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Ch56: A Different Kind of Angel.

Logan's POV:
Sometimes it's easy to forget that we are twenty-year-olds who live in a manor left to us by our great-grandmother, and no longer those little kids who we eere in Minnesota. Hell, I'm pretty sure we're not even those four teenagers who got lucky and got to become a music group and move to Los Angeles, so much has happened in the last three years...

And yet now...

"Ready to try again?" Camille asks grinning as she holds up another grape.

Snorting I open my mouth so she can try throwing another one in my mouth. Just like her five previous attempts she completely misses my mouth. Camille pouts and the effect her cute pout usually has on me is ten times stronger thanks to her deep blue bikini.

Me, my younger brothers and Camille are at the beach, because A. the weather is great and B. we needed to give the newly weds a bit of alone time.

Camille and I are on a large beach blanket, Carlos is playing in the sand and James is sunbathing in a lounge chair he rented. All and all it's like a little fake Palm Woods.

When Camille throws another grape I may have just channeled bit of telekinesis to help perfect her aim.

"You cheated!"

"You needed help, my lady."

Laughing Camille throws more grapes at me and when I say more I mean the rest of them.

End Logan's POV.

James groaned when five gold grapes landed on his abs. The brunette looked at the coupe over his dark glasses. "Shuuuut up! Some of us are trying to tan." He huffed before turning over and laying down on his stomach.

The couple turned to him, at worst they looked exasperated.

Everyone had been in a good mood ever since the wedding.

"You don't need silence to kill off skin cells." Logan deadpanned. "It's all about the ultra-violet rays emitting from the sun connecting with-" Suddenly Camille was cupping the sides of his face.

"I love it when you talk all nerdy like that." The actress whispered to him before planting her lips against Logan's. Their kiss continued on right un till five grapes were thrown at them.

Instead of being mad the pair shared a look before pulling apart. Camille sighed and lay down on the beach blanket. Logan got up and walked over to where Carlos stood near the water holding a camera.

"The final pictures?" He asked his youngest brother.

As fun as it had been to use an old fashioned cameras, it was pointless to get the pictures before the memory was full, so Carlos had been put in charge of filling up the memory cards.

Carlos nodded. "Then we can finally get the wedding pictures developed." The pyrokinectic made a face. "Why didn't Brooke hire someone to take care of the pics again?"

"Because who ever Brooke would have hired would probably have a heart attack after witnessing all the magical drama." Logan answered dryly.

Carlos rolled his eyes good-naturedly, he hadn't expected Logan to actually answer. "I'm not the only one who decided to take pictures on the beach." He said pointing at something in the distance.

Looking at what Carlos was pointing at Logan spotted a woman with short brown hair, in her late thirties, standing near the shore shops, holding a camara.

Upon realizing she had two men staring at her the woman backed away two steps before breaking out in a full sprint and ran away,but not before Logan saw the dark figure floating over her head.

"Wa-!" He called out taking a step forward well aware of the fact there was no chance of her having heard him at all.

His call got the attention of the others.

"You okay?" Carlos asked.

"There was this woman" Logan made a vague gesture in the direction the woman had run off to. "and there was a shadow next to her. It had to be demonic."

That got James' attention. "A shadow?" the pretty man asked looking at Logan over his dark shaded. "Like, what do you mean? Like a Woogy?"

Logan shook his head. "Spookier, way spookier." He glanced down at the camara in his hand and grinned. "I think I got pictures though."


"So, you're new in town?" 83-year-old mrs Owens asked the two tall man dressed in suits. They'd be living in the apartment she rented out if things went well. It was so sad that, that nice girl Muffy left without saying goodbye.

"Yes." One of them nodded stiffly.

"And" Mrs Owens eyebrow went up as she tried to hide her distaste. "-and you would both be living here?"

One of the men shrugged. "Sure, yes, that's right."

Not paying any attention to their them she continued the tour around the apartment. "My last tenant, Miss. Winters, she was a little strange." She informed the two men as she led them into the master bedroom. "And then of course she disappeared without a trace. But she was nice and quiet. So I liked him fine.

The shorter of the two opened the closet door. A perfectly trimmed eyebrow went up at the sight of a demonic altar. Beatrix hadn't even tried to cover her tracks. "There's demonic residue all over this altar. It's hers, I can sense it."

Now the landlord finally really paid attention to the two. There's what? What did you say?"

"Surely you knew something strange has happened here." The tall pale man said slowly stepping closer and closer to her. "It's your responsibility to divulge such things to respective tenants."

"I-I-I don't know anything-"

"And the fact that you failed to show us the altar makes us wonder." The shorter bald man said now floating over to her to appear taller. "What else about Muffy Winters you might be hiding in that tiny human brain of yours."

Backed into the corner Mrs. Owens was crying silently in fear. "P-please I don't underst-"

"Shh" The floating one shushed her, gently wiping her tears away. "Don't try to talk. You're brain stem will do the talking for you."

As the words left his mouth his partner dug his sharp teeth into the landlady's neck, not drink her blood like a vampire but to suck the information from her brain stem. Once he was finished het dropped her lifeless body to the ground.

"Is Beatrice alive?" His partner asked

"She didn't know," The paler of the two of them answered wiping his mouth with a handkief. "but she knows someone who might."


At the manor Kendall and Jo were about leave, orb up to 'the heavens' for a whitelighter reception in celebration of their wedding. Before they left Jo looked at Carlos and James who stood near the living room door. "I promise we'll be in calling distance for when you find anything on Logan's mystery shadow demon."

James nodded not able to wipe the smirk from his face at how lovey dovey the two were since the wedding. "Alright, you two, have fun."

"Bring me back a cloud." Carlos added grinning.

The could have just held hands, instead Kendall and Jo cuddled as they orbed out.

When they were gone Carlos and James walked into the living room where Logan was sitting on the couch holding a stack of photos. "Carlitios can you go to the station and ask Darryl if he can track down this woman?" He asked without looking up from the stack of pictures as he handed Carlos one of the pictures.

"What did you find?" Carlos asked taking the picture and looking at it.

"Nothing," Logan answered frowning deeply as he put the stack of photos on the coffee table. "The shadow didn't show up in any of the pictures."

"Weird." Carlos muttered. They hadn't found anything in the Book of Shadows yet either. Well it wasn't like they had much to go when searching, so maybe there was something they hadn't noticed.

The doorbell ran and neither Logan nor Carlos looked up from the pictures they were studying. Rolling his eyes James went over to the door. Opening it he saw middle-aged short, black-haired man dressed in a dull beige suit. The man was already holding up his badge.

