Immortal Death Wish Chap Two

Well I've been wanting to write something like this for a while now but just kept getting side tracked and with the computer I own you can't blame me it beeps all the time is that even normal for old computers. (Sorry getting of track).

Any way I own nothing unfortunately cause if I did it wouldn't have ended as it did.

Yes, yes, yes I repeated over and over in my head as Professor Dumbledore tells us all (the students of Hogwarts witch craft and wizardry) that we were playing host for Beauxbatons and Durmstrang for the rest of the year.

It's my sixth year here at Hogwarts and never have I meet anyone from another school.

"They'll be arriving in a few minutes so I want you to treat them with the upmost respect," Dumbledore said looking pointedly over at the Slytherins, "and we have decided to let all of the school go to hogsmead tomorrow, and no you don't need permission for this one year," Dumbledore adds as a few of the younger kids begin to raise their hands.

"Food finally," Ron says reaching across me to the plate of stake while shoving a handful of French fries into his mouth.

"Eww," I groan seeing him and Ginny begin to stuff their faces with me, Neville and Harry trying not to lose our lunch.

Turning I catch Angels eye as she sits down beside her best friends (aside from Immortal Death Wish) Lavender and Parvati, While Defiance throws a breed roll at his best friends Dean and Seamus.

Laughing at the expression on Fates face as Luna and Padme share their holiday stories, I quickly cover it with a cough at the sight of Alaric with Terry and Trevor his Ravenclaw friends as they all begin to compere homework answers.

With a last glance my eyes land on Robin as he sits with Theodore and Blaise, his fellow Slytherins and best friends, while further up the table Blade can be found flinging peas at younger students while his best friends Draco and Terence cheer him on.

With a roll of my eyes I find myself looking at my last flat mate Silver as her, Pansy and Millicent talk fashion.

I'm the only one that seems a little unhappy with my friends.

Shaking it off I grab a spoonful of my favourite chicken pasta and put it in my mouth only for me to gasp as I notice that Angels tattoo is showing.

Dam, she must of forgotten to hide it, well at least it isn't big like our eyes or hair which we all hide the moment we left the house.

"Angel," I call through the bond that the eight of us had formed growing up so close.

"Sup Salem," Angel calls as she continues her conversation with her friends making no move to show that we are talking.

"Your tattoo," I say as she looks down trying to see her back.

With a laugh I whisper the spell and give the all clear.

It's not that we're ashamed of each other, actually it's rather the opposite but seeing as the house rivalry is slowly getting worse we decided we would be better off with no one knowing that we were friends that lived together.

And as for the looks we'd all been put under glamor's that could only be removed on our 15th birthday and as that was years ago and we didn't want to reveal all we stayed as we were.

"Hey Hermione do you think you could check my homework tomorrow while me, Harry and Ginny go to Hogsmead," Ron says looking at me with food flowing from his mouth.

"No Ronald, I will not check your homework while you go to Hogsmead, because did you ever think that, oh I don't know, I might want to go to Hogsmead too," I say mine, Neville's and Harrys eyes wide in astonishment.

"But Hermione I'll fail all of my classes if you don't help,' Ron whines as me and Harry exchange glances.

"He can't be serious," I murmur to Harry as he nods anger slowly making its way across his face.

"Come on Hermione, Ron won't be able to get a good job to provide for you two later on if you don't give up a day out," Ginny says looking at me, Neville and Harry annoyance clear on her face.

"When did I agree to get together with Ron," I snap my eyes turning to Ron as he smiles at me dopily.

"Well," Ron starts, reaching across the table to grab my hand just as Neville and Harry each grab my clenched fists, "me and you are going to get together, everyone knows it," Ron continues with a slight glare at the two boys sitting beside me gripping my hands in theirs.

"Who says that?" Neville says looking across at Ron in disgust that the thick Gryffindor Weasel seems not to notice.

"Oh me, and Mum,' Ginny says joining in while throwing me a heated glare.

"Oh and dare tell Ronald, what exactly is supposed to happen between us?" I ask trying to decide whether to be annoyed or amused.

