Billy specifically that his nephew
Jethro was to head up this investigation.

Amanda sat quietly as Jethro extolled his own skills. When he finally stopped
talking about himself (due to a temporary deprivation of oxygen), Amanda
interjected, "Mr., um, Jethro, sir, I'm sure you know that I've only worked
with Lee before and well, I..."

Jethro tore his eyes off his reflection in the window and turned to look
at the beauty before him. He thought she was *almost* as beautiful as he was.
"Oh, Amanda, I know you've only worked with Lee before but, like I said, you
have a reputation for adding that suburban authenticity to any job you've
been on. Generosity and stamina and so on. Anyway, I think we'll be quite
good together, if you know what I mean." Jethro grabbed Amanda's hands once
more and held them to his lips. "Okay...partner?"

Amanda ripped her hands out of Jethro's embrace and started to say "We're not
partners" when Fred Fielder walked in.

"Oh, there you are Amanda!"

Amanda looked over her shoulder to stare back at Fred. "Yes?"

Fred leaned into the room, "Just wanna say it was nice knowing you."

"What?" Amanda replied.

Fred looked from Jethro, who was once again enamored by his own reflection,
then looked back at Amanda. "Oh, it's nothing really," he said. Then in a
hushed tone to Amanda, "It's just that all of his past partners have either
gone crazy, got shot, or were...*terminated* while on assignment with him."

Amanda's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. She wondered, 'What have
I got myself into?'

Fred ended their little interaction with a "Nice seein' ya!"



Scene 2: Somewhere in Central America...

'My name is Conzuela Zuela..."

Lee had had just about enough. This brash civilian he had been paired up
with by the head of the Venezuelan office was getting on his very last nerve.
She had done everything possible to destroy their mission. Lee thought, 'If
she tells one more person who I really am and blows my cover...'

Conzuela continued speaking loudly to Jose as if he were deaf, which he wasn't.
Jose was owner of the Last Chance No-tell Motel located on the seedy side of
town. "And this is my husband Hector."

Jose looked up and nodded toward Lee, "You don't look like a Hector!"

Lee looked at the little man and smiled as he *reluctantly* put his arm around
Conzuela's shoulder. "My father was an American businessman but my mother..."

"Oh, si." Jose nodded, he *knew* that all too familiar story.

Conzuela continued, "We are looking for a man named Roberto Gonzalez, it's
very important that we find him."

Lee cleared his throat loudly in an attempt to warn his *wife* not to divulge
too much information. "Have you seen him?" he asked while showing Jose
a newspaper clipping with Roberto's picture.

Conzuela added, "It's a matter of national sec..."

Lee cut off Conzuela's loggorhea, "Oh, *honey* let's not blow it out of
proportion. He's just a long lost relative and since Grampa passed away,
well, we were hoping we could find him. Unclaimed inheritance and all."

Truth be told, Roberto was known internationally as an effective information
broker. He did well. Too well. He had recently soiled the reputation of the
Venezuelan intelligence community by selling classified defense information
to a ruthless Columbian freedom fighter organization.

Although Venezuela was Roberto's home country, he held loyalties to no one
except himself. He sold his goods to friend and foe alike. Lee knew that the
Agency had been brought in on this case to go after Roberto and put a stop
to any further leaks of vital security information.

"Inheritance?" Jose replied. His ears always perked up when money was mentioned.
Maybe he could get in on some of the action. "Ok, ok. I think I may know
where to find him but my memory is so bad."

Lee shrugged and pulled out a roll of bills from his pocket. Jose's jaw
dropped. Funny how his memory suddenly improved.

"Well, I think I may remember something..." Jose said as he stared at the
money in Lee's hand. After 50 dollars, Jose told Lee and Conzuela that he
had seen Roberto a few days ago when he had checked in to the motel...alone.
That was very unusual at Jose's establishment.

Lee nodded and inquired, "Where is he now?"

Jose replied, "Oh, I don't remember..."

Lee flashed another ten dollar bill.

Jose grabbed it as he said, "Oh yes, I remember now, he's not here. He
checked out yesterday."

"What?" Lee shouted, he was *not* satisfied.