Squinting to read the small name on the badge James planted a fake smile on his face already deciding that it was best to do what this guy wanted, even if it looked like he had a stick shoved up his ass. "Inspector Davidson," James greeted. "how can I help you?"

"You can tell me where to find Muffy Winters." Reese Davidson said letting himself in. "I know she's alive and I know she's in town."

James smile disappeared. "You do, huh?"

"Yes I do." Reese snapped briskly. "You wanna know how?" Unconsciously he leant a bit forward. "Because her former landlady was found brutally murdered at her former address."

"Mrs. Owens." James mouthed recalling the few times he saw the elderly woman. Who would hurt her? She was just an old lady for christsake! "That's awful."

"Awful like you can't imagine."

James did not like the inspector's tone. "Muffy didn't do this." He said glaring at the older man. "The Muffy Winters I know would never-

"The Muffy Winters you know." Reese echoed, a deep frown on his tanned face. "See, now, that just doesn't sound like the words of someone who claims the woman he loved left without a trace four months ago."

The accusation wasn't just for Muffy.

"I know what you're thinking," James started, his insides going cold. "and I know what this looks like, and I am so sorry for what happened to mrs. Owens, but Muf-"

"You're sorry?" Reese hissed taking another step into James' personal space. "Her eyes were frozen open in terror," James took a step backwards. "her skull was punctured in two places, and by the time the police got there, most of her brain had spilled out onto the floor." Reese closed the gap between them. "Be sick, be horrified, but don't stand there lying to me and say you're sorry or-"

"That's enough."

Both Reese and James wiped their heads around at the cold tone that barely hid the person's anger.

Logan stood near the living room door, his back against the wall, his arms and a look on his face that James hadn't seen in a long, long time. Besides him Carlos stood looking equally pissed.

"Alright inspector," Logan said stepping away from the wall and making his way over to them. "You need to stop talking to James like he killed Muffy's landlord."

Inspector Reese wasn't impressed by Logan's display of protectiveness. "If he's lying to protect Winters, then he might as well had." He brought his attention back to James who had paled greatly since opening the door. "Now, for the last time. Where is she?"

Naturally there was no answer.

"I'm gonna find her, Mr Diamond and then I'm gonna bust her ass," Reese promised coldly. "and then I'm gonna bust yours."

Not having anything else to say the inspector turned around and left, closing the door behind him.

The sound echoed through the now silent foyer.

Carlos walked over to James and put a hand on his shoulder. "You okay?"

"She didn't do it." James whispered shaking his head. "I know she didn't do it."

"It's not me you have to convince, buddy." Logan said. He looked through window on the front door. He spotted Reese talking to a woman who he instantly recognized. "Oh my God. That's her! The woman from the beach." he cried pointing at the window. He also saw the dark humanoid shadow standing behind her.

"Alright, look, do you see it?" Logan asked.

James and Carlos looked outside.

"No." Carlos had a small frown on his face. "All I see is Inspector Davidson and a woman. What does this mean? Is he having her follow us?" It was weird that Logan spotted the same woman twice in the same morning.

"I'm more concerned about what's following her." Logan muttered his eyes on the dark shape. "I just don't understand why you can't see it."

"But you can." Carlos countered. "Maybe it has something to do with the murdered landlady."

James nodded. "It'd be a big coincidence if it didn't."

The three of them watched the woman get into the car with Reese, a moment later they drove off.

Logan quickly grabbed his coat and rushed out of the door, not saying a word to his brothers.

Sighing Carlos turned around. "Well I'm gonna try to Book of Shadows again and search for 'black shadowy things that are only visible to some' should be easy to find something."

"Uh huh." James was already reaching for his leather jacket.

"Oh and James?"


"Tell Muffy I said hi."

James smiled, count on Carlos to understand and nodded before quickly leaving the manor.


A lot of couples have 'their spot'. Sometimes it was the spot where they first met, other times it was the place where they had their first date or kiss. For James and Muffy 'their spot' was an old white mausoleum.

Muffy had gotten more distressed throughout James' explanation of what happened to Mrs. Owens. "I better get outta here."

James knew she wasn't just talking about leaving the mausoleum, and before he knew it James blurted out "What? Why?"

"Because it's getting too dangerous, Sweets." Muffy answered hugging herself. "Maybe it's best if I just-

"Disappear again?" James glared at her. "I'm not gonna lose you again."

The demon tiredly ran a hand through her black hair. "Some demon obviously knows I'm alive or at least suspects that." She had trouble meeting James' eyes. An old lady was murdered because of her... "Why else would they have killed mrs. Owens. And if they killed her, they'll kill anyone they have to, to get to me."

She took a step back fully prepared to leave, but stopped when James grabbed her hand. Finally she met his eyes. "This is my fight James. I don't want you and your brothers having to deal with more demons because of me."

James brought her hand to his mouth and placed a gentle kiss on her knuckles. "I love you," He smiled when he felt Muffy tense up in surprise. "and if holding onto that means that I have to fight a couple of extra demons along the way, then bring 'em on."

Smiling softly Muffy coughed to cover up the giggle that nearly escaped her. "Well we have our work cut out for us." She said once she had more control over her voice. "A strange shadow demon that only Logan can see... That doesn't sound like someone I know."

James shrugged. "So we'll figure it out." He pulled her close. "Together. It won't bring Mrs. Owens back but trust me, avenging an innocent feels pretty damn good.


Logan parked his car behind inspector Davidson's car. Of course he couldn't hear what they were talking about.

Taking the file from Reese, Andrea started going through it and adding the pictures she took from Logan, James and Carlos on the beach. Inspector Davidson had her following the four men ever since the youngest one, Carlos had been arrested during a wedding taking place at the manor.

"I don't see anything remotely suspicious." Andrea said placing the files on her lap. The boys had gone in and out of the manor and done nothing out of the ordinary. The three youngest boys left the manor the most so the recently married couple could have some quality time. "The weirdest thing about them I noticed it that price, the one that you're accusing of murder, is willing to pay for a haircut."

But James' mom's rich and he and the others used to be a boyband so even that wasn't so weird...

"Do you really think these men are murderers?" She asked looking at her supervisor and studying his expression.

It was hard to tell what he was thinking, especially if he was still looking through the window instead of her. "Look, I know, I'm a rookie and all but I think I have a right to know what I'm looking for here."

Reese let out a long breath through his nose. "Look, Andrea," Finally he turned to Andrea. "I've seen things on this case that aren't right. Look, I don't know what I'm looking for but until I do, I want you to keep your distance and just keep following James Diamond."

