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The Possible Storm

Chapter 2

The Time Lord and the Hero

Bueno Nacho. A Mexican, if you could call it that, fast-food restaurant that had locations all over the world. It was a favorite locale of a certain redheaded hero and her boy sidekick.

The redhead and boy sitting at a booth now were not said redheaded hero and boy sidekick.

Amy Pond and Rory Williams were waiting, again; always waiting for an imaginary friend to once again fall from the sky, sometimes literally.

"Ugh, I can't believe this!" Amy was getting very annoyed.

"Don't worry Amy; he'll be back soon… probably." Rory tried to comfort her, and failed miserably.

"Not helping, Rory."

"You know how he is," Rory said, "I mean, he's easily distracted. He could've just wandered off a bit; to look around ya know?"

She glared daggers at him. "He took the TARDIS, Rory, the TARDIS," she let out an exasperated sigh. "I mean seriously, how stupid can you be?"

She sat back in her seat and crossed her arms, looking anywhere, except at Rory. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Look, Rory I'm sorry. It's just…"

Rory had gotten up from his side of the booth and sat down next to his wife. He wrapped his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I know Amy, I know." He just held her, doing everything to comfort her. "Amy, trust me, I know that him leaving is a sore subject, but he will never do that to you again. You know that."

She nodded.

They stayed like that, enjoying just being in each other's arms. After a few minutes, though, Amy's phone started ringing.

She knew who it was before she even answered. "Oy! Raggedy man, where the hell have you been?"

"Why hello to you too, Mrs. Pond," said the Doctor.

"Four days."

"It's been four days already? Huh, must've lost track of time, but considering last time I left and came back…that's not helping and I'm in trouble aren't I?"

"Yes you are, now where are you calling from?" Amy demanded.

By this time, Rory returned the arm that was around her to the table and just let his wife have it out with the Doctor.

Meanwhile, the Doctor looked around the room he was in. It had a table, a fridge, microwave, chairs, and of course, the phone he was currently using. Also the glass window on the door had the words 'Teacher's Lounge' printed backwards, from his current point of view.

"Well given the evidence, I would say I'm in a teacher's lounge of some sort."

"A teacher's lounge, what are you doing in a teacher's lounge." Amy annoyed equals bad news. Rory decided that it would be safer on the other side of the booth.

"I'm a teacher, pay attention," the Doctor said, in a fairly condescending tone.

"When did you become a teacher?"

"After I went to the hospital." He said that like it was nothing and to him it probably wasn't. "So, how's your honeymoon going?"

"We're stuck in the past; we have no money because our accounts don't exist yet, what little money we had we spent on a cheap motel and crummy fast-food because a silly little man decided to take his silly little box and said he would meet us here, soon." Amy was catching her breath after saying that all in one breath.

"Oh...," the Doctor said, "well I have a class to get to now, so how about you come by Middleton High School after school ends. Sounds good then, bye."

He hung up quickly, preferring to avoid the conversation for now. He really hoped that she didn't find out that it was Lunch period next and that his next class wasn't for almost an hour.

He headed to the canteen, or cafeteria as the people on this side of the pond would say. Mr. Barkin had whispered to him in class earlier to avoid the mystery meat.

But that mystery meat would soon become a solved meat… and he would never say that out loud ever.

"You sure it was him, girl?"Monique asked Kim.

"Yeah," Kim replied, "there's no doubt that he's the guy who saved my life."

"Something is definitely up then, KP. No way is that a coincidence." said Ron. Rufus poked his head out of his pocket and nodded in agreement.

The trio was currently in line for lunch. After the received their, let's call it food, they entered the cafeteria in search of a place to sit.

It was then that Kim noticed their new teacher; the so-called Doctor. He never gave his name. It was just the Doctor. He was sitting alone at a table in the corner. Kim decided that she would get the information she needed right there and now.

She sat down across from the Doctor and her friends did the same. It was then that Kim took notice of what he was actually doing. He was waving the 'whirry' device, as she called it, over the cafeteria's infamous 'mystery meat'.

Ron was the first to speak. "Heya Doc. If you're not going to eat that, can I have it?"

Kim elbowed him. "Ron!"

The Doctor flicked his wrist slightly and the four claws moved outward from the bulb. He looked at it with a raised eyebrow.

He looked over the three and pointed the, now whirring, device at each of them. He flicked his wrist again and looked at the device again.

"Here you go," the Doctor pushed the tray with the mystery meat to Ron, "can't hurt you anymore… or any less for that matter."

