Lee sauntered into the bull pen and grabbed a cup of coffee before walking
over to Francine. She looked up from the report in her hands and smiled.
"Great job Scarecrow! Looks like you've done it again! Not only did you
catch Roberto but you also discovered his connection to that drug king Big
Louie. Looks like both men will be locked away for a long time and I hear
that the President is very pleased. No more leaks to those Columbian freedom

Lee shook his head and tried to clarify what happened, "Really Francine, it
was Amanda who..."

"Oh, c'mon Lee!, Francine continued, "You figured out that Scarlett's father
was Senator Cherry Redd who happens to be the head of the National Defense
committee. You prevented Roberto from snagging Scarlett into Big Louie's
web of drug addiction and blackmail. Gonzalez was crushed when he found
out that Scarlett would not become one of his informants!"

Lee was about to reply to Francine's comment when he saw Amanda walk over to
Billy's office. Duffy followed her close behind. "Oh, not again!" he moaned
under his breath as he raced over to join them.

Francine looked up at her old backgammon partner and wondered why Amanda
affected him that way. She hoped that if Amanda ever did get involved with
Lee, she wouldn't get hurt. 'He's got a way of getting under your skin'she
sighed before getting back to her work.

Lee rushed over to Billy's office and shoved open the door. "What's going on
here Billy? I thought we just learned that Amanda shouldn't..'

Billy looked over at Scarecrow and nodded, 'Work with anyone else. I know
that Lee. I was just asking Mrs. King to help Duffy type up some overdue

"Oh" Lee said as Amanda turned to look at him. He didn't want to reveal that
he was embarrassed so he excused himself from Billy's office and said, "Well
then, carry on."

Billy chuckled as he watched Lee walk away and thought, 'This plan of mine is
beginning to work! Looks like Amanda is realizing how different it is to
work without Lee and Lee's beginning to appreciate Amanda.' Billy turned to
attend to the task at hand and even though he was explaining to Amanda how
she could help Duffy with his reports, his mind was elsewhere. He was still
musing, 'I'm so glad I thought of putting those two together!'