Which totally didn't sound weird right?

"So why don't you at least take the night off?" The blond suggested to the man she admired. "get some sleep for Pete's sake?"

Immediately he turned away from her again, his hands gripping the steering wheel. "Not till this is over." His grip on the wheel loosened and he glanced back at her, aware that he was being unnescery difficult. "I tell you what. Um, you dump those photos off on my desk and go home. You can pick them up again tomorrow."

"Reese…" One day she would ask him out for a date.

"That's an order."

Or maybe not...

Rolling her eyes Andrea started taking of her seatbelt. "Have a good night."

"Goodbye," Reese nodded. "you too."


James had called Carlos and together with Muffy the three of them had gone to Muffy's old apartment to search for clues. Everything in the apartment looked... Fine. Normal and clean.

That is, un till they reached Muffy's old bedroom.

Carlos grimaced at how large the blood stain on the ground was. "Try not to touch anything." He instructed ducking underneath the police tape. "Last thing we want is Davidson finding your fingerprints here."

"And how do you think I'll be able get a premonition without touching anything?" James raised an eyebrow while Muffy busier herself with making sure the door was closed behind them.

"Use the back of your hand." Carlos shrugged. He kept guard while Muffy searched for anything that was out-of-place and James who began touching things.

Seriously how was he still the only one who knew how cops thought and acted?

Frowning slightly James started touching random objects with the back of his hand while Muffy looked around in her old bedroom.

Her eyes landed on her old bed. The bed she had her nightmares on, the bed she dreamt of a change on and the same bed she and James... "It's so strange to be back here. " She said turning around so she could meet her boyfriend's eyes. "This was the first taste I had of a normal life. There were mornings I'd wake up next to you and I didn't feel evil. I was just a girl in love with a handsome guy." She smiled a small smile at the playful smirk James send her way when she called him handsome. That smile slipped a way all too soon. "I wanted it so much. I started to believe that lie." Muffy looked down.

She only looked up when she felt a gentle warm hand land on her shoulder.

"That's not a lie anymore." James told her, not a trace of hesitation in his voice. "We can have that." He looked into her dark eyes as he made that promise. "We can have a life together."


"Well," James smirked wrapping his arms around her neck. "by taking out the bad guys who wanna take it away from us."

Muffy smiled and took a step back to prevent both of them from falling onto the bed. As fun as that would be now wasn't the time. As she did so the back of James' hand brushed against the wall.

James' breath hitched and his hazel eyes fluttered shut. /In a white neat room two pale man trapped inspector Davidson. One of them forced his sharp teeth into Reese's neck. It didn't take long for the inspector to go limp. Behind a pillar Logan watched the demons, turning his head away right before Reese died./

"What did you see?" Muffy asked when James opened his eyes again.

"Logan," James muttered frowning deeply. "he turned away. Why didn't he do anything to stop them?"

"Stop who?" Carlos asked walking closer to the couple.

"Uh, uh, two demons." James answered starting to pace, trying to recall what exactly he had seen. "They, uh, sort of had vampire teeth and they were floating. They were killing Davidson."

Pursing her lips Muffy tried to put a face to the description James just gave.
Vampire teeth, levitation powers and they had something to do with finding information about her... "Seekers." the hybrid nodded to herself.

"Seekers." She repeated when James and Carlos looked at her for clarification. "They're Seekers. They have ways of gathering information fast." Muff explained. She grimaced recalling one time they had to get the truth out of another demon. "Really fast."

"Do you know how to vanquish them?" Carlos asked.

Muffy shook her head. "No." She never had a reason to engage the Source's 'researchers' before.

Well, let's hope the Book of Shadows does." James said unable to get the image of his older brother turning away from an innocent in need out of his head.


Opening the door to inspector Davidson's office Andrea jumped in surprise when she found a unknown tall man in grey suit standing in the doorway. "Oh, you startled me." She said brushing a lock of hair behind her ear. "Uh, are you waiting for Inspector Davidson?"

The man tilted his head, studying her. "Are you expecting him?"

"Uh," Andrea took a small step back, uncomfortable under the man's hard gaze. Something about those cold grey eyes seemed... unnatural. "not tonight, he's in the field."

The man took a large step towards her. "Where?"

Andrea tried to take another step backwards but found another man, dressed in similar clothes to the one in front of her, blocking her path.

"I'm sorry." Andrea did her best to hide how nervous she was becoming. "I don't know."

For some reason her words seemed to amuse the tall pale man in front of her. "Are you sure about that?" And he took one final step towards her, trapping the woman between the two of them.


Walking through the halls of the police station Logan froze when he heard a loud pain filled shriek.


The taller one of the two seekers carelessly threw Andrea's body to the ground before using his sleeve to wipe his mouth.

"What did she know?" His partner asked.

"Nothing." The tall seeker demon answered. "She told me nothing. Apparently Davidson likes keeping secrets."

"Which means he definitely knows something." The bald seeker replied.

Both of them turned to the door when it swung open and Logan stepped in. They reacted to the witch by quickly blinking away.

For a moment Logan stared at the place where he had just seen two demons. The second thing he looked at wasn't Andrea's body, but rather the black shadow floating above her body. Logan didn't trust the black shadow, it didn't- he just did not like it.

Swinging his arm at it Logan tried to use telekinesis to remove the thing.

Rather than being flung to the wall like Logan wanted it to, the shadow shifted and turned into a person.

Now a middle-aged man with shoulder-length blonde hair, dressed in a black and silver robe similar to that of the elders stood besides Andrea's corpse. The man looked at Logan with tired grey eyes. "I'm beyond your powers." He told Logan, his voice oddly calm.

He looked at Andrea's body and nodded to himself. "It's time." He told the corpse, a moment later Andrea's spirit floated out of her body and stayed a float besides the man dressed in black robes.

Logan didn't like this. He didn't like how helpless the man's presence made him feel. "Who are you?"

The man was still looking at Andrea's corpse. His hands ghosted over her face and he shut her eyes. Finally he looked at Logan again "I am Death." He told the young witch. "And I'll be back." He said before disappearing along with Andrea's spirit.


At the manor Carlos, James and Muffy were in the living room. Carlos had just found a page in the Book of Shadows about the Seekers. "The Seekers." The youngest Charmed One read from the 300-year-old relic. "They gather information by feeding on their victims brain stem cells."

"Anything in there about them taking on a shadow form?" James asked thinking back to the shadow Logan had seen.