Ron let out a mouth-filled 'thank you' before continuing to chow down; never hearing that last part.

The Doctor put his device away and smiled a big smile at them. "So what can I do for my students? You are my students, right?"

"Yes, you're our homeroom teacher," said Monique.

"Ah, yes homeroom, good group in there."

Kim decided to get straight to the point. "You don't remember me?"

"Kim Possible, legendary teen hero, and also… never mind." The Doctor managed to catch himself this time.

"I mean do you remember me from the lab?" she knew it was him, she just knew, "You saved my life, robo-bikers, 'mullety guy', any of that?"

"Nope, can't say that I do, sorry." The Doctor stood, "Now if you will excuse me I have to prepare for class now, bye."

He hurried off and was out of sight before Kim could say anything else.

It was the last class of the day and the Doctor had a problem: Kim Possible was watching him. He only caught on because she had sent her friend's mole-rat to do it while she was in another class. She was really good a tailing.

So now, instead of heading to the TARDIS, he was walking down the street when it caught his eye.

In the display window of a small clothing shop was a fez. The Doctor bent down till he was level with it and just stared. He looked around and smiled; no River around to blow it up this time. He stood and went to enter the shop when an important thought occurred.

He had absolutely no money. And with the hero tailing him, it was unlikely that he could 'procure' some either.

And then it hit him, the hero was tailing him.

He stepped away from the shop and turned to the direction he came from. "You wanted to talk to me, right Kim Possible?" he shouted.

She didn't reveal herself. "I'll answer whatever questions you have if you do me a favour." He shouted again, but this time it seemed to work.

Kim stepped from a small alleyway and walked toward him. "What favor?"

And there they were, walking down the street side by side, the Doctor with a fez on his head. And Kim found herself out fifty bucks; weeks of babysitting all for a stupid hat. A hat should not cost that much.

"Okay," she started, "I bought you the hat, now spill. Who are you really?"

He had a big smile on his face. "I told you in class, I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor." He took the fez off for a moment and held it out. He seemed to be admiring it before he replaced it on his head.

Kim really didn't understand why he acted this way about a hat. "What's with the hat?"

"Fezzes are cool," he said, "just like bow-ties."

She stopped walking. The Doctor stopped just ahead of her and turned around.

"Why were you at the lab that night?" he was a teacher, or a doctor, or whatever and the one thing that bugged her the most was him being there.

"Not really sure myself," he answered, "I get a thought or a feeling and I follow it, simple as that."

"What's that device thing that you use? You know the one that does the whirring thing."

"Not important," he said and he turned back; continuing to walk down the sidewalk.

Kim had to jog a bit to catch up. "Hey, you said you would answer my questions."

"And I did. Never said it would be what you wanted to hear," he said. It was then that a ringing sound pierced the otherwise quiet surroundings.


Kim immediately pulled out a blue handheld device. "What's the sitch, Wade?"

"Hey Kim, it's the Seniors, there's something weird going on." The portly computer genius said.

"So what are they planning now?" she asked, "lemme guess, they're going to blot out the sun." Kim finished dryly.

"No, they're missing and no, they didn't go underground." Answering a question she had yet to ask, the boy continued, "And it's not just them. After they disappeared I did some digging. Villains from all over the world are vanishing and some heroes haven't been seen in some time either."

"So, you know what's going on?" she asked.

"Not really," Wade started. "All my info comes from GJ and all they can think of is that since Drakken, Shego, and Killigan are still around, it's one of them that's behind the disappearances."

"Wade, what did I tell you about hacking into GJ?" Kim admonished him.

"Uh… I don't remember." He smiled sheepishly. "Anyway, GJ has asked for help. They think Killigan may be next and they may need all the help they can get protecting him. So, a ride will be at your house in twenty minutes. Don't be late and good luck on the mission." He cut the connection.

The Doctor didn't even try to contain his interest. "Villains being disappeared by other villains, that's a tad different." He smiled. "Things just got interesting." He muttered. "Well then, I have a meeting to get to. See you in class tomorrow and don't forget to do your homework… at least I think I gave you homework." He mumbled the last part as he stalked off.

This left Kim with her thoughts long enough to realize that she knew less than she did before, if that was even possible. But like her family motto says 'Anything's possible for a Possible'.

Amy and Rory were at the high school. They didn't have any trouble finding the TARDIS. It was hard to miss a blue police public call box from Britain of the 1960s. Especially when it was parked in a staff parking spot near the gym.

