Another Birthday

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It had been a long day. Another year another birthday. He hadn't celebrated his birthday in over a decade. It was just one more day of the year to him.

All he wanted was to sit out on his balcony and enjoy a nice glass of wine but it was still awhile until he would be able to go home.

Until that time he was stuck at his desk doing paperwork. There were no exciting cases just forms to fill out and mortgage fraud cases. It was almost time to leave on a Friday night and everyone was stuck in the office.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime, Peter came out of his office and started toward the door. He could finally go home and relax.

"Ready to go Neal?" asked Peter.

"I've never been more ready Peter." Neal said with a smile.

"Grab your coat and I'll drive you home." he replied with a smile of his own.

The drive to June's was filled with pleasant conversation. They talked about the weather, June, and about many other things until they reached June's house. Peter pulled up and dropped Neal off at the door.

As Neal was getting out of the car he turned around to thank Peter but before he could get anything out Peter said, "Happy Birthday Neal."

It caught him off guard. He hadn't thought Peter even knew when his birthday was. Nonetheless it made him feel good. "Thanks Peter, that means a lot."

"Anytime Neal." he paused, "Just so you know, El's got a big dinner planned for tomorrow night."

"There's no need for that Peter."

"Try telling El that." he said with a grin, "I'll pick you up tomorrow around five."

"Ok, see you then. And thanks again Peter, for everything."

"No problem." he replied as he started to leave.

"Dress nicely." he yelled before he pulled back out into traffic.

Neal just smiled. This wasn't such a bad birthday after all. His life was going great and he was surrounded by people who cared about him. Maybe he'd celebrate his birthday more often.

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