"No, but it does have a vanquish." Carlos answered. "We need-"

Carlos stopped talking when a disheveled looking Logan walked in.

"Alright I need the Book and-" Logan stopped his angry strides when he saw the Book of Shadows on Carlos' lap, Carlos who was sandwiched between James and Muffy. "Wait a second, what is she doing here next to it?"

"Keeping my distance, don't worry." Muffy held up her hands in a 'calm the hell down' sort of gesture.

James was about to tell Logan to chill and stop being so harsh on Muffy who by now obviously earned Logan's forgiveness, but refrained from doing so when he saw the state his older brother was in. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Amongst other things." Logan sighed walking to the leather armchair and letting himself fall into it. "I lost my innocent…" He sighed again and ran his fingers through his hair.

"Davidson?" Muffy asked wondering if James' premonition already came true.

"No, his partner." Logan dropped his fac his hands. "I mean, she was out of my sight for two seconds and then they got her..."

Carlos looked down at the open page in the Book of Shadows. "Was that them?" He asked holding the page up.

Groaning miserably before looking up Logan studied the illustration in the book. He had only gotten a glimpse at the demons who killed Andrea but they looked identical to the picture in the Book of Shadows. "Yeah actually."

"They're demonic lie detectors." Carlos told Logan of their findings. "Only no one survives their test."

"They killed Mrs. Owens and now they're after Davidson." Muffy added.

Logan's eyes narrowed at that and he slowly turned his head to glare at demon/human hybrid that had stolen his younger brother's heart. "To get to you?"

Muffy returned Logan's glare with harsh one of her own. "Yes, to get to me." Still glaring at Logan the woman got up from the couch. "Maybe I should deal with this on my own."

"Oh no you don't." James protested getting to his feet. "You said it yourself. You don't know how to vanquish them."

"Um," Logan shook his head mentally scolding himself. He needed to be nicer to Muffy, or at least more tolerant, especially seeing they might need her help in the near future. "unfortunately this isn't the only evil we're up against either."

"You mean the shadow?" Carlos asked, relaxing slightly at Logan's now calmer tone.

Logan nodded. He then turned his head upwards, "Jo!"

Five seconds later Jo, along with Kendall, orbed into the room.

Logan was about to get to business but was distracted by the bright glowing, crystal shaped lamp in Kendall's hands.

"What's with the lamp?" Muffy asked, her tense posture relaxing when she saw the ridiculous decoration piece.

"A wedding present." Jo stated clearly not impressed with the gift in her husband's hands. "Bright isn't it?" Oh she would not allow Kendall to go through with his ridiculous idea of putting that hideous thing in the living room.

Sure her bosses meant well and that's why they were keeping that thing, but... the basement needed light to right?

"Yeah..." Muffy nodded grimacing at the bright light.

Logan rolled his eyes, they didn't have time for this. "Jo, is there such a thing as death?" He winced at the incredulous looks everyone in the room send him. "Uh, I mean the Angel of Death."

"Yeah, sure." Jo shrugged not finding the information that important. "Why?"

"I met him."

Just like that James and Kendall both easily found seats to sink down in. Meeting the angel of death? That could not be a good thing.

"Are you kidding me?!" Kendall cried, he knew time worked differently up there in the heavens where Jo met up with the Elders and other whitelighter, but surely things couldn't have spiraled so out of control in the short time he was gone? Not enough for Logan to casually meet death.

"That's how the shadow introduced himself to me when he took Davidson's partner." Logan explained. "And then he said that he would be back too. I'm assuming for Davidson."

"He's not working with the demons." Muffy said before anyone could even suggest such a thing.

"No, he can't be." Jo calmly agreed. "Angel of Death isn't evil."

"The hell he isn't!" Logan cried surprising everyone with how angry he sounded. "And if I can see him, that must mean that I'm supposed to stop him."

"Logan," Jo started, her tone gentle and understanding. Logan wouldn't be the first to try and fight death. "you can't stop him. The Angel of Death always gets who he comes from. It's part of the natural order of things."

But Logan was already on his feet. A determined, but also frustrated look on his face. "Yeah, well, not this time." He swore. "Alright, I need to get a hold of Davidson. If I can get him here, I can protect him bett-"

"Hold it." Kendall interrupted his younger brother by holding up a hand. "Davidson? As in Reese Davidson, the D.A. investigator?" His eyes landed on James and Carlos. His little brother who didn't sound like crazed hunters at the moment. "He's the innocent?"

"Yeah, is that a problem?" Logan responded, his tone challenging.

"One big great giant one." Kendall answered getting up he walked over to Logan so he could meet his brother's eyes and hopefully talk some sense into him. Logan was normally the sensible one of their odd family... How had meeting the angel of death freaked Logan out so much?

Kendall placed his hands on Logan's shoulders forcing the younger man to meet his eyes. "Logan, we can't protect him without telling him we're witches."

Logan nodded. "Yeah, I know that Kendall," He sounded slightly calmed now. "but I don't care, okay? I-I cannot stand by and watch death take that man."

"But that's what you do." James spoke up. "At least according to my premonition. You turn your back when the demons attack."

Logan looked at James and frowned deeply when he realized what James said. "No, that doesn't make any sense." He was gonna be a doctor some day. Doctor don't turn away and let death win.

"I know," James said in an assuring sort of way. "but that's what I saw."

"Well, then you saw wrong." Logan snapped almost harshly. "I'm not gonna let Death take any more of my innocents." He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. "So, James, do you have Davidson's card?"

James nodded and left the living room to get the card from his bedroom.

Muffy watched him go. She then turned to the others, a displeased look on her face. If it hadn't been for her then the Seekers wouldn't have killed mrs. Owens, or go attack Davidson. Davidson wouldn't suspect... Her eyes narrowed in anger. "Excuse me." She quickly walked into the hallway where she shimmered away.


Inspector Reese Davidson watched with hard dry eyes as Andrea's body was prepared to be taken into the ambulance that would take her to the morgue. If he hadn't send her to follow those men... Shaking his head in anger Reese turned around and stomped down the hall fully intending to go and request a search warrant so he could search that damn manor.

There was no doubt in his mind that James Diamond was the one behind Andrea's murder and Reese did not plan on stopping till that pretty boy was wasting away behind bars.

He was so caught up in his anger that he wasn't looking where he was going which caused him to bump into someone. He was about to apologize when he saw who it was. The very woman he was supposed to find.


"Don't go after Diamond, it's me you're after." Muffy said, her voice hushed, non threathening but quiet. "I'll tell you whatever you wanna know, I promise. Just not here, it's not safe." She tried to touch his shoulder so she could shimmer away, but he slapped her hand away.