So there they stood, waiting for the Doctor to show up. Rory was sitting on the curb and Amy was pacing. The Doctor said after school, but they realized that technically he didn't say how long after school.

They had been waiting for two hours before the Doctor finally showed up.

The first thing Amy did was walk up to him and give him a slap. Luckily for the Doctor, his pockets were bigger on the insider and he had managed to stuff his fez in one to keep it safe.

"How does a man get a job as a teacher in four days?" she practically yelled at him.

"I didn't," he donned a superior smirk. "I got it this morning." He moved past her and unlocked the TARDIS.

He stepped inside, but before Amy could follow, Rory put a hand on her shoulder. "Look, Amy. Don't get too angry at him. It may not have been the best honeymoon every, but we did have some fun." He turned her around to face him and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. "Despite what you say, I know you're not that mad at him."

Amy smiled. "I love it when you're like this." They leaned in for another kiss.

"Come along, Ponds." The Doctor shouted from the TARDIS, interrupting their moment. "We have places to be and things to do."

Silently cursing the Doctor's timing the two hurried into the TARDIS.

Time And Relative Dimension In Space, more commonly known as the TARDIS. For centuries, the Doctor has traveled through time and space; from the Big Bang to the end of the universe.

"So where are we headed to now, oh so infallible Doctor?" Amy said in a sarcastic drawl.

The Doctor was at the circular structure that served as the TARDIS control center, a jumble of what looked like junk in contrast to the magnificence of the rest of the control room.

"Well you see," the Doctor said. "We can't go anywhere."

"What do you mean we can't go anywhere?" asked Rory.

"Just what I said, pay attention." The Doctor said smugly.

"Why?" asked Amy.

"Well…" the Doctor started, "to put it simply, we're out of fuel."

The Doctor pushed past the couple and exited the TARDIS, with them following close behind.

"Wait," Amy called after him. "What do you mean out of fuel?"

When the couple exited, the Doctor closed the door and locked the TARDIS with a key. "Well it's more like out of a charge, but don't worry it'll just take time to recharge, so there's nothing to worry about." He was not being entirely honest.

He started to walk off, but turned on the balls of his feet. "By the way, super villains and super heroes all over the world are disappearing and we're going to find out what's going on."

He continued walking and the couple fell in behind him.

"So how do you plan on doing this without the TARDIS?" Amy asked.

The Doctor smirked. "That's easy." He stopped and turned to face them. "We ask the experts."

Across the pond, Scotland to be precise; well technically above across the pond. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable were in a plane flying high over the Scottish highlands.

'Were' being the key phrase. Currently, they were landing on top of a large castle nestled in the highlands; they couldn't even see it from the plane at first.

Waiting for them were a pair of Global Justice agents. They had their guns at the ready and were overall tense.

After the duo landed, or crashed in Ron's case, they were led by a third agent into a massive stone dining area. It was devoid of any furniture, save for one dining chair.

Sitting in said dining chair was the World's Deadliest Golfer, Duff Killigan. He was surrounded by a number of GJ agents, but not because they were after him.

No, this time he was being protected, admittedly against his will, but still protected.

GJ had Killigan practically at the bottom of their threat list and with Wade backing that up with Team Possible's experience; they believed that he was incapable of such a feat.

Though because of who had been targeted the idea that Killigan could be next was a possibility, not a likely one, but one could never be too sure.

The biggest problem was that no one could guess why villains and heroes were disappearing.

So there they were, a large contingent of GJ agents and the world-renowned Team Possible, guarding and even questioning a man that was probably out of his league.

Agent Will Du was the agent in charge. He noticed Kim and Ron enter the room and moved past them back out the door, motioning for them to follow.

"Miss Possible, it's good to see you here." Will attempted to, but failed in masking his superior attitude. He was being reviewed for a potential promotion and his superiors might not like it if he kept belittling his colleagues.

"I'm sure." Kim said dryly. "So what's the sitch?"

"Yes well," Will cleared his throat. "As you may have already guessed, Killigan isn't capable of pulling off the disappearances. So that just leaves Drakken and Shego as the only active villains who haven't disappeared and we all know who is the more capable of the two."

"No." said Kim.


"No. It's not Shego." Kim said with absolute certainty.

"Uh, KP, how can you be so sure? I mean it's Shego, ya know, 'I am evil' Shego and she does work for Drakken." Ron argued.

