The hands around her tiny neck made her whimper, she could feel the strength in them, feel the insanity that being un-dead brought. Her mother and father would save her, daddy had told her that her mommy and papa were the best fighters in the vampire world, and they'd always be there to save her.

But she couldn't stop thinking she was going to die; that her parents would be too late. What had she done to this lady anyways? She kept going on and on how she had ruined this lady's life, pushed her into becoming what she was. That didn't make any sense to her.

"Your parents will come, and I'm going to torture them in front of you, break you until you're begging me to kill you." The smiled sinisterly, her nails digging into the soft flesh of the child.

"Why?" As if that one little word could save her, the lady laughed, squeezing her hand snapping the tiny neck with a sickening crunch. And all was black.