"Don't touch me!" Reese cried in disgust. This woman might just be the one who murdered mrs. Owens and Andrea. "You're under arrest Winters and I will personally see to it that-"

"Be quiet." Muffy hissed not at all intimidated by Reese's words. "Wait."

Reese glared at her. "What do you mean wait?"

Muffy closed her eyes. She easily felt it. A dark presence. Two. And if she could sense them than it meant that the Seekers could sense her presence to.

Opening her eyes Muffy ignored Reese's shoulders and shimmered away.

A moment the later the two Seekers walked around the corner. "Did you sense that?" The bald short one asked, his expression almost neutral except for the slight twitch in his lips.

His partner nodded equally pleased. "Beatrice is alive."


Muffy let go of Reese once the re-appeared in the mausoleum. "I'm sorry," she apologized trying to ignore the freaked out expression on the inspector's face. Truth be told she hadn't planned on shimmering with Davidson, but the Seekers had been too close for her to do anything else. "it was our only chance. They might be able to track me, but they'll have a hard time sensing me in a cemetery."

Mouth hanging open Reese scrambled away from the woman. "How did we get…" He snapped his mouth shut. "What the hell's happening?!" He demanded. Had he been drugged? Was he hallucinating. "What's happening to me?"

"Uh..." Muffy struggled for the right thing to say her hands moving to comfort but stopping. She didn't even like this man... "Just breathe," She instructed. "try to calm down."

Reese ignored her and continued to question everything. "Who are you?"

"Somebody who just saved your life." Muffy's words did nothing to help the man's fried nerves. He continued to back away. "Try to calm down, Inspector. If I were a murderer, I would have killed you by now."

He wasn't making it hard at all, he was just one big freaking target right now.

Where had that intimidating harsh inspector go?

"Just-just-just let me go then." Reese stammered. "I'll just walk away."

"I can't do that." Muffy's voice was calm and not at all frightening, but the inspector still refused to calm down. "If the demons get to you, they'll find out the way to get to me is to kill James and I can't let that happen."

Reese gulped. "Did you just say demon?"

At that Muffy couldn't refrain from smirking. "Only as a metaphor."


Carefully Kendall placed his new lamp on the coffee table, he then looked at Logan who was glaring at his phone.

"Davidson won't answer my calls." Logan muttered tossing his phone down. "Something must have happened to him."

James came running down the stairs, a worried look on his face. "Muffy's gone."

"What do you mean gone?" Jo asked looking away from glaring at the lamp on the tale.

"She's not here anymore." James answered as he started pace around the living room fully aware of what his girlfriend would do. It was the same he would do in her situation. "She must have gone after Davidson alone, to protect us."

Carlos frowned. "But if the Seekers get to her first..." After all Muffy was the Seekers' main target.

"The mausoleum." James blurted out. "Muffy would've taken Davidson to the mausoleum."

"Is there any chance that's where you saw the Inspector die in your premonition?" Kendall asked hoping his words would reach through James' almost panic-like state.

James just nodded in reply.

"I should astral project there." Logan said sitting down on the couch so his real body wouldn't hit the ground when he astral projected.

"You can't." Kendall protested. "We need a Power of Four spell to vanquish them."

"So then I won't vanquish them." Logan shrugged Kendall's concern of. "I'll just protect Reese long enough to get him outta there." He wasn't gonna lose an innocent to death. He wasn't!

He didn't give his brothers a chance to protest further and astral projected to the mausoleum.


By now Reese was backed into a corner. His eyes were wide as he stared at Muffy. "Stay the hell away from me!"

And by now Muffy had gotten pretty tired of the man. "I told you I'm not gonna hurt you." She had more to say, but then she noticed that Reese wasn't looking at her but rather looking at something behind her.

Mentally preparing herself Muffy slowly turned around to look at the two pale men in grey suits.

The taller one of the two nodded at her. "Beatrice, I assume."

Muffy smiled and tilted her head. "I'm sorry, who?"

"We sensed your shimmer." The bald one said. "You're losing your touch."

Well, no use in playing dumb. Muffy shifted so she was blocking Reese from the Seekers' view. "Leave him out of this."

"Why would we want him?" The tall Seeker asked, still speaking tonelessly. "Now that we have you."

"Unless the human knows something Beatrice doesn't want us to know." The second Seeker wondered.

The two started advancing closer and Muffy wondered what she should do next. She caught sight of a white light in the corner of her eye. Muffy turned to it just in time to see Logan appear besides her.

The witch smirked at her. "Need a little help?"

Reese wasn't taking Logan's sudden appearance so well. "How did you get here?" He demanded his voice high-pitched. "What the hell is going on?!"

"Well, well, well." The Seekers' expression finally stopped being neutral. Instead he looked vaguely amused. "The mighty Beatrice, in bed with a witch."

"Ew." Muffy and Logan chorused.

Just then Reese tried to make a run for it but he was stopped by the bald Seeker and threw him at a stone statue which shatter upon impact.

Logan and Muffy took that as their cue to spring into action. Muffy kicked the bald Seeker while Logan threw himself at the taller one and tackled him to the ground. He was about to go help Muffy when she saw the black shadow appear over Reese. "No!"

"Logan!" Muffy cried when Logan ran towards Reese. She tried to push the Seeker off of her but the other one helped his partner and human/demon hybrid found herself pinned.

Logan glared at the shadowy figure. "Come out and fight you miserable coward." He muttered as he started throwing punches at the shadow. Punches that just went right through the shadow.

A few feet away Muffy was being pushed down by the seekers who by now were showing their fangs. Help would be nice. "Logan!"

Logan stopped trying to punch the shadow and it finally turned into the Angel of Death. Death looked at Logan, his expression calm. "It's his time."

"Over my dead body." Logan muttered and threw another punch at Death.

Muffy couldn't see the Angel of Death. All she saw was Logan punching air. Aware that the witch wasn't gonna be much help Muffy shot lightning bolts from her palms at the Seekers but they disappeared before the could be hit.

Logan watched as Death disappeared, his shoulders slumping with relief when he saw that Reese was still breathing.


Under Jo's pensive stare Kendall placed his new lamp on the kitchen table.

Carlos tried to help Kendall's case but... "It's just so bright."

"Of course it's bright." Kendall replied thinking back to what one of the Elders' had said when giving the that lamp. "It's supposed to represent the light of eternal love."

"Wait, does that mean you can never turn if off?" Carlos asked deciding that he should side with Jo on this.

