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("The saiyan language")

-Meeting The Teacher-

It was a normal school day at Orange Star High. Well, Gohan had actually been on time that day, so it wasn't a completely normal day. His friends had also made sure to tell him how nice it was, not to have him barge in in the middle of class with some lame excuse for a chance.

First period had gone smoothly and now it was time for the second where they had been informed, they would get a new teacher. Apparently their usual history teacher had won the lottery and decided that teaching school students was beyond her, now that she was literally swimming in money. She wasn't going to be missed.

Now everyone was chatting excitedly with each other, discussing how the new teacher would be like. Would he or she be very strict, or would they actually get a nice teacher for once? Hopefully it was the last, but knowing their luck, the student's at Orange Star High knew they would probably end up with the meanest bastard on Earth.

The door into the classroom opened and the chatter died out immediately as a short man with black, flame-shaped hair walked in and put his books on the teacher's desk, before he turned to the student's and gave them all a dark look that promised eternal hell if anyone dared to oppose him.

"I am Vegeta Briefs," the man said, "As you may have guessed, I am your new history teacher. I expect all of you to do more than your best in my class-"

("What are you doing here?") A voice interrupted him and instantly all heads turned to stare at Gohan who was looking intently at their new teacher. Had he just used another language? And did he know their teacher?

("Ah yes, the woman said you would be in this class,") Vegeta stated casually, answering in the same language Gohan had used which made all the student's look at him instead, ("Relax, I am not here to destroy. I am merely here to teach.")


Vegeta frowned and Gohan guessed it hadn't been by choice he was teaching. ("That is none of your business. All you need to know is that I am here to teach.")

The hybrid shrugged. He'd just have to ask Bulma later. She probably had something to do with this.

"Gohan," Videl said, narrowing her eyes as she looked at her classmate, "what was that language you just used? And do you know Mr. Briefs?"

"Err…" Gohan had completely forgotten about the other students in the classroom.

"Go on Gohan," Vegeta said in normal language so that everyone could understand, "tell them." Oh, how he enjoyed seeing the son of his rival squirm in discomfort.

"It's my native language," Gohan said eventually, "and I've known Vegeta since I was 5."

"Native language?" Videl arched an eyebrow.

"Uh yeah," the defeater of Cell scratched the back of his head nervously. He looked at Vegeta for help but the older saiyan just watched him, the humor evident in his eyes. He had to save his own ass this time. "Uhm… My dad and Vegeta are from the same village up in the north. And… uhm... they speak that language."

Vegeta nodded, satisfied. "Correct. Now, as I was-"

A loud beeping noise interrupted the teacher and Videl quickly pressed a button on her wristwatch.

"Videl here."

"We have a robbery at a jewel store," the chief inspector's voice scratched through the speakers.

"I'm on it," she replied and ended the connection. She looked at the new teacher, "I have to go," she told him, "I'm helping the police."

"I have been informed of your little job," the saiyan said neutrally, "very well, you may leave." His dark eyes locked with Gohan's pleading ones when Videl made her way out of the classroom. His look said it all. Saiyaman wouldn't be able to help her as long as Vegeta was a teacher.

"It was really strange, you know," Videl said during lunch that day. She was eating it at the usual spot together with Sharpner, Gohan and Erasa. "Saiyaman didn't show up today."

"Really?" Erasa asked and took a bite of her sandwich, "do you have any idea why?"

The daughter of Satan shook her head. "No." However, she did have an idea. If her suspicions were correct and Gohan was saiyaman, he hadn't been able to leave the classroom that day because of their new teacher. He seemed like the type not to mess with, which Gohan probably knew and therefore had decided not to leave class that day.

"So what do you guys think of our new teacher?" Erasa asked cheerfully to start a new conversation. The blonde hated silences.

"He seems like someone who doesn't tolerate talking in class," Videl said, the warning clear in her voice. She knew her best friend was always chatting through school hours.

"Yeah, I think so too," the blonde admitted, "but I don't think I need to talk during his classes. He's so dark and handsome. I could just look at him all day and not be bored."

Gohan who had been silent during the whole lunch, went into a heavy coughing fit at her words.

"What's wrong?" Erasa blinked.

"Nothing," the hybrid wiped his mouth with his sleeve, "I just choked on some food."

"Then eat a little slower," Videl reprimanded, "honestly, how can you eat that fast?"

The boy grinned goofily, "I like food."

Erasa sighed. "I wish I could eat that much and not get fat."

"It's in my genes. My dad, my little brother, and Vegeta eat that much too."



"But unlike you, Gohan, Mr. Briefs look muscular," Videl stated, "do you think he trains?"

Gohan chuckled. "Believe me, he trains. His wife always complains about it."

"You seem to know him well," she commented.

"Yeah… He's a friend of the family."

"Must be pretty nice knowing the teacher," Erasa said dreamily, "he'll probably give you high grades without you really having to do anything.

"Trust me, he won't. In fact I think he'll give me lower grades just to mock me," Gohan told them.

The blonde gasped, horrified. "He would do that?"

"Oh yeah, and he would enjoy every second of it."

"Hi Bulma," Gohan said as he entered the private quarters of Capsule Corporation and met the president in the door, "is Vegeta home?"

"He's training in the GR," The genius answered with a grin, "I take it you have been introduced to your new history teacher?"

"Oh yeah," he nodded and sat down in a couch," he's already made quite the impression."

She chuckled and took the opposite seat from Gohan. "I knew he would. Has he made anyone pee their pants yet?"

"Not yet, though I think it won't be long."

Bulma lit herself a cigarette before she continued. "You are here to ask me what the hell Vegeta is doing in a school, right?"

"Yeah…" the hybrid admitted, "when I asked him in school he said it was none of my business."

"Typical Vegeta. His pride means everything to him, and that's also why he's teaching. You see, when he yet again had damaged the GR, I accused him for only being able to destroy and that he was completely useless concerning anything else. Of course he became mad, so to prove himself I suggested he got a job."

"So he became a history teacher?"

"Yes," she said, "you wouldn't believe it, but Vegeta actually spent quite a long time studying the history of Earth when he first came to live here. That was before we knew the androids were coming and he started training intensely."

"But why Orange Star High? Wouldn't it have been better if he worked in West City?"

She shrugged. "Safety measures. I figured it would be better if you were there to keep an eye on him in case anything happens.

"Sounds reasonable." Gohan nodded. But uhm… Did you by chance have anything to do with the retirement of our previous history teacher?"

A devious smirk spread across the genius' lips. "No… What makes you think that?"

He snorted. "I know you."

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