Immortal death wish Chap seven

"Guys, I have an idea," I say through our bond as we all sit at the table Dumbledore had given Dargith, what he called our temporary house.

I only continue when I know that I have everyone's attention.

We should put a glamor on so only people who know who we are and what we look like can see us as we are," I say hearing them all agree quickly.

"Cool so I'll see you all at hogsmead in an hour," Silver says smiling when we all nod.

"Well, I'm going to get ready," I say standing with Harry and Neville.

Grinning we make our way out of the hall and to our common room without any hassle, but as soon as we start up the stairs to our room Ron bursts out and grabs me only to find a fist in his face, making him sore gracefully backwards into the wall.

"Thanks," I say smiling at Robin as he glances down at his slightly red knuckles.

With a mock bow he walks off to his room with me sniggering behind him.

Turning I'm meet with Neville and Harrys questioning looks.


"Do you know him or something," Harry asks as we climb the rest of the way to our room.

"Or something," I decide, grabbing my stuff and going into the bathroom to take a shower.


Stepping out of the shower I dry off then look down at my clothes for today.

Light blue short shorts, Robins white button up top with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows and tied to show just a little of my stomach so that if I lift my arms it would show my bellybutton piercing and music note tattoo I'd given myself last night. Nodding at my reflection I put on some white sandals.

"Now for the hard part," I murmur running a brush through my hair before tying it up in a lose bun on the top of my head with a few strands of hair falling lose.

My tattoo of a rose with red tear drops is visible on the back of my neck and with a wave of my wand my tattoo of Kiel's name appears on the back of my shoulder.

Matching the one he wears on his arm with my nic name Ara written in black ink.

Closing my eyes in concentration I whisper a spell making it that only Immortal Death Wish will see my hair, piercings, tattoos, figure and clothes.

With a grin I open the door and step out to see Neville fighting with his hodie zipper while Harry just sits there and laughs.

Grinning in amusement I walk up and zip it up half way then turn and walk down the stairs telling the boys I'd see them later.

"Salem, we'll meet at the secret tunnel behind the portrait of those hammer head sharks in 5 minutes," I hear Alaric say in my head.

"Ok," I agree stepping out of the common room only to find myself face to face with Robin.

"Hey," I say checking him out.

He's got on a tight black singlet, grey denim shorts and black jandels with his hair flipped over (like Reece Matins) and his tattoos and piercings all visible.

"Hi," he greets as I see him look me over before his gaze finally finds itself back on my face.

"Well, shall we go," I say breaking the silence.

Nodding he starts off with me falling into step with him quickly.

"So, how do like being back in the castle," He says trying to break the awkward silence that's come over us again.

"We'll I would much prefer to be back home," I say before turning to him.

"What about you?"

"Well it wouldn't be so bad if Weasel just disappeared," He replies smirking at me

"Ro…" I start before stopping.

"I guess you're right," I sigh before seeing the smug look on his face moments before I whack him across the back of his head.

"Salem," he whines, the awkward silence forgotten.

"And we're here," I say ignoring his pout.

"Hey guys," Angel says as her, Silver, Fate and Alaric stand there waiting.

"Hey," we say together as I look over their clothes for the day.

Angels wearing a light grey boob tube dress that's see through and floor length with a black under dress and light grey ballet flats.

Her hairs also up in a high pony tail and she's wearing natural make up like me and the other girls with her tattoo and piercings all visible.

Silvers wearing a flowy black mid-thigh length dress with a long trailing skirt (mullet skirt) and black flip flops with her hair done in a plait that's sitting on her shoulder and all of her tattoos are visible as well as her piercings.

Fates got on Dark blue short, shorts, a dark grey off the shoulder top that has cuts in it and dark grey flats with her hair left down and her tattoos and piercings all visible.

So in short us girls all look hot, I think with a smirk.

Turning to Alaric I see he's wearing a loose brown t-shirt, light blue denim shorts and brown jandels with his hair left loose and his tattoos and piercings are all visible.

"Hey guys sorry we're late," Blade says running up with Defiance behind him.

"We haven't been here that long," Fate says as I look the boys over.

Blades in his favourite loose dark grey singlet with black denim shorts and dark grey jandels, his hair all messed up and his tattoos and piercings visible.

Defiance has on a loose dark grey singlet, black denim shorts and black jandels with his hair gelled along with his tattoos and piercings visible.

"Well let's go," Angel says as we turn to the portrait.

"Power of eight," we say as one making the portrait swing open to revel a secret tunnel to Hogsmead.

"Ladies first," Defiance says pointing to the tunnel filled with cob webs and spiders that had appeared over the holidays.

"Ow," he hiss's when Angel whacks him over the head before we shove him into the tunnel.

"Let's go then people," Blade says in a posh voice as he follows Defiance into the tunnel and rolling my eyes I follow with Robin close behind me.