James snorted not looking up from his notebook where he was writing a vanquishing spell on. " Oh at this rate they're gonna turn it off in record time." The cupid/witch hybrid muttered.

"I'm just saying, I don't think it belongs in the kitchen." Jo told Kendall crossing her arms and glaring at the hideous lamp.

"Or the sunroom, the dining room or the foyer." Kendall listed the rooms his wife had already rejected.

Frowning Jo looked at Carlos. "Carlos what do you think? The kitchen is sort of your domain, do you want Kendall's new lamp in here?"

"Uh... Not really."

Frowning Kendall turned to James needing back-up. "James, where do you think I should put the lamp?"

"I'm staying out of this one." James said putting his pen down and pushing his notepad away before facing his big brother. "Besides, I'm more concerned about-" He stopped talking when the person he wanted to see most came walking in from the living room along with Logan.

Naturally the two of them were arguing. "I wouldn't have needed to use may demonic power if you would have just helped me." Muffy snapped.

"I was busy saving Davidson." Logan argued. He briefly met Kendall's eyes. "By the way, Davidson is unconscious and on our couch."

Muffy nodded. "Yeah I saved him while Logan was beating up air."

Okay time to step in. James got and went to Muffy's side. "Alright, easy there on fury babe." He said gently tubbing her shoulders. "What happened?"

"The Seekers were at the station waiting for him." Muffy explained relaxing when James rubbed her shoulders on just the right spot.

"And then they tracked Muffy to the mausoleum." Logan added sitting down at the kitchen table.

"How do you know they didn't track you here?" Jo asked Muffy who by now had sunken down on James' abandoned seat.

"They retreated first." Muffy answered. "They have to be close to a shimmer to track it."

"They retreated?" Carlos repeated, surprised by that bit of information. That didn't make sense seeing neither Muffy nor Logan had a way of vanquishing the Seekers.

Logan nodded, a small grin forming on his face. "Yeah. I kicked ass."

Muffy snorted. "You kicked air."

"No," Logan shook his head, still grinning. "I told you that I was fighting the Angel of Death and obviously I won." He said crossing his arms in triumph and leaning back in his chair.

Jo sighed. "Logan, that's not possible." Either way the Angel of Death had nothing to do with Seeker demons or any demons for that matter so it still didn't make sense for them to have retreated.

"Davidson is alive isn't he?" Logan said almost challenging his whitelighter to say otherwise.

"For now maybe." Muffy said gently brushing James' hands from her shoulders. As nice as that message was she really couldn't use that distraction now. "But the Seekers will be back and they'll out for blood, mine and yours." She said looking at Logan and frowning with disapproval. "And now they have reason to believe Davidson is the key to finding us. If you had listened to me and-"

"You know, you're not exactly the poster girl for teamwork, Muffy." Logan cut her off not happy with being scolded by a demon and he liked it even less when he realized she had a point.

Muffy's glare faded when James had his hands on her shoulders again, no message this time but just calm and gentle support.

"Hey, you were supposed to stick with us, remember?" James chastised her, his tone too light to be considered annoyed.

"I was trying to protect you."

"By exposing yourself?" Carlos questioned raising an eyebrow as he pondered over the demoness' methods.

Muffy shrugged not really sure what she had been thinking either. "Better me than you."

"You know, the one thing you failed to consider, Muffy," Logan said. "is no matter how dangerous Davidson is to us, you were more dangerous." Despite his words he didn't sound hostile to Muffy.

"Now wait a minute I-"

"That's not what he meant." James interrupted her and moving so he was in her line of vision. "You're a part of our lives now. You know almost everything about us. If you had lost..." He trailed off but his point was made.

Muffy looked down realized what could have happened. "The Seekers could use what they know to destroy you."

"I better check with the Elders," Jo said. "this is getting complicated." With that said she orbed away.

A moment later they heard a sounds coming from the living room. The group got in the room just in time to see inspector Davidson get off the couch.

Naturally Kendall took the lead. "Uh, Inspector," He quickly moved so he was in front of the man so he'd be able to stop him in case he tried to make a run for it. "you hit your head and that's why-

Kendall jumped in surprise when the inspector pulled out his gun and aimed it at him.

"I didn't hit it that hard." Reese hissed. "Whatever I saw today, it wasn't because I hit my head."

"...Alright," Kendall said after a tense moment. "look, I know that this may seem hard to believe after everything that you've been through tonight, but we are on your side, okay, we're the good guys."

"Good?" Reese let out a dry humorless laugh at that. The laugh sounded a little too close to that of someone on the verge of a mental breakdown for his liking. "I don't know what you people are but good isn't topping my list of ideas."

"Leave that as it may, we can't let you leave." Muffy said standing besides James rolling her eyes when Reese changed his aim at her.

"Try and stop me." The inspector challenged, his finger on the trigger.

Muffy smirked, wishing she'd redone her lipstick. These things were always more fun when her lips were dark red for some reason it always freaked the those with weak minds out. "Inspector, you're in a room with three witches and a demon, do you really think that gun's gonna help?" She asked, one hand on her hip and her head tilted to the side.

Resisting the urge to glare at James' girlfriend Logan stepped in. "I don't really know how to tell you this," Logan told Reese. "but it's not just demons that are after you. The Angel of Death wants you too. So if you could-"

"I'm not afraid of Death." Reese interrupted before firing his gun only just missing Muffy's shoulder, but the shock of him actually pulling the trigger distracted the others just enough so that Reese could run. He was out the door in just seconds

Growling in frustration Muffy took a step forward, fully prepared to chase after Reese a drag him back to the manor if it was needed. She stopped from doing just that when James pulled her back by her shoulder. "Sweets," she said, sending her boyfriend an incredulous look. "He's gonna expose you. He'll gather evidence and-"

"We don't kidnap cops and then hold them against their will." Carlos reminded her.

"But we do follow them and protect them against their will." James added sounding almost cheerful. "Come on." He started to walk to the door but stopped and looked at Muffy. "No," He shook his head. "Not you, you stay here."

"You want me to stay here?!"

"Yeah," Kendall nodded agreeing with James. "no shimmering and lock the door behind us." He, Carlos and James started heading to the door but stopped when they noticed Logan wasn't following them. "Logan?"

Logan hadn't moved a foot since Reese had fired his gun. "You guys go ahead."

"What about the demons?" Carlos asked.

"The demons are just pawns," Logan said shaking his head. "I'm going over their heads."


Logan had gone to the place where he'd first seen the shadow of death. In a weird twisted sort of way it made sense for him to encounter Death on the beach. Kendall's father drowned and that had been the boys' first ever encounter with death and for the longest time Logan had feared water...

