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Chapter 3

Harry had expected something like this would happen, so he had made a list of spells that would be needed for basic survival in isolated areas from growing vegetation to making a sturdy fort. It was thanks to Hermione that the thought had even struck him as a necessary thing to bring. Malfoy was on shelter duty transfiguring trees into small houses big enough for each of them; it gave him something to keep his mouth from getting him in trouble and was useful at the same time. Luna was off casting wards to make sure no one would try to catch them by surprise and she was surprisingly good at that kind of magic. Harry was on food collection duty, after they had found that their main supply of food here on the deserted island was fruit and fish. Harry was also studying the spells he had prepared for the event that they would need a ship; he had decided they would start tomorrow when everyone was feed and rested. At the sound of a twig breaking Harry all but shot a spell at the person who was behind him using his versatile wandless magic. Thankfully he didn't, it would have been hard to explain himself to Neville that he had turned his girlfriend into a pile of ash. Letting out a sigh of relief, Harry relaxed it arms to say. "Hello Luna, done with the wards already?"

As always with Luna, her dreamy far-off voice calmed him, "No Harry, I still have one left, but I think I should let you know that I saw a sea monster not far off from here and was wondering if I should attract it or not." It took Harry a couple of seconds of gapping like an idiot before he could wrap his brain around what she said.
"Luna, did you just say you were wondering whether or not to attract a sea monster to our island?" Harry asked of Luna as if she had said something foreign. "Yes Harry, I did."
Harry new he wasn't going to like the answer that he was going to get, but he knew Luna wouldn't lie to him; even if he wanted her to. He decided to ask the question that was completely logical but new that the Ravenclaw would show him a new way of thinking, as she always did.
"So why would we want to bring something like a sea monster, even a little one, near us intentionally?"

Luna looked at him with a completely straight face as she started to tell him why. "Several reasons really; for food, or travel, or protection, after all we don't know what is out there in this world. The reasons against it are that it might be too dangerous, our magic might not have an effect on it, and the meat of it might be poisonous. It seems to sticking near to this island, about a hundred feet from the beach on the opposite side of the island. So, Harry, are you going to answer my question?"
Harry was, like always after speaking with Luna, slightly surprise by the way Luna could find details that he had completely missed. As Harry thought about it he was reminded of when he first met the Thestrals, winged horses with a skeletal body that was, upon closer inspection, looked more reptilian. At first, Harry was startled by them and thought he was going crazy, but it was Luna who reassured him then and later on. He then had his answer to Luna's question. "Luna, if it is still there in the morning, we will all go out with our brooms and try to catch it, but if we can't then we will have to kill it." Harry said in reluctance to having to kill something that might be friendly despite how it looked. "You understand don't you, Luna? I'd rather chases it off without blood having to be shed, but there is a chance that more will show up if we let it escape." Luna nodded grimly, and for the second time in his life that he saw her lose that air of dreaminess and take on such a serious look it scared him. Then, like the sea that surrounded them, her face changed back. "Thanks Harry, so what are you reading so intently? Is it something to do with where we are now?"
With that, Harry explained what the book contained and why he had it out. Then he explained that if they do catch the sea monster how they would need to shape the boat so that the ship wouldn't get destroyed or the damaged while the creature moved, at this point Luna describe the creature that she had seen. It was serpent-like but had the head of a bull; its size was that of a standard yacht, with blue swirls down its she finished they both realized that the sky was a rosy color, they hurried to gather the fruit that Harry had gathered and ran off to where they had made camp. Both were unaware of the two strange fruit they had picked up in their rush that sat on top of the rest.

At the huts 30 minutes later…

Malfoy had cut down more trees than their shelters really needed, partly out of frustration, mostly because he thought could use them for other things, such as fortifications from wild animals or additions to their camp. The reason for his frustration was because he was being bossed around by Potter. This wasn't really true; yes Harry had taken the leader role and it did cause him to be slightly jealous, but it was that Lunny Lovegood that stuck to his decisions like a permanent sticking charm had been cast on her. It was insufferable, Draco was about to check the time again when the two of them jumped the thick tree trunks that were littered on the beach. Draco smirked as he watched them catch their breath, glad that he wasn't the only human on this island. Then his attention was drawn to the two weird fruit that sat atop the rest, prompting his question. "What the bloody hell are those?"