"It's just no her style," she said. "What's the point of being the best thief in the world if all your competition and challengers are gone? I don't think there's anything Drakken can do that would convince her to do something like this."

"Drakken has been known to use mind control," said Will.

Kim laughed at that. "Even Drakken isn't stupid enough to try mind control after what Shego did to him last time."

"Be that as it may, they're our only leads." Will said indignantly, "we've already station agents outside Shego's home in-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Ron cut in. "Shego, the Shego, has a home somewhere? I always thought she lived with Drakken."

"Please Ron, she can barely stand him for a few minutes, let alone live anywhere near him," said Kim. "Plus, I don't think she would like having her stuff blown up constantly." She chuckled at the last part.

Will cleared his throat to get their attention. "As I was saying, we have agents outside Shego's home in Middleton, don't ask; on the off-chance she knows anything."

After the initial shock that Shego lived in the same city, Kim had a thought. "If GJ knows where Shego lives, then why don't you arrest her when she's there?"

"You'll have to ask Dr. Director." He seemed slightly annoyed about the Shego situation.

It was then that the sound of something smashing through stone reverberated throughout the castle.

The trio exchanged glances and ran through the doors to the dining hall.

In the wall across from the door was a large hole. A figure, hidden by the shadows, had the unconscious Killigan tucked under his arm. He spared a glance toward the trio before his other hand became surrounded by a blue glow. He slammed his fist into the ground, creating a large hole that he fell through. Before the trio or any of the other agents could follow after him a metal sphere was thrown up through the hole. A second later a powerful shockwave was released and everyone in the room was violently thrown against a wall.

Kim was the first to recover and she immediately jumped down the hole to pursue the mystery man, but by the time she landed there was no trace of him or Killigan.

She pulled out her Kimmunicator and called Wade. He answered almost immediately.

"Hey Kim, what do you need?"

"A man made off with Killigan a minute ago, can you track him?"

The boy typed at his computer furiously before speaking. "Sorry Kim, there are no satellites overhead that can see past the surrounding mountains."

"It's okay Wade," she said, a bit downcast. "Hey Wade, did you know Shego had a home in Middleton?"

"Shego in Middleton?" the boy's shock told the story.

"Yeah sounds like it." She paused in thought for a moment. "Wade, I need you to set up a meeting with Dr. Director, she and I need to have a talk."

"I'll see what I can do." He cut the connection.

Kim hopped up through the hole into the dining room. The agents were still just recovering from the shockwave. Ron looked unconscious, probably banged his head she thought. Rufus was smacking Ron's face to try and wake him.

Kim went over to Ron, but didn't see any blood, so if he did hit his head the damage wasn't immediately apparent.

GJ support had been sent and medics were currently on the scene. Kim had just finished speaking with Will about the circumstances of the attack when Ron woke up.

Aside from suffering from a major headache, the medics could find nothing wrong with Ron and he and Kim hitched a ride back to Middleton with the support crew.

On Kim's request they dropped her and Ron off at the Middleton Medical Center. Her mother's work day was ending soon and she thought that she could go home with her.

Ron insisted that he go with Kim despite her insistence that he get some rest. What did she expect? It was pizza night at the Possible house, like he would miss that.

They met Kim's mother at the front of the hospital and all rode to the Possible home; Kim was silent for the most part because the attack was at the forefront of her mind.

One thing she did hear he mom say was that her father had said that they would be having dinner guests that night, but that was all that her mom was told.

They arrived at the house and went to the door. Ron and Rufus were already drooling over the prospect of the sauced and cheesed dough.

As they opened the door something exploded forth from the house… and was coming back around. It looked to be a rocket of some kind.

It flew back into the house and a loud crash could be heard.

"TWEEBS!" Kim shouted as she bolted into the house.

She spotted her twin brothers, Jim and Tim, and ran toward them.

"Gotta go." They said in unison and ran off down the hall with their sister in hot pursuit.

Before she could get far though, she slipped on the remote control they had dropped and was falling backwards. Until, of course, she was caught.

It was who that caught her that surprised her.

The Doctor had her in his arms and helped her regain her footing. "Sorry about that," said the Doctor, "I may have encouraged that display and I must say that they are incredibly smart for their age."

Ann's mouth was hanging open at the sight of the strange man from the hospital. And from the look on Ron's and her daughter's faces, they knew him.

"Thanks Doctor," said Kim.