Death had to be stopped. Logan always wanted to be a doctor. He wanted to help beat the death. Save patients from that fate.

The Angel of Death had to learn that he couldn't just selfishly claim people.

It was wrong and Logan refused to be helpless against it.

With that thought in ming Logan started chanting.

"Spirits of air, sand and sea,
converge to set the Angel free,
in the wind I send this rhyme,
bring Death before me,
before my time."

For a moment it looked like his spell didn't have any affect, that is un till a the Angel of Death suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Are you sure you really want to be here?" The man questioned. He sounded mildly annoyed at being summoned by the witch.

Logan blinked. For all his thought on vanquishing the Angel of Death now that the man was actually in front of him the young witch didn't really know what to do. He had actually expected to be attacked by him at this point. "Uhm..."

"Come on, I don't have all day." Death pressed on now definitely annoyed. "There are people waiting. You definitely don't have all day." Apparently it wasn't the first time he was ever summoned by a witch. "So what is it? I took your girlfriend and you want her back? Brother? Your Mother?"

"Don't talk like that!" Logan snapped. "You have no right to take anyone and there has to be way to just stop you!"

"I see..." Death sighed tiredly. "You're one of those."

Logan wasn't faced by Death's bored attitude. "You want Reece Davidson and it's my job to protect him." He said, stating facts was easy. "So what do you want from me? What do I have to do?"

"That's not why you called me." Death replied calmly as ever.

"Yes, it is." Logan insisted.

"I know your kind." Death started. "You want to improve the world. Make it a better place." He looked at Logan. "You're a healer aren't you? You want to believe that you can save everyone from me."

"I told you to stop talking like that!"

"Help everyone who's sad, in danger or hurt. Life..." Death solemnly shook his head. "What a beautiful lie."

Logan didn't like how cornered he was starting to feel. "Stop it!"

"The thought of healers saving everyone is a beautiful lie, but me," Death looked down at himself, his grey eyes tired. "I'm an ugly truth and you can't accept that, can't you boy?"

Logan was glaring at the ground by now. "S-Stop it."

"And now you think by saving this, which is it, Davidson, you think you'll beat the truth and prove the lie." Death continued. "You want to vanquish a truth. It's a human right to die once life is over."

"Just go away..." Logan blinked rapidly to clear his vision. It wasn't fair...

It wasn't fair!

Logan had seen so many lives gone and he hadn't been able to help and- and it just wasn't fair! Doctors weren't supposed to allow death to win.

"No," Death refused. "you wanted me, now you've got me. You're wasting precious time."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize to me boy." Death said his tone still calm and gentle. "It's not my time you're wasting, it's yours. You refuse to accept me for what I am which keeps you from accepting the world for what it is. You can't accept life and not accept death. That's not how it works."

"I have to be able to defeat you!" Logan protested a few tears escaping him and rolling down his cheeks. How was he supposed to help other is he couldn't... "You are the ultimate evil!"

Death shook his head. Calm, tired and still gentle. "No, I'm not good or evil, I just am. I'm inevitable."

Somehow his words made sense but Logan refused to just accept that. "What do I have to do to save Davidson?" He asked again.

"There's nothing you can do."

"I can't just let an innocent man die!" Logan shouted not caring if anyone saw him.

"You have to let him die," Death stated. "you have no choice. And until you learn to accept that, you'll just keep missing the bigger picture."

Logan furiously wiped his eyes. "What bigger picture?"

Death held out his hand to Logan a small smile on his worn face. "I'll show you." His smile reached his eyes when he saw Logan's hesitation. "Oh, don't worry, it's not your time."

When Logan grabbed his hand Death took the boy the Death's next destination. A place death was found but a place that the Angel of Death wasn't found that often


Kendall, James and Carlos got out of the car. They were on the parking lot near the cemetery. They had found out Reese had gone to Andrea's funeral and were planning on keeping an eye on the inspector.

James was on the phone with Muffy. "What do you mean Logan hasn't come back yet? He left before we did."

"No one's been here." Muffy answered. "I'm going out of my mind."

"Yeah, try sitting in a car for three hours." James countered. "If Logan comes home tell him to call us okay." He said. He paused when he realized what he and and his brothers had just walked into. "Love you." He said before quickly hanging up.

It would be way too easy to spot them seeing he was the only guy rude enough to be on the fun while near a funeral.

"So now what?" Carlos asked looking Kendall and waiting for instructions.

"Well, we can't crash the funeral. I guess we just watch from here." Kendall said his eyes on the solemn gathering that was taking place a few feet in front of them. "I don't get it. You tell a guy that Death is after him and he goes to a cemetery. How smart is that?"

Kendall was about to shapeshift into a bird so he could go search for inspector Davidson but it turned out that there was no need for that. He easily spotted Reese walking into a church, the two Seekers following him inside.

"Guys, go." Kendall ordered.

Sadly the three witches made it to the church a second after the large wooden doors slammed shut. They could all hear the bar slamed in the handles locking them outside, locking inspector Davidson and the Seekers inside.

A moment later they heard gun shots being fired inside the church. James palmed his forehead in exasperation. Was that really Davidson's answer to everything? Fire his gun at higher beings? He pounded his fist against the doors. "Reese, get out of there!"


Reese was shaking but he somehow managed to keep his gaze steady on the Seeker in front of him yet he kept glancing nervously at the bald seeker floating behind him. "What do you want with me?"

"You've been so brave, Inspector." The Seeker in front of him said, slowly approaching the man, just like how he'd done with Andrea. "Don't ruin it now. Where's Beatrice?"

"Beatrice?" Reese repeated quizzically.

Neither Reese nor the Seekers noticed Death and Logan appearing in the church. Logan blinked, a bit dazed from Death's form of teleportation or... whatever Death's power was called.

When his vision cleared he saw one of the Seekers sink his fangs into Reese's neck.

"Oh god." Logan gasped turning his head away from where he and Death were standing behind a pillar.

"It's his time." Death informed the shivering witch. "After all this, does he not deserve rest?"

"I..." Logan didn't have an answer. When he looked back the Seekers were already gone and Reese's body lay motionless on the floor.

Slowly Death left their place behind the thick pillar and walked over to Reese. His hand ghosted over the dead man's face and he closed the man's eyes. Reese's spirit rose from his body and Death nodded at him. "It's time for you to rest."

And just like he and disappeared, taking Reese's spirit with him. Leaving Logan standing there, with Reese's body in the locked church. It was then that he finally registered the frantic pounding on the door.

