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Ch2: Dead woman dating.

Carlos Pov:
Logan and I were sitting at the lobby, both of us were... well not cheerful wanna know why? Well it started after the guys and I defeated our first demon Javna. When we told mama Knight about she got all teary eyed and started hugging Kendall. It was really fun to watch until she suddenly said something about Kendall growing up which reminded us that Kendall's birthday was only two days away. Kendall hasn't enjoyed his birthday in years because his dad died a week after his birthday. So the Logan, James and I decided we needed to give him a mega super awesome present this year to cheer him up. We have no idea what to give him but the bigger problem is... we have no money whatsoever.

We asked Gustavo if he would loan us some but he refused. I'm really tempted to ask Kendall to change into a dog and bite him, it would be hilarious and maybe Gustavo would stop calling us dogs after that. So now logan and I are going through the papers searching for part-time job that pays a lot so we can still buy Kendall something awesome. James already has a job interview but he didn't want to tell us for what. Maybe he's...

"You two!"

I looked up a bit startled by mr. Bitters who was heading our way looking pretty pissed. "What has gotten into your friend that he started plotting against the Palm Woods?!" Bitters yelled at us.

Both Logan and I just shot him a blank look before returning back to the papers. Bitters always has something to nag about.

End Carlos's pov.

Mr. Bitters's glare intensified as the two boys just ignored him. "Well don't you think I'll just except James working for the competition!"

"James got a job?" Carlos asked grinning. If it paid enough maybe he and Logan wouldn't even need to find jobs of their own.

"Yeah." Bitters replied still looking mad. "He got a job at hotel Neptune a few blocks from here. He works there as some kind of fortune teller."

"What?!" Logan gasped immediately getting up and walking out of the lobby.

"Logan and I need to... uhm go." Carlos excused them before getting up to follow Logan. He was about to leave when he spotted Kendall also heading towards the exit. "Kendall!" He called rushing to catch up to the blond. "Where are you going?" He asked smiling innocently.

Kendall retuned the smile. "I've been looking for you guys. I haven't seen you three all day. Where are Logan and James?" He asked.

"Uhm..." Carlos rubbed the back of his head in thought. "Logan... went to...The Museum!" He grinned at his clever lie. Logan had become fond of the museum at Rodeo drive. "And I'm not sure where James is... Wanna play indoor hockey?" Carlos asked changing the subject.

"With only two of us?" Kendall asked skeptically.

Carlos nodded grinning. "Yeah a little one on one. Or are you afraid I might beat you?"

"Oh you're on." Kendall replied grinning. Carlos put on his helmet and the two rushed to the apartment.


At China Town two people were having a small argument at their front lawn. "Give me a break mom." A nineteen year old Asian girl groaned holding a bright colored helium balloon she'd gotten for her birthday. Her mom was holding out a Chinese amulet.

"There are a lot of hungry spirits out there Marie." Her mother warned.

"I'll risk it." Marie replied crossing her arms. Her dark black locks fell over her bare shoulder as she pouted.

"Better safe then sorry." Her mother chided. "You should have more respect for the spirits Marie if your grandmother were she-"

"She'd warn me about all the evil spirits walking around Chinatown I know I know." Marie leaned forward and kissed her mother's cheek. "I'm nineteen now mom. I'll be fine." She smiled handing her mom the balloon. "Gotta go." She said before jogging of.

After jogging a few minutes in peace she grabbed her ipod and began listening to the music and picked up her pace. She turned to corner and ran into an ally. She frowned hearing footsteps behind her. She lowered the volume of her ipod noticing a group of man standing behind her. "It's your birthday." One of the man stated.

Marie shifted uncomfortably. "Uhm.. yes..."

One of the guys smirked. "Make a wish." He said pulling out a gun a pushing the trigger shooting Marie hitting her in the chest. A see-through version stood up out of her motionless body. With a confused frown she looked down at her unmoving body and back at the criminals. One of them started pouring gasoline over her body and another one lighted a match.

"What are you doing! Stop!" The ghost of Marie cried. "No!"


Logan walked into a fancy looking hotel. It didn't take long before he spotted James sitting at a small round table reading an old lady's palm. "James!" Logan hissed walking towards the tall brunette. "Are you out of your mind?"

For just a second James looked surprised to see Logan but the look quickly disappeared. "I'm not out of my mind I'm the amazing Jameziny." He said pointing to the sign behind Logan with his title written on it.

"Our powers are to protect the innocents not to earn money with!" Logan snapped. "This has personal gain written all over it."

"I'm doing this to earn money to buy Kendall who's one of my best friends and cool big brother an awesome birthday present." James hissed trying to lose all the attention Logan's outburst had gotten them. "This is completely selfless."

