Hey everyone! Yes, I am writing two stories at once, but other people have done it, so I figured Why not? Thought I'd try something I've never done before - an AU story. Working as a camp counselor this summer gave me an idea to write a Glee fanfic that takes place at a camp. Rather than all being in a Glee club in high school together, the Gleeks (with a few exceptions) never knew each other before this story and are meeting for the first time at their summer job as camp counselors. This story will focus on mostly Finchel, but we'll get to know everyone to some extent. Comment if I should keep going and enjoy the first chapter! the boys and the girls will meet in Chapter 2.

Chapter 1: Camp Potomac Ledge

Rachel Berry looked out the window of the taxi. A summer in the outdoors – not exactly her dream summer. What if it was too hot? What if the people there weren't as musically devoted as herself?

But her mom and her two gay dads told her something this spring: all her life she'd been all about music, Broadway and the arts. This summer she'd try something new. So after searching numerous websites for summer jobs, Rachel decided on becoming a camp counselor at a camp in Maryland called Camp Potomac Ledge.

Rachel had been born in New York City and lived there her whole life. Her dads had moved there right after high school because they wanted to live somewhere where gays were accepted. They then met her mom, an up-and-coming Broadway star who wanted a child. She agreed to be a surrogate for them, and therefore Rachel had been born.

Her dads had been giving her dance, singing and acting lessons since preschool, and through her mom, Rachel had met many of the biggest stars on Broadway. Her dads had been taking her to see her mom's shows since she was a toddler and Rachel decided that she would devote her life to becoming a star herself.

She was about to enter her senior year at a private school for the performing arts in New York City. She was the star of their show choir, the Gold Stars, and had gotten the lead in the musical every year since she was a freshman. Yet she wasn't happy. No one there liked her much. She'd had a huge crush on Jesse St. James, the male lead of the Gold Stars, but even the male lead had no interest in her.

"Maybe a summer away from music will be good for you, Rachel," Rachel's mom, Shelby, said as the taxi approached the street the camp was on.

Rachel sighed. "I hope so."

"Don't be like you are at school with these kids, Rachel," her dad, Leroy, said. "Be friendly, be open-minded. You might find some truly great friends here."

The taxi pulled into the camp, a huge sign "Welcome Camp Potomac Ledge Staff 2011" greeting them. Online, Camp Potomac Ledge had been described as "400 acres of natural beauty." So far it was a nice setting. Rachel and her parents began unloading her bags and went to the sign-in table, where a young man and young woman sat with some paperwork.

"Hi, I'm Rachel Berry. I'm signed up to be a counselor here this summer."

"Oh yes," the man said. "Hi Rachel. I'm Will Schuester, the camp director. This is Emma Pillsbury, the assistant camp director. Welcome to Camp Potomac Ledge."

Rachel smiled. "Thank you. I drove all the way here from New York."

Rachel's other dad, Hiram, nudged her and whispered, "Remember, no bragging."

Rachel rolled her eyes at her dad, then turned to Will and Emma. "Where should I go?"

"You're going to be in South Cabin, Rachel," Emma said. "There's five other girls living there, they're also entering their senior year of high school. Want a ride on the golf cart to your cabin?"
"What?" Rachel asked.

Emma pointed at a golf cart. "We've been taking the counselors to their cabins in it."

"That would be cool!" Rachel gasped. So far she liked the director and assistant director. Hopefully she'd like the counselors here, too.

"Put your luggage on the back and Emma will take you to your cabin," Will said.

"Okay," Rachel said. She hugged her parents. "See you in ten weeks!" Feeling nervous slightly about being out of New York on her own for the first time, Rachel loaded her luggage on the golf cart and drove with Emma to South Cabin.

"This is your home for the next two weeks, Rachel," Emma said. "You and the other girls in the cabin are staying in the counselor bedroom. It's the smaller bedroom in the back of the cabin. Just be sure to meet for our first session of precamp training in the dining hall at 1."

"Okay, thanks Emma," Rachel said, beginning to take down her luggage. On the drive from the parking lot to South House, she hadn't seen much of the camp, just a bunch of trees and gravel paths. The camp's website had boasted a lake, a swimming pool, ten sleeping cabins, an archery range, a dining hall, a lake for canoeing and fishing, an arts and crafts center, a shower house, a nature center, a challenge course and climbing wall, rock ledges, horseback riding facilities and access to the Potomac River – even beach access. This didn't look too dirty or rusty for a camp, in fact, from the outside, this cabin looked rather nice. Rachel read the sign on the door: "Rachel Berry, Tina Cohen-Chang, Mercedes Jones, Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce." She refrained from putting a gold star sticker next to her name, as she always did at home. Instead, she just opened the door to the cabin to find a room that appeared to be the living room and kitchen combined, with some tables set up and a refrigerator and stove. She proceeded into the next room, which she assumed to be the children's sleeping area, with lots of sets of bunk beds. She finally went into one of the two back rooms (well she knew the bathroom couldn't be where she was staying) and entered the counselor bedroom at the back. Three sets of bunk beds, three dressers. The other girls were already putting their clothes in the dressers, their beds completely made. The heavy black girl and the Asian girl already seemed to have bonded. The Latina girl, tall blond girl, and shorter blond girl with short hair were talking as well.

Rachel put her bag on one of the bottom bunks, the only empty bed, and smiled at her roommates. "Hi, I'm Rachel."