Slowly, his movements jerky, Logan walked over to the heavy wooden doors and unlocked it. Immediatly Kendall, James and Carlos barged in, stopping in their tracks when they saw Logan.

"Logan?" Carlos blinked, taking in his brother's appearance. Logan was shaking and he had tear marks on his cheeks. "Are you okay?"

"I..." Logan shook his head. "I don't know."

"How did you even get in here?" Kendall asked looking around, he stiffened when he saw Reese's body a few feet away.

Logan shifted his weight from one foot to another not sure if he understood the events from the past hour himself. "Uh, Death brought me."

"What?" James gasped, he looked around and then saw Reese's body on the ground. "My premonition... It came true didn't it?" His eyes narrowed as he turned back to Logan. "You stood there and let them kill Davidson."

Logan slowly shook his head in denial. He didn't want to believe it. He didn't want to accept that he'd chosen to believe Death's words but at the same time... "It- It was his time."

He looked at Reese's dead body and tried to swallow past the lump in his throat. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."


Hearing the house phone ring Muffy went to the living room to answer it. Before she could even grab the phone one of the Seeker demons appeared in front of her.

Muffy pouted and crossed her arms. "Ever hear of a doorbell?" Despite the confident playful front she was putting up, on the inside Muffy was frantically wondering how she was gonna get out of this one.

"I thought we'd surprise you." The Seeker demon stated.


A moment later the second Seeker appeared and they started closing in on Muffy.


The Charmed Ones were in the car, Kendall almost breaking the speed limit as the drove to the manor. James groaned when Muffy didn't pick the phone. "She's not answering."

"Should I flame there?" Carlos suggested nervously tapping his fingers on the glove department.

Kendall shook his head. "There's no point in you getting there alone. We need a Power of Four spell to get rid of the Seekers."


Muffy kicked the Seeker closest to her and threw an energy ball at the other. She tried to run upstairs but one of them made a sudden grab for her ankles which caused the woman to fall to the floor, hitting her head against the stairs knocking her unconscious.

The bald Seeker smiled approaching the unconscious demon. "Now, let's see what you don't want us to know."

Suddenly the front door swung open and Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos rushed into their home.

"Get away from my girlfriend!" James cried levitating in the air and delivering kick to the Seeker's chin knocking him over.

Logan used telekinesis to push that Seeker towards his partner.

"Okay now guys." Kendall instructed.

The four brothers got together and started chanting.

"Knowledge gained by murderous means is wisdom's bitter enemy.
The mind that burns with stolen fire, will now become your funeral pyre."

Smoke surrounded the two Seekers and soon they were both engulfed by flames. Two minutes later the only reminder of them ever being there were two scorch marks on floor.

Once they were gone James quickly went to Muffy's side. He gently shook her shoulder, trying to wake her up.

Groaning softly Muffy slowly woke up. She smiled when she saw James' worried face above her. "Hey Sweets."

James immediately pulled her into a kiss.

Despite his dislike for Muffy Logan couldn't help but smile at the moment. Muffy might be a demon but she did make his little brother happy. And well... "Well, at least we saved one."

Pulling away from Muffy James smiled. "Wow, did you hear that?" James asked looking at his girlfriend. "You just reached innocent status.

"Well," Muffy smiled faintly. "that's good."

Just then Jo orbed in.

"Nice timing." Kendall chuckled. "You missed the show."

Jo nodded walking over to her husband. "I know, but they told me to miss it." She said briefly jerking her head upwards. She looked at Logan, a look of concern on her face. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Logan nodded not really sure if he really was okay. He did feel better than before so he supposed that counted for something right?

"What do you mean they told you to miss it?" Carlos asked not understanding how Jo missing the action could be good. "The Elders were behind this whole thing?"

Jo shook her head. "No, but they knew they had to let Logan learn a lesson by himself." She clarified. She shot Logan a sympatric look. "The hard way."

Muffy frowned. This was the method of the Elders? "What lesson?"

"That Death is not the evil." Logan answered almost begrudgingly. He sighed and looked around. "I need a moment." He said before going upstairs.

"He'll be fine." Kendall assured when he saw the worry on his wife's face. "He just needs- Oh man!"

Surprised by his exclamation Jo followed Kendall's gaze to the pieces of shattered glass near the small table under the stairs. It didn't a genius to figure out what those pieces of glass had been.

"You put it under the stairs?" Jo smiled releasing that that was actually the only spot in the manor where that lamp might have actually looked good.

"It must have been knocked over during my fight with the Seekers." Muffy said looking at Kendall, an apologetic look on her face. "Sorry."

"Don't apologize." Jo was still smiling. "It looks better this way."


Logan sat on his bed, crossed legged and with a large medical book on his lap. He was gazing at the pages, not really seeing them. He looked up when the Angel of Death appeared in front of his bed.

"Keep that up and you can help those whose time hasn't come yet." Death said nodding at the book on Logan's lap.

For a moment Logan studied the man in front of him. Taking in his face, eyes and black robes. The man didn't look threatening at all. He was... Just there. "Okay," He said closing his school book. "I get that you're not evil" Logan said after a moment. "but what I don't get is why I wasn't supposed to fight the demons."

Because Logan knew he could have saved Davidson if he tried. Just a bit of telekinesis and he could have pushed the man out of harm's way.

"You were alone and out numbered." Death stated.

"I still could have fought."

"But you would've lost, Logan."

Logan was about to insist that he should have tried but stopped when he realized that this was the first time the Angel of Death had used his name. "How do you know my name?"

"I read it off my list." Death answered meeting Logan's eyes, watching as that bit of information sank in. "It was the next one after Reece Davidson."

Logan looked down. "That's why I could see you." He realized. "I was supposed to die."

"If you hadn't stopped fighting me, yes." Death nodded. "By accepting me for what I am you changed your fate and removed you name from my list. For now. You're time hasn't come yet child."

"I don't think I accepted you." Logan said looking at the angel and slowly shaking his head.

"You have." Death disagreed. "And you will continue to try and prevent me, but you will also accept that not everyone can be saved." And finally Death smiled at Logan. "That's a lesson all healers must learn." The last sentence said, Death started to fade.

Logan stared at the empty spot in front of his bed, Death's words going over and over in his head. Finally he nodded to himself and re-opened his medical book and started really studying.

He should be that healer Death talked about.

A healer who knew Death was there and that Death was a gentle man, but also a healer who knew that Death gave people a fair fighting chance if it wasn't their time.

Logan wanted to be that healer.