Logan opened his mouth probably to disagree with James when suddenly a Asian girl run up to them. "Which one of you is the psychic?" She asked sounding desperate.

"He is!" Logan muttered pointing to James while palming his forehead with his other hand. James smirked. "I don't need to see your hand to see you me and a romantic dinner."

A huge smile broke the girl's face. "You can see me? Both of you?"

Logan rolled his eyes. "Of course we can see you."

"Oh thank god!" The girl grinned. "I've been to every psychic in town you're my last hope. I-"

"James what are you doing we've got customers waiting." A guy in suit said looking annoyed. "Get back to work."

"Of course boss." James said getting up slightly as he did so his hand brushed past his boss's arm. James froze as black and white images flashed through his closed eyes. He saw his boss walking down the street getting hit by a car-. James gasped opening his eyes taking a deep breath to calm himself after his premonition.

"You alright?" His boss asked.

James slowly nodded, he needed to get better at handling these premonitions. Logan groaned. "Fine you get your money but don't you get us in trouble if the laws of personal gain will catch up on you!" He yelled before leaving.

The Asian girl looked torn between staying with James or following Logan. After a moment of hesitation she decided to follow Logan.

Once out of the hotel Logan frowned noticing the girl was following him. "Are stalking me or something?" He muttered.

"My name's Marie." The girl introduced herself. "I'm desperate I need your help."

"You need help all right." Logan agreed quickening his pace.

"I'm begging you please." Marie begged. "Yesterday I was murdered and I ne-"

"Are you drunk?" Logan interrupted her. "Or.. Look out!" He cried as someone on a bike was about to hit Marie but much to Logan's surprise it went straight through her. "How?" Logan asked.

"Now do you believe me?" Marie asked putting her hands on her hips. "I'm a spirit, a ghost. You need to tell the police where my body is."

Logan slowly nodded. "Oh...kay. Let's take a gab."


Logan and Marie were walking down an ally near China town. "Again thanks for helping me." Marie thanked for what felt like the tenth time.

"Well you didn't leave with much choice." Logan replied. He frowned hearing sirens coming from nearby. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea."

"No!" Marie cried trying to grab Logan's shoulder but naturally it went straight through it. "Somebody needs to find my body before it's too late."

"Too late for what?"

"It's a Chinese myth. At least I always thought it was a myth. It's called Thowhoi, when the gates of hell open. We're almost there." Marie explained. "If the gatekeeper, Yama, catches my soul before my body's properly buried, he'll take my to hell forever."

"But.." Logan stopped staring at something looking horrified.

"What?" Marie asked.

"Is that you?" Logan asked pointing towards the far corner. Marie looked at what he was pointing at and gasped using her hands to cover her mouth. Her body was burned beyond recognition. Tears started to roll down Marie's cheeks. Logan tried to comfort her but not being able to touch didn't make that very easy. "Marie... I'm so sorry."

Suddenly a horse with a knight dressed in odd ancient looking armor came galloping their way.

"It's yama!" Marie cried. "Run!"

"Too late." Logan said squinting his eyes at two trashcans using his telekinetic powers to fling the trashcans at Yama. Noticing Marie's shocked look he smirked. "Good witch remember?"

"How'd you do that?" Marie asked in amazement.

Logan shrugged. "I don't know I panic squint my eyes at things and they magically go the direction I want them to." He saw Yama and his horse recovering from the blow. "Now we run." He said breaking into a fast sprint.


Kendall wrapped a towel around his waist before leaving the bathroom and walked into the kitchen were his mom and Carlos were busy making diner together. That wasn't anything new what didn't look right with the scene however was James who was using a wet towel to clean up the table.

"What's up?" Kendall asked walking over to the table and pulling out a chair and sitting at the table.

"I don't want to talk about it." James replied without turning to face Kendall.

Kendall sighed. "Carlos told me your wanted to get me a present and that you got that job as a psychic."

"What?" James blinked glancing at Carlos who purposely wasn't facing them and instead focusing on the carrots he was cutting. James sighed. "I had a premonition."

"Of what?" Kendall asked.

"My boss getting run over by a pink Cadillac." James told them.

"A pink Cadillac?" Carlos repeated.

James nodded. "I know it sounds ridiculous but I saw it and I have no idea how to stop it."

"How do you know it was pink?" Kendall asked. "I thought you said your visions were in black and white."

James nodded. "They do but I just somehow know the car is pink. It's this gut feeling."

"It means your powers are advancing." Mrs. Knight said.

