Title: Dreams

Summary: Ana has a bad dream.

Rated: K+

"Adra!" little footsteps could be heard running down the hall. "Moo! Pad!" socks sliding on the hardwood to a stop, door creaking open.

"Ana?" Adrian raised his eyebrow at the one year old, her curls a wild mess, tears silently running down her face in tiny rivers. "What's wrong baby girl?" He lifted her as she came to the edge of the bed, arms stretched upwards towards him.

"Bad man." She burrowed into his chest, a streak of sunlight coming through the window setting her emerald eyes even greener.

"What bad man?" He rubbed her back, shifting her so she was lying beside Rose, making sure not to wake either her or Dimitri as he lied down as well.

"He made the bad dreams come back." She sniffed and clung onto his shirt for dear life. Finger combing her hair, he forced a dream of a fair into her mind, settling down for sleep as well.

"The bad dreams are gone for now." He whispered and joined the rest of the house in slumber.