The Doctor looked up and saw Mrs. Dr. Possible. He smiled. "Ah Mrs. Dr. Possible," he walked up and embraced her. "Good to see you again." He paused in thought for a moment before ending the embrace. "Sorry for the other day by the way."

He looked past the surgeon. "Ah, looks like the pizza's here." He went to the delivery boy grab the impressive stack of pizzas and went to the dining room.

All the while the newly arrived trio, and Rufus, followed his movements in stunned silence.

Kim's father, Dr. James Possible went and paid the delivery boy and left a generous tip. He closed the door before turning to his wife and giving her a quick kiss.

"So Dr. Possible how was work?" he said, smiling all the while.

"Good." It was all she could think to say, her mind still on the Doctor.

Her husband seemed to notice and tried to explain. "That's the Doctor. He's Kimmie-cub's new teacher."

Ann, Kim, and Ron went to the dining table, the twins somehow beating them there, and were greeted by two unknown guests. Mr. Dr. Possible introduced them. "This young lady here is Amy Pond and the young man is her husband Rory Williams."

"Pleasure to meet you three," Amy held out her hand and the trio each shook it. "And I do apologize for my cousin, the Doctor. He can rub people the wrong way sometimes."

Rory held out his hand and the process was repeated. "Yeah, but he's a good guy. Just a tad strange."

"I am sitting right here you know," said the Doctor.

Ann seemed to calm down slightly. If the Doctor's cousins vouched for him and seemed decent enough, then maybe there wasn't anything to feel apprehensive about.

"I'm sorry about how I've acted, but your cousin really weirded me out the other day, and I was a little disturbed." Ann said.

"Oy!" she bopped the Doctor on the back of the head. "What's wrong with you?"

"Ow, I said I was sorry already. No need to hit me."

After the introductions the meal went by pretty well. There was light conversation, but Kim seemed noticeably quiet. Ann was worried and decided to address it.

"Kim, sweetie, are you okay?"

Kim looked up. "Hmm? Yeah I'm fine. It's just the mission we just got back from is really bugging me."

"Yeah, that guy took us all down really fast." Ron said while pigging out on the pizza.

"That's not what's bothering me, Ron." She shot him a look that suggested that she was a little offended. "It was the blue glow he used. It was just like Hego's."

Kim looked at the puzzled faces around her and decided to explain. "Hego was the leader, and I use the term loosely, of a superhero group called Team Go. Hego, Shego, Mego, and the Wego twins were in their tree house when they were little and a fragment from a rainbow colored comet hit them and gave them superpowers that manifested with a glow. Hego's glow was blue and gave him super strength."

"Wait, Shego, your arch-enemy?" Ann asked.

"Yep. She used to be a hero. It shocked me too."

Ron seemed shocked. "You think Hego did this, no way KP. He's so good it's kinda creepy almost."

"I know Ron, but who else could it be? That's what I've been trying to figure out since it happened." Kim said.

"A rainbow comet you say?" the Doctor asked. Kim nodded. "Interesting and it was just a fragment of a larger mass?" She nodded again. He smiled and said nothing else.

Things continued as before with light conversation until Amy decided to speak up. "Look, I'm sure you want to know why we turned up tonight, so I think we should be straight with you."

The other diners looked at her expectantly.

"Rory and I got married recently, but my cousin couldn't make it. So I decided that we would show up and surprise him. We didn't call ahead and his house was being fumigated. And the moron left all of his money and things in his house." She said. She took a quick moment to regain her breath before continuing.

"So we used what little American dollars we had to stay at a motel, but now we're out of money. The Doctor said that he could find us a place to say and brought us here. He doesn't seem to understand that you can't just go to someone's home and expect to stay there." She finished her story and sat back in her seat.

"So you need a place to stay?" Mr. Dr. Possible asked.

Rory looked between Amy and the Doctor and answered. "Kind of. We don't want to impose and we can find someplace else."

"Nonsense." Ann spoke up. "You can stay here until your house is finished."

"Thank you, Dr. Possible," said Amy.

"There is one problem though," Ann said. "We only have one guest room."

"No worries there, the Doctor can sleep on the couch." Amy said with an evil grin.

"The Doctor's going to sleep where?" the Doctor asked.

On the couch, the Doctor lay awake.

The houses' other occupants were fast asleep, but something kept the Doctor awake. It was the comet. In all his travels through time and space, a rainbow colored comet was something new to him. The fact that there was something he knew nothing about excited him a bit and gave him something to search for one day.

One day he would get a look at that thing, but he did have a class to teach tomorrow. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.

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