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The Possible Storm

Chapter 4

Excavation of the Daleks


It repeated constantly. At each utterance a scream would ring out. Panicked screams, running, and finally the sound of a loud thud before the recording stopped.

"That's all there is to the recording," Monkey Fist said. "The ones around the camp are the only known survivors. They said it was a massacre as you probably inferred."

"What was that thing?" Kim asked.

"I don't know. I came here because I heard rumor of a mystical monkey artifact," Fist said. "I shudder to think if this thing is it."

"Ron, Doctor, any ideas?" she asked and turned to look at them.

Ron and Rufus were stunned at what they heard. The Doctor on the other hand was stalking over to the underground entrance.

"Doctor, wait!" Kim shouted. He didn't acknowledge her.

He was already walking down the stairs that led into the underground.

"Monkey ninjas assemble!" Fist shouted.

The monkeys from the surrounding ruins gathered next to Monkey Fist, while donning various martial arts stances.

They started to surround Kim and Ron.

"KP, monkey trouble!" Ron shouted.

"What are you doing?" Kim said as she ran to Ron's side, ready for action.

"I could have left whenever I wanted, surely you know that." Fist said. "But what better opportunity to get rid of the famous Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, the one who stole my power.

"So what?" Kim started, "you'll trap us down there and hope that that thing kills us, not very well thought out if you ask me."

"I will of course seal the entrance. That way, no matter the outcome, you will surely die."

The monkeys started closing in.

Kim grabbed Rufus from Ron's shoulder and tossed him toward the underground entrance. "Rufus, find the Doctor."

She went into her fighting stance while Ron did the same. Despite getting better in regards to his monkey phobia, he was trembling slightly at the prospect of fighting them.

Rufus ran down the steps leading down into the ground and stopped at their base. It was incredibly dark and the Doctor was nowhere in sight.

As a naked mole rat, Rufus had a well-developed sense of smell. He managed to pick up the Doctor's scent and followed it, running as fast as his little legs could take him.

He came across the Doctor far into the twisting labyrinth that was the underground, where the ruins expanded into a massive cavern.

The Doctor was at a ledge looking down. Rufus scurried over to him and peaked over the edge.

Down below, among a number of corpses and excavation equipment, were three metallic things. A dome served as their heads. Each one had two protruding lights at the upper part of each side of the dome. Protruding from the center of the 'face' was an eyestalk. On their chests were what appeared to be some kind of silver tube, a Gunstick, and a plunger, a Manipulator. The base was a skirt-like structure of metal plates covered with globes.

"Well, well, well," the Doctor spoke. "What do we have here?"

The three things turned to face the Doctor and the eyestalks trained on him.

"IT IS THE DOC-TOR." The first one said the protrusions on each side of its head lighting up at each syllable.

"EN-EMY OF THE DA-LEKS." Said the second one.

"EX-TER-MIN-ATE," said the third and the Gunstick pointed up toward the Doctor.

"You may want to think about that for a second," the Doctor said. "This place is pretty old, ancient if you will. Shoot and miss, which you probably will at this angle, and you risk this whole place collapsing and burying you lot with it."

The third one lowered the Gunstick.

"Good then," continued the Doctor. "The last three Daleks. Survival trumps the need to 'exterminate' all life not Dalek."

The Doctor prayed that they weren't able to obtain information on the New Dalek Paradigm. If they did they would collapse the place without a second thought. These Daleks were considered 'impure' and finding out about 'true' Daleks would instill them with the desire to die. Of course killing him would be a nice bonus.

The Doctor's tone became dark. "These people were innocent. They had no reason to die."


"Oh, well, that makes everything better doesn't it," he said with bitter sarcasm. "Daleks, the ultimate evil. Hatred incarnate. Only three of you left and all you think about is killing. What kind of existence is that anyway?"


"I had no choice." His voice took on an air of sadness.

"THE EX-CUSE OF A MUR-DER-ER!" said the second Dalek.