Jose could see the anger rising in Lee and said, "Well, sir, he took his bags
and golf clubs and left. I think he was taking a trip..."

Lee struggled to maintain his composure, "Where did he go?"

"I don't know. He just took a plane and left."

Lee stared back at Jose, "What plane?"

Jose gulped. No one snitched on Columbia's biggest drug lord Big Louie.
Louis Alberto Escobar was the *only* person with a plane in these parts.
He had a knack for making snitchers disappear, body part by body part. Jose
happened to like his appendages. "I, I don't know..."

Lee waved a one hundred dollar bill in front of him but still Jose resisted,
"No, no, I *can't* remember".

Lee shoved Jose against the wall, "C'mon man, this is important!"

Jose looked up at Lee, no one could make him snitch on Big Louie but he did
want to keep his face nice for the ladies. "Okay, okay. I *can't* tell you
where Roberto went but...I *can* show you his room.'

Lee loosened his grip on Jose's collar and sighed.

"Gracias senor" Jose nodded as he led Conzuela and Lee to Roberto's room.

There on the bed, Lee noticed a pamphlet touting the excitement and
location of... the Chevy Chase Country Club in Maryland.

scene 3

Setting: Inn at the Chevy Chase C.C.

Amanda braced herself as Jethro opened the door to 'their' room. She kept
mumbling under her breath, "Please let there be two beds, two beds please."
She broke out into a huge smile as soon as she peered around Jethro's frame
and into the room. "Oh look!" she exclaimed, "Two beds! Good."

Jethro shrugged his shoulders and moved aside to allow Amanda to enter. She
began unpacking her bags and settled in as he took off for the bathroom. He
fussed with his hair for the better part of half an hour before he finally
emerged. "Hmmmm..." he said as he looked around 'their' room. "I wonder
where she went?"


Lee stumbled toward the door leading to public transportation. It had been a
bumpy flight to Dulles and his body felt battered and bruised. His pain was
compounded by the fact that he was carrying *all* of Conzuela's bags.

"How many suitcases can one woman have?" he muttered as she sauntered off
ahead of him with only her purse in hand. "Uh, Conzuela?" Lee yelled, "Maybe
you could...unh!" Lee grimaced as the automatic door hit his toe. He shook
his head and thought, 'She better be out of earshot!' as he watched her walk

Exasperated, he threw a few of her bags down and stood there. Lee never
thought this case would lead back to D.C. and he had certainly not expected
Conzuela to continue her 'cover' as his wife. Although he was against the
idea, the Venezuelan government had insisted that she remain on the case.

They wanted her to assist in capturing Roberto and soon. Too many cold blooded
killers had already benefited from the purchase of Roberto's highly classified
documents. Lee knew that any further leaks would weaken our national security
as well and compromise the foreign policy with Latin America which the
President of the United States had worked so hard to develop.

Lee stood there lost in thought, staring at Conzuela's golf bag until another
traveler bumped into him and said, "Watch it buddy!". Lee excused himself
and hastily picked up *her* bags once again. He could see Conzuela tapping
her foot as she waited impatiently for him at the curb. They hailed a cab
and Lee continued to wonder what could have been so urgent that Roberto would
risk traveling all the way to DC to play golf.

"My name is Conzuela and I'm from Venezuela..." Lee's 'partner' began as the
cabbie opened her door.

Lee opened the trunk and threw in the luggage. He could hear Conzuela as she
continued to speak loudly to the taxi driver. She began telling him a little
*too* much information about where they were going and what they would be

'Where's Amanda when I need her!' Lee fumed but quickly buried that thought.
He didn't know why he had the greatest urge to tell the taxi driver to take
them past 4247 Maplewood Drive in Arlington on the way to the Chevy Chase
Country Club. He knew that request was ridiculous because the two locations
were on opposite ends of town.

Lee opened the rear passenger door and sat down next to Conzuela as the driver
took off. She continued to compromise their cover by telling the taxi driver
too many details about where they had been. Lee glared at her from the corner
of his eye and murmured, "Now I remember why I work *alone*!"