The girl with short blond hair smiled at Rachel. "Hi, I'm Quinn. You're on my bottom bunk."

"Okay, cool." Rachel began unrolling her pink sleeping bag with the gold stars.

"This camp's actually nice," the Latina girl said. "I mean, indoor plumming, electricity… we have flush toilets and showers IN OUR CABINS. At the camp I went to when I was a kid, we had to take cold showers outside and use latrines."
Rachel made a face. "Ew." She knew she'd picked the right camp.

"Oh, sorry Rachel, I'm Santana," the Latina girl said. "This is my best friend Brittany." She pointed at the taller blond girl. "Where are you from?"

Rachel smiled. "New York City."

"That's so cool!" Brittany said. "Do you live by the White House?"

"That's in Washington, Brittany," Santana said, before whispering "She's a bit ditzy," to Quinn and Rachel.

"I'm just glad we get to work at a camp where there's actually GUYS," Quinn said. "Last year, I was a CIT at my childhood camp in Michigan, but I couldn't handle being away from guys all summer."

"Yeah, they sleep on the other side though," Santana said.

"That's still something," Quinn said.

Rachel smiled. These girls were really cool.


Finn Hudson felt his brother, Kurt, smack him with a pillow. He'd slept for most of the six hour drive from Ohio to Maryland for his summer job at Camp Potomac Ledge. Having lived in Cleveland all his life, he wanted to do something different this summer, so he found this camp online and took the job. So he'd actually know someone there, he convinced Kurt to apply. Kurt was disgusted by the idea initially, worried about sweating or getting dirty all the time, but with the help of his mother and Kurt's father, he convinced Kurt that a summer in the outdoors might be good.

"We're here, Finn," Kurt said.

Finn began looking around the parking lot of the camp. "Awesome."

"What are your father and I going to do without you two?" Finn's mom, Carole, asked.

"Be glad that this happened AFTER you two got married, or else you'd be all alone," Finn said. Finn and Kurt had been best friends in middle school and set their parents up because they thought it would be cool to be brothers. In fact, they were pretty much each other's ONLY friend. Kurt was gay, which made lots of people turn against him, and Finn was the athlete with a passion for music. Finn's dad and Kurt's mom were both dead, but with their parents and each other, they now had a family.

"This is so dirty," Kurt complained, noticing some mud on his shoes.

"We're working at a camp, not a resort," Finn said.

"Hi!" Finn turned to see the camp director approaching him. He recognized the camp director from pictures on the web site. "I'm Will Schuester, the camp director. Who are you two?"
"Finn Hudson."

"Kurt Hummel."

Okay, you two are in North Cabin," Will said. "You're the last two from the cabin to arrive and you'll be staying in the back room for the counselors. There's six other boys staying in the cabin with you two, the four other boys going into their senior year of high school. They're already there, and I think you'll like them."

"Can we take them to their cabin?" Carole asked. "Sorry, this is the first time they'll be away for this long…"

"Of course," Will said as Finn, Kurt, Carole and Kurt's father, Burt, began following the signs to North Cabin, walking down the trail.

"Mom, it's just a summer job. I'll only be gone ten weeks. Not like I'm going to college," Finn whispered.

"I know honey, but I'll miss you so much!" Carole sighed.

"Mom, please don't do this in front of my roommates," Finn said.

The family passed a building with a banner that said "Craft land" (which Finn took to be the arts and crafts center), the archery range and the pool. As they passed the pool, Kurt screamed. "OH MY GOD! Look at it Finn! It has a mini waterfall and a slide and a vortex and a diving board….."

"At least now you like something about this camp," Finn laughed as they approached North Cabin. "Artie Abrams, Blaine Anderson, Mike Chang, Sam Evans, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel, Noah Puckerman and Matt Rutherford," Finn read the list of names on the door out loud. "Let's go in."

The family cut through the kitchen part of the cabin and the kids' living area before going into the counselors' room in the back. The six other boys were sitting talking in the center of the kids' room when Finn and Kurt came in.

"Sup mans," the boy with the Mohawk said. "I'm Puck."

Finn smiled. "Hey, I'm Finn. This is my brother Kurt."

"You're really tall," the shortest boy, who had black hair, said. "I'm Blaine."

Kurt nudged Finn and whispered in his ear. "He's cute."

Finn laughed. They'd just arrived and already Kurt liked one of the boys in their cabin. Unfortunately for Kurt, acting on his feelings for boys was rarely an option.

"We're playing cards while we wait for the first all-camp staff meeting, if you two want to join us," the boy with floppy blond hair and big lips said. "Oh, and I'm Sam."

"That would be fun," Finn said. "Let's just put our stuff away first."

"There's two available beds," Blaine said. "To let you know, one of them's the top bunk on my bed and the other's the bottom bunk on Puck's bed."

"I've never liked heights," Finn said, knowing his brother would want the bunk on Blaine's bed. Which wasn't a lie. He didn't like heights.

"Have a great summer, boys," Burt said, quickly hugging Finn and Kurt before leading a very sad looking Carole away. "See you in ten weeks."

Finn put his sleeping bag on the bed and his clothes in the dresser before going to join his roommates, learning things about them as they played cards. Eventually, the bell chimed, alerting the boys they had to go to the dining hall for their first session of precamp training.

Ready or not, Finn's summer at Camp Potomac Ledge had begun.