"What are Daleks doing buried so far beneath the earth?" the subject was in desperate need of changing. "Hiding away like cowards?" he scoffed. "Some Daleks you are."


"Oh, now I get it," he said, "You were sent back in time in case Davros failed, which he did by the way. But you couldn't control where you ended up, could you?" he smiled. "You got yourselves trapped inside a massive tomb with no way out."

"YOU ARE WRONG!"said the first Dalek.

"How so?" Being in the dark about anything regarding the Daleks was not a good thing.

"WE ARE NOT THE LAST!" continued the first Dalek.

The Doctor's first thought was that they were somehow in contact with the New Paradigm, but that should be impossible, he thought. His next thought terrified him just as much.

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a UV light stick. Like the TARDIS his pockets were bigger on the inside. He tossed the stick down the excavated hole and caught a glimpse of something that filled him with absolute dread.

The light revealed a relative army of Daleks trapped in some form of stasis.

"WE WERE SENT BACK IN TIME AS RE-SERVES!" This voice was deeper than the other three. A larger Dalek rose from the bottom of the cavern. This Dalek had a black base with golden colored globes. Its middle section was black with its Gunstick and Manipulator colored gold. The dome that served as its head was golden as well.

"A second Supreme Dalek, eh?" the Doctor said. "Not good." He then had a thought. "Davros wasn't in charge though, the Supreme Dalek was."


"I get it now. Davros finally wised up and created a subservient Supreme Dalek in case he was betrayed. Clever man, Davros."


"Cult of Davros," he said, "not very original of him, but gets the point across, I guess." He clasped his hands together. "Well, been nice talking to you, but my furless friend and I must be off."

Rufus took the hint and climbed up the Doctor's leg and hid in one of his jacket pockets. The Doctor turned and ran.

"DO NOT AL-LOW THE DOC-TOR TO ES-CAPE!" the Supreme Dalek turned to the first two. "EX-TER-MIN-ATE THE DOC-TOR!" he turned to the third. "EX-TER-MIN-ATE AN-Y HU-MANS A-BOVE!"

"WE OBEY!" The three said in unison.

The Doctor ran until he found a recess in the stone which he proceeded to slip into.

The Doctor had a problem. It had been numerous hours since the first Dalek was awakened. The stasis the army seemed to be in had to involve a complex removal; otherwise the Daleks would have overrun the surface by this point instead of only four of them being awake.

This gave him time to find a way to dispose of the army. Unfortunately, it wasn't too much of a stretch for four Daleks to cripple humanity during this time period.

UNIT and Global Justice were the only organizations at this time that were aware of alien life; that he trusted anyway and his trust in UNIT took a hit during the Sontaran invasion. Though that knowledge of alien life meant nothing against the Daleks; four would be enough.

"Well little buddy, what do you think?" The Doctor looked around for Rufus. "Uh oh," he said. He searched his pockets for a couple minutes until he managed to pull out Rufus. "Bigger on the inside, isn't it little one?"

Rufus was a little shaken and muttering in…mole rat language… whatever you would call it.

"Hey, bowties are cool." He adjusted said tie.

Rufus was in mild shock that the Doctor could understand him, which he picked up on. "Don't be so shocked, I speak everything."

"Now then," the Doctor started. "We need to find a way to stop the Daleks."

He put Rufus back into his coat pocket; telling him to hold on to the edge if he could, and ducked out of his little hideaway. He went down the nearest branching passage and started to familiarize himself with the structure of the ruins.

The first thing he noticed were the carvings on the walls of the passage. In his rush to confront the Daleks he didn't notice them before.

He took out his sonic screwdriver and ran it over the wall and the carvings. He flicked his wrist and the claws flipped outward from the glowing green diode. He looked at the screwdriver intently.

"Well now, that is a tad interesting. The carvings are thousands of years old and yet." He leaned in to get a better look at the carvings and ran his hands over a certain one shaped almost like a saltshaker. "There are definitely Daleks shown here."