Suddenly the apartment door went open and Logan walked in closing the door behind him. Seconds later an Asian girl walked through the door making the other jump. Logan sighed. "Guys this is Marie the ghost. I told her she could stay here till she's buried." He frowned. "Is it just me or did that sentence sound really weird?"

"It sounded weird." Marie nodded.

Kendall shrugged. "Fine but next time call in advance."

"Why?" Logan asked.

Kendall motioned to the towel around his waist. "Maybe... Cause I'm not dressed!"

"Oh!" Marie gasped. "Sorry."

"How can you blush?" Logan asked frowning. "Blushing means the blood in your cheek will get warmer and flow faster and you don't even have a blood flow." He said blushing himself when he realized what he said. "Sorry." He apologized.

"It's alright." Marie brushed it of. "I was going to med school... or I was about to before I was murdered..." She said looking down as tears started to form in her brown eyes.

Logan's eyes grew as a big grin formed on his face. "Really? I always wanted to be a doctor." He said sitting down on the orange couch. "What would your specialty be?"

"Well," Marie smiled sitting down next to him not wondering why she didn't fall through the couch. "I would be an alternative doctor." She said. "I would work with Chinese herbs and other old fashioned ways of healing."

"Old fashioned ways?" Logan asked with a small frown on his face. "Are sure those work?"

"Of course silly!" Marie smiled playfully hitting Logan's shoulder which obviously went straight through him again. She crossed her arms pouting. "You really think I'd use possibly not working medicines."

"Sorry." Logan chuckled holding up his hands in defense. "Just asking."

Suddenly Marie got up grinning. "Can we go somewhere?"

Logan blinked. "Uhm sure." He glanced at Mrs. Knight who nodded. "I'll leave your dinner in the microwave for when you get back." She said smiling. "You go have fun with your ghost friend."

Logan nodded and got up. Once the two of them left everybody turned to James giving him a question look. For a moment James looked confused before he frowned. "Oh so when your curious it's not personal gain?" He said crossing his arms rolling his eyes. "Fine... Logan and ghost girl are falling for each other and seeing she's dead I don't think this is a match made in heaven."


"This is your apartment?" Logan asked walking in the messy room. Good thing Marie remembered where she kept the spare key or else they would have come here for nothing. Marie nodded. "Please don't mind the mess, I wasn't expecting guests."

"No it's not a mess." Logan shook his head looking around. "It's... Alright it's mess."

Marie giggled. "I know my mom always tells me to clean up but I never really got it I guess... Could you reach for that?" She asked pointing to the top of a closet.

Logan nodded reaching up pulling out a small box that was decorated with ancient Chinese signs. Marie nodded towards it. "Go ahead open it."

Logan slowly opened it finding it filled with recipes. "Where are these for?" He asked.

"Family recipes for healing drinks and instructions how to use certain herbs." Marie explained. "I want you to have them."

Logan's eyes grew. "These belong to your family." He refused shaking his head before sitting down on her couch.

Marie shook her head. "You and your friends have these amazing gifts and you could do such wonderful things using my family's recipes my mom would feel honored if you would use them."

"I... Thank you." Logan smiled. "Your mom means a lot to you doesn't she?"

Marie nodded. "After my dad died I developed a fear of losing people I wouldn't have gotten over it without her."

Logan smiled a soft smile. "Are you afraid now?"

Marie shook her head sitting down closely next to Logan. "Naha... For some reason I feel safe with you."

Logan smirked. "You're not scared Yama will come to drag you to hell with him?"

Marie smiled. "Not when I have this powerful witch here to protect me." She said winking playfully. Logan smiled leaning deeper in the couch accidently pressing on the remote which turned on the tv on the news report.

"Although police report that the body was burned beyond recognition...
Personal affects found at the scene, preliminarily identify him as Tina Wong, head of the Chinatown triad." The reporter read. The bottom of the screen showed a picture of a burned body.

Logan and Marie shot up. "That's my body!" Marie gasped.


Early the next morning Kendall and James walked into hotel Neptune searching for James his boss. "So remember your my second opinion. You just tell him that my premonitions always come true." James told his friend.

Kendall frowned. "And why didn't he believe you. I mean he thinks your psychic right?" He asked.

James bit his lower lip. "Yeah... I kinda told him that he shouldn't leave the hotel or else he would die. So..."

"So now he thinks you're some kind of stalker." Kendall finished. Just then a guy in suit came walking their way looking really mad. "You!" The man cried pointing at James. The guy reached into his pocket. "This is yours isn't it." He said pulling out a purple bandanna. "You locked me up in my room!"

"No I didn't." James shook his head. "Bandanna-men did."

