The Masque

Chapter 23; Epilogue

A lot had happened to Elizabeth Darcy nee Quinn and her sister Jane Bingley.

They had been Bennets and Quinn-'s and they had been kidnapped from their family by an ambitious Lady Catherine, William's aunt because she wanted control with Pemberley and her daughter Anne married to William. They had been found by their childhood friends, - or their childhood sweethearts, William Darcy and Charles Bingley.

The whole story had been uncovered by the Darcy's and the Fitzwilliam's. Elizabeth had gotten most of her memories back during the months while they uncovered the mystery of their kidnapping. Jane had recovered a lot of her memories but not all about the kidnapping and what happened just before that.

After the marriage of William and Elizabeth, a few months went and they became parents to twins. They were later named; Matthew Fitzwilliam Darcy and Constance Evelyn Darcy.

Charles and Jane Bingley also got twins a month after Elizabeth and William, their twins were named; James William Bingley and Tatiana Elizabeth Bingley, the two couples were godparents to each other's children and Georgianna was the godmother of Elizabeth and William's children.

Two years after the birth of the two pair of twins within the Bingley and Darcy family, Georgianna and Richard married, at long last, since they had courted for almost three years. They got a child about a year into their marriage, a girl they named Elinor. They lived mostly at Pemberley and a few months at Richard's maternal home in Matlock. Georgianna and Richard were married two years and two days after the birth of the Bingley and Darcy twins. Richard and Georgianna did get two children more after Elinor, a son and a daughter, who was named; Charles and Marianne.

About Bianca and Daniel… they were married a week after the Darcys. They lived at Rose Quinn manor, with Jane's, Elizabeth and his parents. Duchess Quinn and Bianca did make a good team and worked together as Mistresses at Rose Quinn Manor. Daniel and Bianca were blessed with a child after 1½ years of marriage. They got a son they named him Gabriel. They travelled a lot together with their son; they made it all the way to Constantinople and to India, were they spent two years.

Anne De Bough broke with her mother after what had happened at the spring masque, and had moved in with the Darcys at Pemberley, but she also had a house in town. Anne and Bianca's brother Eric began a good friendship. They both spent much time in London during the following years, and after almost five years after the return of Elizabeth and Jane to their family, Eric finally got the courage and proposed to Anne. Eric asked William and Earl of Matlock since they were her family. Anne and Eric were engaged for about three months and married. They left England to take a year long journey. When Anne and Eric returned they had a new-born child, a little girl who they named Minella.

Richard's Sister Clara spent many months with Reginald's family. She ended up married to the Earl of Grantham and became Countess of Grantham and moved to York with her husband. The Earl of Grantham Patrick Callaways and she joined the rest of her family at Pemberley in the holidays every other year and her family came to her home the other year. She was also blessed with twins.

What happened to William and Elizabeth, you may ask. Well…they lived at Pemberley with Georgianna and Richard. Between the births of their children they travelled to America, Europe and other places. William and Elizabeth were blessed with five children. The Bingley's and the Darcy's travelled together with their children to France for their ten year anniversary of their marriage.

All the children of the Fitzwilliams, Darcy's, Bingley's, Callaways and Abbott grew up to be decent young people, who got education and married for love like their parents.

So as you all can read, all the couples found their happily ever after's. So there is only one thing which remains;

And they all lived happily ever after!

Hey! …. You all want to know what happened to Caroline Bingley? Well, she was banished to the North to her elderly aunts, to be their companion. As you can think she never married. So she is the only one in this story who did not have a happy end. As for Lady Catherine, she lived a lonely and most disagreeable life at Rosings Park, with her parish priest as her only company. Let's face it she had done something she would never do again, go against her nephew Mr. Darcy and his wife Elizabeth Darcy nee Quinn.

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