He moved his hands over the carvings and followed them. Images of people kneeling before Daleks, a single person being covered in a light coming from a Dalek, offerings place in front of Daleks.

These people worshiped them. These ruins weren't for burial or to hide away any treasure like the archaeologists assumed. No, this place was meant for the Daleks. A place where they would go undetected.

Other carvings were typical of what one might expect. A circle surrounded by light: the sun. Various huts and animals with people spread about. But the occasional Dalek made an appearance. Almost as if they lived among the people before their 'burial.'

This really was turning into an interesting side trip.

The monkey ninjas were down and Monkey Fist was flanked by both Kim and Ron.

"Just give up Fist," Ron said. "It's over man, it's just embarrassing now."

Fist tensed and launched at Ron, but was intercepted by a kick delivered to his side by Kim.

"He's right," Kim said. "Besides, if this thing is killing so many people then we should work together so no one else dies."

The cliché timing gods were in full swing today as the surviving archaeologists started screaming and running for cover.

The trio of fighters turned toward the entrance to the underground where the saw a mechanical thing levitate out of the entrance.

"EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" it said. It took aim and started firing a type of beam from a silver tube. "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" Every shot killed with a single hit, revealing the victims skeletons, almost like an x-ray. Humans and monkey ninjas were dropping like flies.

Kim tossed the Kimmunicator to Ron. "Have Wade scan this thing for weaknesses." Before Ron could say anything, Kim was charging toward the thing.

It noticed Kim. "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!"

Kim dove out of the way of the beam and shot her hairdryer grappling hook at the thing. The cable wrapped around the thing's base section and Kim dashed into the jungle. She tied the cable to a large tree and tied it off as tightly as she could.

The thing's levitating force was incredibly strong; the tree was making very unsettling noises as the thing was trying to break free of the grappling cable.

She moved to the top of the tree and leapt out; kicking the thing in the head. And promptly fell back, clutching her foot. Luckily, the kick caused the Dalek to be forced down to the ground.

"EX-TER-MIN-ATE!" The thing fired the beam at her, but she rolled away and quickly returned to her feet. The beam did manage to severe the cable of the grappling gun leaving a short length still attached to the thing.

It kept firing and she kept dodging. It was all she could do really; it was up to Wade to find something out.

"Wade, come on, KP needs help!" Ron shouted at the handheld device. He and Monkey Fist were behind a stone wall in order to avoid getting hit by a stray shot.

The young boy was furiously typing away at his computer. "All I can tell right now is that the metal it's made of isn't anything found on Earth."

"Are you insane?" Fist said. "Are you seriously saying that this thing is an alien?"

"It's the most likely possibility given the evidence." Wade shot back.

"Can you help KP, yes or no?" Ron was getting frantic.

"I'm doing everything I can, but I'm not sure."

"There's not time. I'm going to help her." Ron made to stand up, but Fist pulled him back down.

"Don't be a fool. You'll get in her way." Fist said.

"Oh, so now you care!" he yelled at the monkey man.

"If I want to get out of here alive now I have to help however I can." He said matter-of-factly. "Possible is doing fine right now; if we try to interfere we may break her concentration."

Ron reluctantly agreed and urged Wade to hurry up.

The Doctor found his way back to the cavern where the Daleks were located by using a different corridor. He was higher up than he was before and was able to have a good vantage point for which to devise a clever strategy.

A clever strategy that he… okay he had nothing.

The only possible way to stop the Daleks would be to collapse the underground ruins and bury them. The problem being that his sonic screwdriver wasn't able to produce a powerful enough sonic emission to do so. And he wasn't too keen on being buried with them.

The Dalek Gunstick more than likely packed enough of a punch to do so and would allow him to set it to fire without him being down there, though he wasn't too sure; he was just bluffing earlier.