This caught Harry's attention as if a Snitch had zoomed in front of his face, as he first noticed the weird fruit. One was the size of a watermelon, but instead of being green with black strips it had what looked like light black targets covering its misty blue body. The other one looked like a pumpkin with its ridges and shape, but had intricate knot working lines of the darkest black, which only lent to the glowing look of the odd shade of red. Luna looked at them curiously before taking both of the weird fruit and setting them aside saying, "we should save these for later since we have no idea what they are. They could be poisonous for all we know."
Her last comment caused Draco to pale, though this went unnoticed by the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. He now wished he could consult his ghostly friend Myrtle, who he knew would be more than willing to listen to him. He had become friends with Myrtle in his sixth year, who he had met by accident when sneaking around, the only person he had, in full trust, told of his task that the Dark Lord had given him. If she had been alive, though Draco would never admit it as she was a "Mudblood", would have been like a sister to him. His thoughts where brought back to what was going on around him when he heard his name being called by Potter. "Draco, I thought I'd let you know there is a good sized sea monster parked on the other side of the island." Harry watched as Malfoy's face went from shock to a shrewd look he got whenever he thought something was being left out. Harry waited for him to motion to go on before he continued, "We decided that in the morning, if it is still there, we will try to catch it. If we can't catch it, we will have to kill it but I hope it doesn't have to come to that. The reason we want to catch it is so that we can use it to get around; but we can still use it, if we have to kill it, for meat. We will need to build a boat tomorrow, so I have some spells that we use to make it."
Looking around the camp, Harry nodded as he saw the excess logs and the well-made huts. "Nice work Draco. Those huts look great and you seemed to have gotten enough logs to build the ship. But we still need a couple more so we can make the rigging and ropes to catch it." Harry then went on to explain what the bull-like sea monster looked like and what his plans for capturing it was. They then decided to cut down the last two trees they would need for tomorrow before turning in for the night, Luna keeping the weird fruit since the other two didn't want to hold onto them.

Group 2's island; Now named Lumber yard

Neville had woken up and hour before the sunrise, like he always had done after the Death Eaters had taken over Hogwarts before the Battle. It became a habit as much as a survival instinct that Harry and Mad Eye would have been proud of if they had found out. After all, if you are awake then you are harder to crucio if you know where the caster is and can move in time. He learned that lesson after one morning being woken up that way by the Carrow Twins Professors. after that, Neville was glad to have studied Runes and Arithmancy with his Gran and Hermione. Few people knew that Neville Longbottom, the now Lord Longbottom, was ranked third in those two classes. The first and second ranked in those classes was Hermione and the Ice Queen of Slytherin Daphne Greengrass respectively. But he made up for being third in those classes by being fifth in Charms, fourth in DA, and first in Herbology (after fifth year of course for all be Herbology) with Tracey Davis riding a close second. Neville's thoughts drifted back to the work they had gotten done yesturday. He had come across a strange fruit that for some reason reminded him of a inflated orange, it was the size of a Quaffle with zigzag patterns all over it. He had shown Hermione it before warning her that they shouldn't eat it till the had a better idea as to if it was poisonous or not, ad even then not to test it. He stuck a stasis charm on it before stuffing it into his bag.

Now here Neville was, sitting in his transfigured hut looking over his new duffle bag. It was a strange bit of magic that he knew would come in handy, so he reached over and pulled it to him. It was with these thoughts that drove Neville to reached into his duffle bag to root around in it until his hand clasped around something. pulling it out he saw that it was a pair of eye glasses box and a note. Upon opening the box he found two small curricular lenses and a set of what appeared to be reading glasses. Not knowing that the small lenses were what muggles call contact lenses, he called out for Hermione to come and see what he found. This was both the smartest and dumbest thing he could have done. Smartest because Hermione would know what they were, and dumbest cause he had just woken a sleeping girl an hour before dawn would break. This cause Nev to be on the receiving end of several minor curses and hexes before Hermione was satisfied that Neville had 'got the message' before looking at what Neville had found.
She quirked an eyebrow before say in a calm but questioning voice. "These are contact lenses Neville, they are normally used as an alternative to glasses because they can be placed directly on the eyes which in turn makes it easier to see without worrying that they could break. But I must agree with you that this is quite strange indeed. Hey, what have you got there?" She said as she spotted the note that Neville had been protecting during the on slot of spells, which he had put down so he could work on the counter curses for everything thrown at him. Sighing a bit before looking at Hermione with a small hint of annoyance, he said in an even tone. "That was why I called you so early, so that we could look over this together and find out what we have here."

Hermione's cheeks colored slightly at this before apologizing and reversing all the spells she used o him. After they got comfortable, they read the note that had been attached to the box. Apparently it was a description about what was in the box, what types of charms had been used, what the enchantments would do on the glasses verses what was on the contacts, and referenced what books had the spells in it. after reading it they decided that Hermione would use the glasses as they allowed the wearer to retain any information visible as long as they where worn while the contacts would translate languages into english and identify poisons and healing herbs.

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