The noonday sun beat down on Amanda as she gazed toward the horizon. From
where she stood on the grand exterior marble staircase of the Inn, she could
see the first hole of the country club's manicured golf course. A balmy
breeze tousled her hair and carried the fragrance of freshly cut grass. She
enjoyed the sweet air and ambled over to lean on the marble rail and watch
the golfers from afar. She hadn't seen Redd's niece yet.

Her eyes focused on the golfers but her thoughts were elsewhere. Her mind
was preoccupied with her current predicament. Jethro *was* Blue Leader's
nephew but the family resemblance ended at his bushy eyebrows. Jethro was
unorganized, uncouth, and unconcerned for others. He had already made several
unprofessional comments which made Amanda appreciate even more the fact that
their room had double beds.

As Amanda looked over the grounds, she pondered her past year at the Agency.
Whenever Billy or Lee had needed her for an assignment, she had always been
ready to sacrifice family or personal time in order to help out. She had
thought that this loyalty to the Agency was due to patriotic fervor and,
even though Lee teased her, she did find that her job usually provided
"danger, excitement, and intrigue". Now she only had danger and intrigue.

For the first time, it dawned on Amanda that there was *more* to her job
satisfaction than patriotic duty. Working with Jethro was nothing like her
assignments with Lee. Although Lee could be rude and had a temper at times,
he always looked out for her best interest and put her welfare before his own.

"What are you doing here?!"

Amanda spun around. There stood Lee Stetson himself, weighed down with several
suitcases in one arm and a voluptuous beauty in the other! Amanda stammered,
"Oh, um, Lee? What am I doing here? What are *you* doing here?" And under her
breath, "With her!"

Lee cleared his throat and looked from Amanda to Conzuela. There was no
comparison. He wanted 'his' Amanda back. "Amanda", Lee motioned toward
Conzuela, "We're on a case together..."

Conzuela checked Amanda out from top to bottom. "Civilian?" she inquired.

Amanda stammered, "Uh, yes...I.."

Several golfers descended the stairs and nodded greetings to Lee and Conzuela
and then to Amanda. Lee couldn't afford to have his cover blown so he put
his free arm back around Conzuela's waist.

Amanda cringed slightly when she saw Conzuela smile at Lee's touch.

Just then a voice boomed from behind them, "Hon-ey! There you are! Baby,
sweetheart, pookie! I've been lookin' all over for you!"

Amanda shrugged and smiled weakly at Lee as Jethro came up and gave her a big
hug before landing a wet, sloppy kiss on her cheek. She shot a sideways glance
at the 'ol boy as if to tell him 'Don't ever do that again!'

Lee wrinkled his brow as he watched Jethro pull Amanda closer to his side.
'Something's definitely not right here', Lee surmised. He was beginning to
recognize the man at Amanda's side.

Jethro held out his arm to shake Lee's hand, "My name is Jethro Jeffries and
this is my lovely little wife Amanda."

Lee almost choked when he heard those words but nodded, "Oh yeah, Jethro."
Lee had heard about Blue Leader's nephew through the grapevine. This was the
first time the two men had ever met. Lee had to believe that Amanda was
simply on a case with this buffoon. He thought, 'I wasn't gone *that* long!
Just a few weeks! He's not her type so I know she's not really married. I
can't believe Billy would pair her up with someone else!'

Conzuela looked at Lee and noticed he seemed quite jealous. She didn't like
that so she blurted out, "Come on Hector! I need some rest. Please, can we
check in already?"

Lee nodded at Jethro and held eyes with Amanda for a second before leading
Conzuela toward the Inn. Amanda watched Lee walk away and had the greatest
urge to yell 'Take me with you...Hector?'

Jethro burst in on her reverie with another unsolicited squeeze around her
waist. "Come on baby, I've got someone I'd like you to meet. In fact we'll
be teeing off with them in fifteen minutes."

Amanda slipped out of Jethro's embrace and looked him square in the eye. She
didn't feel free yet to tell him to keep his hands to himself so she calmly
asked him, "Who are we meeting?"

Jethro smuggly looked down at Amanda and proudly announced, "Redd's niece...