Thing is, what did Davros have to gain by sending the Daleks back in time. Sure, they could take over the Earth, but given the time period they wouldn't be able to do much else. And then there was the stasis. There would be no guarantee that it would be lifted. Davros was surely smart enough to assume that he might not have been able to awaken them himself.

But from the way the archaeologists seemed to react to the first Dalek's movements, it couldn't have been out of its stasis when it was first excavated. Being brought out from underground couldn't have released the stasis because Davros might not have been there like he previously deduced.

That would mean that there would be a mechanism to awaken the first Dalek so that it could awaken the others. One that activated early when they were compromised. Coupled with the fact that they would be stuck on Earth for an unknowable amount of time given the fact they were in ancient ruins meant only one thing. The Daleks had a ship buried down there as well.

The Doctor could set the ship to fire its more powerful weapons at one of the surrounding walls and he would be able to more accurately set a time that it would fire, so that he could escape.

"Okay then," he started. "We find the ship, avoid detection, escape, and bury them once and for all. The end of the Daleks from the Time War." He pulled Rufus out of his pocket. "So little one, why don't we end a centuries old war."

The Doctor placed Rufus back in his pocket and went back the way he came; looking for a way to get further up into the ruins. He assumed that the ship would be in shallow ground to assure that it would be able to break free and take flight.

It would end. The New Paradigm may still be waging war against all of existence, but with the destruction of these Daleks, the Time War would finally end.

Kim was in trouble. She couldn't dodge the thing forever and given how much time had passed she had to assume that Wade wasn't able to find anything out.

Looks like I'm on my own, she thought.

She ducked behind a ruined stone wall. "Ron, Fist, I need you to evacuate the survivors," she shouted toward them. Knowing Ron would protest she added, "Ron I'll be fine. NOW MOVE!"

Ron reluctantly followed her order and started to covertly gather the survivors in order to lead them all back to the nearby village. Before the thing could react to the rescue, Kim leapt out from behind the wall and into action.

Kim pulled out a tube of lipstick and aimed it at the thing's eyestalk. Pink, elastic goo shot from the tube and covered the eyestalk before contracting and hardening around it.

The thing stopped firing. Kim took the chance to charge forward, but stopped and backed off. The goo was melting off of the thing and it continued firing and screaming 'exterminate.' The 'exterminate' thing was really starting to annoy her.

She tried her laser lipstick next, but it didn't even singe the metal frame. This thing would require a bit of strategy, she thought.

She noted that it wasn't fast, at least without levitating. Though she only assumed that because it stayed in one place; relying more on its ability to turn its middle segment to aim and fire. Its metal couldn't be damaged by her gadgets. All in all, beating this thing would be impossible. But that wasn't what her name was.

She pulled out her elastic lipstick and took aim. She fired at the silver tube and the elastic goo constricted around it.

The thing stopped firing to allow whatever it did before melt the goo. Kim took this time to charge and slip behind it. She pulled out her laser lipstick, reached around the thing, and held it point-blank at the eyestalk lens. She fired it at full blast and the lens cracked slightly.

The amount of energy she used to crack the lens overloaded her laser lipstick causing it to explode and burn her hand. She screamed and clutched her hand; doubling over in pain.

The thing quickly turned its mid-section and slammed her with its plunger arm. She was flung back and fell to the ground, hard.


Kim rolled forward and kicked up with all her might. She managed to divert the silver tube enough for it to miss its intended target.

She flipped away from it and slid behind a tree for cover. She needed to think of something to beat this thing. Her laser lipstick was gone and nothing else she tried seemed to work. She went through all possible options in her head when a light bulb went off.

She activated the rockets and wheels built into her shoes and sped past the thing, dodging beams as she went. She sped up a tree on the opposite side of the ruins and pushed off of it when she neared the top. She managed to avoid incoming beams and position herself. She brought one knee up and stomped down on the thing's eyestalk, as she shut down the rockets and wheels.