Kendall sighed. "What my friend is trying to say is... that he did that for your own protection. He had a visio-"

"Vision? Don't get me started of that mumbo jumbo just another fraud wanting get my money." The guy interrupted glaring at them. He turned around to leave in a huff.

"Wait!" Kendall called noticing James had his closed and seemed frozen on the spot which only meant the premonition was getting closer to come truth. Kendall quickly broke out in a sprint to stop the guy.

Outside he saw James's boss standing on the middle of the road bending down to pick up his briefcase which he had apparently had dropped. Kendall good see a pink Cadillac about to hit the guy. Kendall hurriedly jumped and pushed the guy out of the way barely making it on time.

"Kendall!" James who'd come out of the hotel just on time to see what happened. He rushed to their side quickly helping the both of them up. "That will be twenty bucks tip not included." He said holding out his hand. His boss just looked to stunned to respond. "Thank you." He thanked them before hurriedly leaving.

"Are you alright?" James asked worriedly looking at Kendall. Kendall nodded grinning.

"Happy birthday bro." James smiled. "You just saved a life."


Marie, Logan and Carlos were slowly making their way upstairs in a Chinese warehouse. "You shouldn't do this." Marie nervously whispered. "There a thugs in there."

"Keep talking." Carlos whispered smiling cheerfully.

"With guns." Marie continued.

"Even better." Logan responded. They stopped at the door. Marie frowned noticing an amulet hanging. "I can't go in it's protected against spirits. Do you guys now a spell to get me in there?"

Logan shook his head simply reaching and pulled the amulet off and threw it in a random direction.

"Or you could just do that." Marie chuckled. Logan slowly opened the door. They could see three thugs and one girl all laughing at the news paper with the article about Tina being found dead in it.

Logan squinted his eyes at the news paper telekinetically sending it into Tina's hands. Tina gasped as she suddenly had the newspaper in her hand.

"Now!" Logan cried. Carlos quickly reacted by taking a picture of Tina holding the article. Before Tina or the thugs could react Logan pulled out a post it with a teleportation spell on it which would teleport them back to the Palm Woods. Carlos and Logan become reading the spell.

''Walking is a burden.
Now the walls are turning.
Twist and change,
This room is a pain.
Go to Palm Woods room 2J in time,
Faster than when we flip a dime."


It had been two days since Carlos had taken the picture of Tina holding the article about her being dead to the police and they identified the dead body as Marie's. The guys were now giving the condolences at her mom at Marie's funeral. Logan and Marie walked to a more quiet spot so they could say goodbye.

Marie smiled. "Never thought I'd there on my own funeral." She said. A frown over took the smile as she was looking at something behind Logan.

"What are you seeing?" Logan asked.

"I think... it's the light." Marie quietly answered. "It's so beautiful." She whispered starting to walk towards it.

"Wait!" Logan cried. "I know I shouldn't have fallen in for a ghost, but I did and now I'm in love which is stupid cause now you have to go and I don't want you to an-" Logan stoped as Marie put a hand on his shoulder but now unlike the other times she had done this time he could actually feel her touch.

"I wish I could have met you sooner." Marie whispered. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. Logan closed his eyes leaning into the kiss even though he couldn't really fell her lips just imagining her kiss was enough. When he opened his eyes again she was gone.

Logan slowly sat down in the grass hugging his knees. After while James walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder. "She's gone." Logan whispered brokenly.

"I'm sorry." James replied.

"You knew." Logan whispered.

"That you were in love?" James asked. "I'm part cupid it's what I do."

Logan glanced up at him. "This... feeling. It... it absolutely sucks."

"I know... and it never really goes away."

"Gee that makes me feel better." Logan muttered looking back down.

"It doesn't go away but it does get better." James told him. Carlos came running up to them. "Come on guys it's time to give Kendall his surprise!" He said grinning excitedly.


"Why are closing the curtains?" Kendall asked. They were sitting in Kendall and James's shared room. In the middle of the room they had placed five candles in a circle. Carlos bend down at each and used his power to create a small flame on his pointer finger and carefully lighted each candle. Logan was sitting on Kendall's bed with the Book of Shaduws on his lap.

"Just come read the spell with us." Carlos urged at the other three bend down next to Logan and began chanting the spell.

"Hear these words,
hear my cry spirit from the other side
Come to me I summon thee
Cross now the Great Divide

Kendall frowned as he read the spell was they were done he confussed as je looked at his friends. "Why are we summoning Logan's dead spirit crush?"

"You didn't summon Logan's crush Kendall." A male voice from behind them said.

Kendall whirled around to find an older version of him standing in the center of the circle of candles. Kendall's eyes grew wide. "Dad..." He whispered.

Author: Have a ghostly Halloween.