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A/N: So, after watching 4x02, it just begged for a tag. In the spirit of uniqueness, here is mine. This is a prediction of what happens to Lancelot after he crosses the veil.

Lancelot didn't know what he expected to be on the other side of the black veil. But, a shimmering lake surrounded by a trees was not it.

"Welcome, Sir Lancelot. You may breathe easy now for the ones you love are safe." A woman with dark brown hair and a flowing purple dress approached him from the water's edge.

"Where am I?" Lancelot cautiously asked the spirit.

"The Lake of Avalon," she replied before continuing to answer the unspoken question upon his lips, "This is merely a reflection of the living world. You are, indeed, in the realm of the dead. But, do not fear, dear knight. Death is not your fate."

He looked beyond at the world that looked so real. At the wind the rippled waves over the lake and asked, "What happens now?"

"Rest and know when you awake, you will be with your friends once more. You have a great many things to do yet." Lancelot felt his eyes close then despite himself and slowly the world slipped away. The last thing he saw was the lake.