Though the stalk was just bent slightly, the eyepiece, and by extension the lens, shattered under the force, leaving the machine blind.

She wasn't done. She grabbed the last bit of her grappling gun's cable and wrapped it around the plunger arm and silver tube. She used her elastic lipstick to reinforce the cable and to prevent the thing from, hopefully, moving its mid-section.

What surprised her was that it didn't attempt to move its mid-section. Instead, each section opened up and Kim saw what was inside.

She had thought that this thing was a robot; she was wrong. Inside the 'casing' was a creature that appeared to be a greenish blob with tentacles hanging down from it. She noticed that it had no mouth so its voice must've been entirely electronic.

"Surrendering are we?" she said with a cocky smirk.

"DA-LEKS NE-VER SUR-REND-ER!" said the Dalek.

In a blinding flash of speed its two longest tentacles wrapped around Kim's neck and started to strangle her. The Dalek looked frail, but the strength it was using to choke her was immense. She fell to her knees and started clawing at the tentacles as best she could with one burnt hand. To no avail.

Her face was turning purple and her eyes were watering. Her strength was disappearing as the life was slowly draining out of her.

At least Ron was able to save those people, she thought. If I have to die then at least the others made it out safely.

Her world started to go black.

The Dalek ship was attached to a corridor that was a mere twenty yards below the surface at least that was his best guess. A relatively weak cloaking field covered the ship just enough to prevent it from being detected from above.

He used his screwdriver to open an entryway into the ship; relieved that it didn't have a deadlock seal active. He slipped into the ship and made for the control room.

Dalek ships were what would first come to mind when thinking of UFOs. They were flying saucers. The inside was very spacious. Daleks didn't have much need for items that humanoids believed to be necessities; saved a lot of space that way.

He found the central control room of the ship and made his way to one of the control panels. The controls of a Dalek ship were like the globes on the bottom segment of their armor. They were of varying sizes and the Daleks operated them using their Manipulator arms.

Of course the sonic screwdriver could work on anything… well, that he would admit anyway. His current screwdriver was different from previous models in that it had a psychic link with him so the need for different settings had become unnecessary.

He used his screwdriver to interface with the Dalek's weapons systems. It was taking some time; the saucer was largely dormant so without the systems being active it was taking a bit longer than he wanted it to.


At that all too familiar cry the Doctor dove behind the control console, barely avoiding the beam. He was unscathed, his fez not so much.

"Why the fez? Why always the fez?" the Doctor mourned his headwear.



The Doctor stood up, smiled, and placed both hands on the console. "Before the whole extermination thing, why not tell me when you were put into stasis. You know, satisfy a dead man's curiosity."

Before the Daleks could react the Doctor continued. "If I were to guess, which I love doing by the way, I'd say you were placed here after the natives settled nearby." The Doctor started slowly walking around the room, the Daleks moving their Gunsticks to keep him in their line of sight.

"Now what would the natives do if they saw a Dalek saucer and Daleks exiting from it before their very eyes?" He stopped and turned toward the Daleks. "Oh it must have taken all you had to not 'exterminate' the lot of them. Though judging by the carvings on the walls I would say you sated the thirst for death and destruction by having them sacrifice the 'chosen ones' to their new gods."

He continued his walk. "So you proclaim that their new gods require a resting place for themselves and their craft. How many decades went by before they finished?" He paused. "Not important really. Once it was complete you were put into your little stasis save one. That one activated the device that would unlock its own stasis so that it could resuscitate the others."

He smiled a big smile before stopping and turning to them again. "But something went wrong. You weren't supposed to awaken so soon. Oh no. You were to wait until the Earth's technology reached a point where you could reliably power up your little craft here and be able to take over the planet and exterminate the inhabitants while having access to technology that would be able to create more Daleks and spread them across the universe. How close am I?"

Before the Daleks could react he began again. "The story isn't over though, is it? You see, the next part of the story is a tad embarrassing for you Daleks." He stepped behind another console and placed his hands on it. "The most feared creatures in the universe bested by a naked mole rat. How humiliating is that?"