"Well everyone knows we'll get married just out of Hogwarts and I'll get a job at the ministry as an Aurora. (Sorry about the spelling) I'll be your first and only lover and we'll have nine strapping boys and a beautiful little girl. You'll be a stay at home mother that looks after the children while I work and when I came home I'll always find dinner on the table and you ready to make me forget about my rough day, so see hunny bunny it's all worked out and now that means you can stop trying to make me jalousie (sorry I swear this is spelt wrong but this is what my computer says)," Ron says as if stating the obvious.

First and only, ten kids, stay at home mother, jalousie does this stupid prat know nothing about me, but before me, Neville or Harry can argue Ginny starts off about how her and Harry's life will be.

"We'll get married a month after my 18th and I'll be your first, we'll have seven boys and two girls who will go to Hermione during the day so I can go shop, and our house elves will make the dinner and look after the kids while we spend some quality time together okay sweetums," Ginny finishes off a suggestive look on her face.

With the worst timing in the world Dumbledore calls the hall to silence just as me, Neville and Harry burst out laughing.

And not your normal laugh then over it kind, no, I mean the type were you can't breathe and there's tears streaming down your face and as if to prove my point Harry starts chocking and with a very red face he coughs that he can't breathe which only makes me and Neville laugh harder making Harry laugh at us and when we finally start to calm down Neville falls of the seat backwards and with a quick look at each other we start off laughing as hard as before.

"Ow, ow, ow," I gasp clutching my sides as we finally stop only to be meet by an awkward silence, every eye on us and a heated glare from the two Weasleys in front of us.

"Oh my fucking god," I yell oblivious to the gasps from the hall, "you were serious."

"Of course we were," Ginny seethes her eyes boring a hole into the arm wrapped around Harry, my other arm around Neville as we try to stand.

"Miss Granger language," Professor Snape says a smirk on his lips.

"Sorry professor," I say with a grin.

"Harry mate you can get your arm off of Herms now," Ron says winking up at me.

Ignoring him we turn to Neville who's still sniggering slightly.

"Hey Nev, you think this is funny don't you," Harry says throwing a very Slytherin smirk at me that I quickly return.

"Of course sweetums," he says in a high pitched voice sending me and him into light laughter.

"Oh really Hunny Bunny," Harry says laughing at my face along with Neville.

Shaking it off I start to laugh as well before we here the great hall doors burst open.

Quickly retaking our seats with a few snickers still bubbling out of us we turn our attention to the Bauxbaton's girls as they all run in, in beautiful silk clothes.

Giggling at the expressions on the boys faces I notice one smaller Bauxbaton's girl doing flips and cartwheels.

She's pretty good I think as the doors bang open again and in walk the boys from Durmstrang.

Strong and handsome they march to the front before turning and bowing.

"I'd like to introduce you to the students of Bauxbaton's and Durmstrang,' Dumbledore starts before me, Nev and Harry notice a conversation going on across from us.

"I'd totally do her,' Ron says oblivious to the fact that we are listening.

"Forget her, I'd so do him,' Ginny says her voice full of want.

Bitch, I think, so I and Harry can't have anyone but Ron and Ginny get to do anyone they want, I don't think so.

"Oh and before you leave could Hermione Granger (Salem), Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan, Toby Walker (Defiance), Christina Carter (Angel), Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil, Padme Patil, Luna Lovegood, May Parker (Fate), Terry Boot, Trevor Berch, Samuel Drent (Alaric), Draco Malfoy, Terence Higgs, Lucas Lutz (Blade), Theodore Nott, Blaise Zambini, Alexander March (Robin), Pansy Parkinson, Millicent Bullstrode, Ashley Farrah (Silver), Ronald and Ginny Weasley please go to my office after the feast,' Dumbledore says before walking out of the hall.

"Me, Harry and Hermione are gonna go now," Neville says as we all stand up.

"Oh Hermione can stay here and I'll walk with her in a second," Ron says grinning at me.

"Up I want to go now," I say as we start out of the hall with Ron's voice wafting behind us.