Sesshomaru came from behind Inuyasha and grabbed him. His hands were moving up and down his body. He was breathing heavy in his ear. My heart began to race and Inuyasha felt his face flush. Inuaysha felt him untie his robe.

Inuyasha came to his senses and grabbed Sesshomaru's hand, " What are you doing?" He whispered.

Sesshomaru didn't answer him. Instead he brushed his fingers over his nipple. His other hand reached down and he held it there. He tuned Inuyasha over and crush his lips against his. Their tongues, sticky and hot, were tangling in their mouths. Sesshomaru untied Inuyasha's robe and moved his lips down Inuyasha's body. He licked his nipples, sucking like a newborn pup.

"Ow! you bit me!"

Sesshomaru looked at him with his golden eyes which was now red with lust. He made his way down finally resting at my penis, which was now hot and stiff. He slid Inuyasha's underwear down letting my penis stand up. He attacked it with his mouth. I was close to cumming but he stopped. Inuyasha looked at him and realized that Sesshomaru was taking off his robe, his hard cock sticking out. He came over to Inuyasha and grabbed him with force. He thrust into Inuyasha finally letting him cum.