Rufus had left the Doctor's pocket earlier and scampered from behind the central console in the opposite direction. He climbed up high to get a good vantage point and waited. Hearing the Doctor refer to him, he sprang into action.

He leapt down on one of the Dalek's eyestalks and pushed himself up against the Dalek's 'eye'.

The Dalek in question started spinning its head and firing its Gunstick with no regard to its surroundings, all the while screaming its typical 'exterminate'.

The Doctor ducked behind the console and was protected from the beams. The other Dalek not so much. One of the beams hit the other Dalek square in its 'chest' causing the armor to explode and the Dalek inside to die in an instant.

Rufus leapt from the Dalek and started running for the Doctor.

The Dalek regained its focus and took aim at the rodent. "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!"

Rufus ducked and dodged the incoming fire and made it behind the console with the Doctor unscathed. The Doctor, meanwhile, was using his screwdriver to do something to the console.

The Dalek moved forward while firing and screaming its battle cry.

The Doctor's efforts paid off when a turret sprung from the ceiling and locked onto the Dalek. The turret was like the Dalek Gunstick and therefore it was able to destroy the Dalek with a single aimed shot at its eyestalk.

The Doctor wasted no time and went to the central control console again while Rufus scampered up his leg and back into his pocket.

The Doctor used his screwdriver to finish activating the ships beam cannons and set them to go off after a certain amount of time.

"Okay then," said the Doctor. "Fifteen minutes should give us plenty of time to get out of here."

Rufus poked his head out of the Doctor's pocket and started frantically chittering. The Doctor's eyes widened for a brief instant before he took off running.

How could he forget, he thought. There were four active Daleks and only one would be needed to awaken the others. That would mean that the third one was sent above. He was panicking at this point.

Please don't let me be too late; he kept repeating that phrase over and over again in his head.

The Doctor had made it out through the entrance to the underground minutes after a massive explosion rocked the surrounding area. He had his hands on his knees and was heavily panting.

"Okay, so maybe fifteen minutes wasn't enough." He caught his breath relatively quickly, but both of his hearts were hastily beating.

He became alert when he noticed a number of bodies, human and monkey alike. He scanned the area for survivors and panicked when none could be found.

He ran around the ruins searching for any sign of life. It was after a few minutes that he came across a scene that filled him with terror. Kim was on her knees with a Dalek's tentacles around her neck. She wasn't moving.

He moved forward cautiously until he saw the state of the Dalek. Buried deep in the Dalek was a trowel; the Dalek was dead. The tentacles were lifeless around Kim's throat.

Upon closer inspection the Doctor saw that Kim was trembling slightly. She let out the occasional muffled sob; holding back her emotions as best she could.

The Doctor carefully removed the tentacles from her neck and pushed the Dalek into the jungle. When he returned Kim hadn't moved an inch. Rufus peaked out of his pocket and looked up at the Doctor with a worried expression. The Doctor patted his head to reassure him.

As he approached Kim again she started to speak.

"The others got away safely," she started. "Those that survived anyway. I fought the robot and beat it, but it opened up." Her eyes were downcast and she spoke in monotone. "There was something alive in it; a 'Dalek' it said. It choked me. It got dark. I couldn't fight it off." She was fighting to hold back tears and was losing. Badly. "I… I don't know what happened next… I was moving my arms and found something… and I hit it with it… and it stopped choking me."

Her tears were running freely now. The Doctor got on his knees and drew her into a comforting hug; whispering various reassurances in her ear. She broke down and the tears and sobbing came freely now.

"I killed it! I'm a hero and I killed it!" she practically screamed in between her sobs. "Heroes aren't supposed to kill! I thought it was a machine, but it was alive… It was alive!"

The Doctor held her close and she kept sobbing; screaming that she was a monster, not a hero.

He knew the feeling all too well.

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