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Every time I look at the stars, I think of her.

The desert calls to me often in the night, tempting me to walk out and dance under the stars to draw her to me.

Stretched out on my bed, I feel the urge to throw open my window and run to the desert to check if she there. Dancing under the moon with Cinnamon. But she isn't.

She's gone.


Dearest Leo,

Once again, I'm writing a letter you. Not as long as the last but I'm still planning on giving this to you when I see you again.

Do you remember the time when we all went out and danced under the stars and it seemed like no one cared? That happy feeling when everyone was behind me and even the distant stars couldn't touch me filled me at the moment. I would like to feel that happiness again sometime and I can't help but to think that if you were willing enough to meet up with me would be amazing and fill me with that happiness again.

Can you imagine us meeting again one day? If that were to happen, I'm not sure what would happen after that. But usually, life always has something to throw at us to make life more interesting. I'm not sure how I would react, but I know one that that I will personally give you these letters when we meet, face to face.

I am happy that I had such a wonderful time with you and everyone back in Arizona, but I'm also really happy that I moved to Pennsylvania. I got to me more wonderful people like Perry, Dootsie and everyone else.

I hope everyone is doing well in Arizona as always.




Instead of staying into the house like I should, I move like I'm in a dream. Unlatching the window, climbing out and letting the cool Arizonian air slap me in my face. Still being quiet, I crept along the line of the houses. Once I'm out of range of the street, I run to the desert.




The desert calls me. The lights above twinkle intelligently and call down.

She's here. They whisper. She's here.

When I reach the cool sands, I flop on my back, breathless.

"What am I doing?" I mutter to myself. The stars mocking me more than ever now that I'm in the desert. I stretched out under the stars, my arms my pillow and I let my eyes drift shut.

"Leo." Someone called my name. "Leo, wake up."

My eyes shot open, only to find the shadow of someone very familiar covering my face.


"Stargirl," I whispered. She smiles and I smile back. She sits back on her heels and I sit up.

"How've you been, Leo?" She said with a smile.

"Fine," I say. "How are you?"

"Great," she says with a genuine smile.

"Are... are you here to stay?" I ask hesitantly. I don't want to sound desperate for her presence.

"Come, and I'll tell you," she whispers and gets up, extending her hand out to me. When I reach for her hand, my hand falls through her palm and her whole form flickers.

"Star... girl...?" I choke as her smiling face disappears with the desert wind.

"Leo," her voice calls from the wind. "Leo, Leo, Leo..."

Her voice fades away until it's gone. Completely gone.

I wake with a start as the warms rays of the sun hit my face. Ignoring the burning sun's bring lights, I stare into the distance.

"Stargirl, I wish you well..." I say. "Where ever you are."

Well... That sucked on my part... Sorry you had to read that...