Glaring at her Papa, Anastasia stuck her nose up and turned around. It wasn't fair that Nikki and Theo got to go out with Mom and Dad, but she had to stay at home with Papa. She had been looking forwards to a trip to Africa for months! How was it her fault she couldn't get the needle last week because she had the flu? She still should've been able to go!

"Enna, you know you'll get to go next year when Prissa can go too. Why make a big deal out of missing a trip to Africa? It's not all that exciting." Dimitri tried to comfort his thirteen year old daughter.

"I never get to go! I always get sick when I'm going to be getting my needles! I think Theo does it on purpose! Bringing those stupid whores around with their diseases! he knows how sick I get around people with questionable backgrounds!" The tween glared again and stomped out of the room. It really wasn't fair. She had missed the last nine yearly family trips all because she got sick before. It had to be Theo's fault!

"Baby girl, listen." Her Papa caught her from behind and dragged her, so that her back was to his chest. "You got to go to Brazil last month because your Grandfather was there, your siblings never get to take spontaneous trips like that."

"But I never get to go on family trips. And You or Daddy always gets left behind with me, it's not fair!" Ana looked up at her much taller father. "Plus it's not fair everyone else is so much taller than me."

"You got your grandmother's height, one of you had to get it. Besides you have a better advantage on taller people, and smaller. You have a just below average human height, so whether it's a bigger enemy or smaller you always have the upper hand." Dimitri reasoned. Ana had never been able to stay on one topic for too long. Much like Adrian that way.

"Do you think Daddy or Auntie will be able to make me taller? Theo would purposely make me shorter if he could." Ana turned and hugged her Papa. At least he always got her temper down. That was one thing she didn't want from her mother.

"Ask when they get home." And Dimitri stalked off down the hall to answer the door for the takeout he had ordered.

Anastasia is 13 in this, and her sisters, Priscilla (21) and Nikolai (18), have moved out and started working for people living in court. Theodore (29) is pretty much freeloading on his parents as his girlfriend kicked him out for not having a job or anything (he's another Adrian).

The family (including Lissa and Christian's family) have taken their yearly vacation to Africa and Ana had been waiting all year to go, but once again came down sick when she had to get her needles to go. She always misses vacation time because she gets sick and blames Theo as he always brings some random home with him around the same time she gets sick.