Kael'thas paced the hall outside of his room, waiting for reports from the scouts he sent to Shattrath. While he had orders not to attack the city, he still thought it wise to keep an eye on the people there. Any potential enemy warranted watching, whether or not Illidan agreed. But the scouts had returned and had not reported to Kael'thas. A report to Illidan would compromise his plans and their relationship. This was an unacceptable course of action.

Finally the leader of the scouts, Vaelenthor, reported to Kael'thas with a kneel.

"What did you find?"

"Shattrath is still fighting the Legion, accepting refugees, and comprised mostly of Draenei. Nothing new. Even the Naaru is chiming the same song."

"And you reported to no one else?"

"No one else, sir," the kneeling demon hunter replied. He would report to Illidan later, as he always did with Kael's 'secret' missions. The prince tended to lack the foresight and knowledge that all demon hunters reported to Illidan regardless of anyone else's orders.

"Dismissed," Kael'thas ordered and Vaelenthor stood, saluted, and left.

Left alone with my thoughts again…You should tip the succubus, you look like you need it…was he looking at me…sexually? Was he making a move on me or just teasing me because I woke with a hard? Did he know that I dreamt about him and that's what aroused me? No, he's no scryer or mind-reader. No matter what energies he can see, he can't see my thoughts. But what do I do? I'm falling for him harder than I fell for that Proudmoore wretch.

"Kael'thas?" Illidan's voice called.

"Lord Illidan?" Kael replied, voice catching in his throat.

"Calm down, you're not in trouble. In fact, I have a gift for you."

Kael'thas gasped, trying to hold it in. His composure was less than princely and his attitude made him look childish. "A gift? F-for me?" In his mind he cursed. He, prince of the blood elves, just stuttered.

"Yes, as a sign of thanks for your loyalty and hard work. I want you to have this," Illidan said, reaching into his shaggy pants' pocket and pulling out the vial with the sun and moon on it.

"The water inside is from the original Well of Eternity. As the Kal'dorei lost their source of power, then the Quel'dorei, then the Sin'dorei, I learned it's best for elves not to build civilizations around sources of magical water."

Kael'thas laughed, trying to suppress it and look formal as he took the vial. It was truly beautiful and the water inside glistened and shimmered as it sloshed around in the glass frame.

"You have my thanks, Lord Illidan," Kael'thas replied, blushing slightly.

"I have one more gift for you, Kael," Illidan said, leaning in slightly. Kael'thas froze, terror that his arousal would return and his pants would confess their love for Illidan before Kael could.

"Don't be so nervous and uptight," Illidan mumbled before kissing Kael on the chin, then on the lips. Kael'thas swore he was melting but managed to kiss back, his arms suddenly around Illidan's neck. Illidan returned the embrace and pulled Kael'thas closer, hand twirling through his hair. And then, as alarms went off, the moment ended.

"You're my prince now," Illidan stated. "But I won't love you until you love me. I've got to go, as do you. Prepare for a full on assault, and Kael'thas?"

"Y-yes sir?"

"Come back alive."

"Yes sir. I…I will do that," Kael replied as he mentally beat himself for not saying that he did love Illidan. The world was moving too fast around them. Pride, regalia, years of training, practice, and obeying formalities all faded away when Illidan handed him the vial. Then any sense of being a royal member of Silvermoon's society drifted away as those deep purple lips met his own. It was bliss. He didn't have to be a leader when Illidan was around. It was almost perfect except Kael'thas wanted to lead too.

We'll play that game later, Kael'thas thought as he ran to gather his troops. Fortunately, he was wearing full robes so he could hide his erection.
"We prepare all the walls—east, west, and south. Five rangers go to the north wall to watch for incoming drakes, infernals, or other aerial assault weapons they might use to take us from behind. Lord Sanguinar, you lead the ground troops. Telonicus, you aid the catapults, cannons and void reavers. Thaladred, you will flank Sanguinar. Capernian, you and Solarian guide the mages' attacks. Al'ar, you send down a fiery death upon them, my dearest, and I will be on the dais sending Al'ar with weak spots to take advantage of. Orders understood?"

"Yes sir, milord," came a resounding reply from the 50 or so blood elves in front of him. Kael'thas smirked as they ran to do their bidding, caught off guard by the hand that grabbed his shoulder.

"Teron Gorefiend, wanting a word with you, Prince Kael'thas. I've had a vision you need to see," the human-orc stated. Kael'thas shrugged Gorefiend's hand off of his shoulder and nodded.

"I'll see it. Can it be done here, we're under siege."

Gorefiend nodded with a sickly grin, unfolding his wings and showing a band of blood elves in Shattrath bowing to the Naaru in the center, weapons laid down and heads bowed, as though asking for forgiveness. At the front was Voren'thal, then the image shifted.

"I, Lady Liadrin—static muffled the rest of her speech but her words weren't needed for Kael'thas to understand what she was doing. Gorefiend had a vision of a blood elf rebellion.

"Hoping it's just me drinking too much, I see."

"We will deal with it if we must, for now, there are more important things to worry about. Thank you for the warning. I will contemplate it when meteors aren't aiming for my skull."

"The wheels of death go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels of death go round and round, all the time," Gorefiend sang as he stumbled back to his post. Kael'thas stared at him a moment, wondering exactly how such freakish things could be his allies, but he shook his head to clear his mind. He had to get up to the dais to do his job. His people counted on it.