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During the first war with Voldemort, people had known only fear. The monstrosity that had come to plague their lives truly appeared as if he could not be stopped. Even Albus Dumbledore, who had defeated the Dark Lord Grindelwald and had stood before Voldemort several times, had not been able to bring the lunatic to a halt. The days had grown darker and darker until all hope had seemed lost. Then, on one of the darkest nights of the war, when few people had any reason to hold hope, the world had not only been given hope but freedom as well.

That fateful Halloween night when Harry Potter had brought the Dark Lord's terrifying reign to a grinding and sudden halt, the world had been given its savior and a potentially magnificent wizard that would do and bring great things to the Wizarding World. The world had been given peace and they rejoiced. It did not last. Almost sixteen years after the Boy-Who-Lived stopped the Dark Lord, Voldemort had been brought back to life to begin his reign a second time. When this happened, the Wizarding World looked to its savior, its hero, to save them once again from the monster. What happened is not something they had desired. For on this day, the day they had come to call The Day of Debts, the people had received a new reason to feel fear, a new meaning to place behind the word terror.

–Scene Break–

Harry Potter strode confidently down the little dirt road that led to Little Hangleton, the very place where Lucius Malfoy had attempted to use Harry in a ritual to bring back Lord Voldemort and had failed. However, he never went into the village proper. He made a beeline for a rundown and decrepit hovel that looked to be rotting, Severus Snape struggling to keep up with the powerful strides of the sixteen-year-old teenager. It had been two months since Harry had set on his warpath but his fury and determination had not lessened one bit.

In that time though Harry had not planned a single offensive strike against Voldemort. He had been beyond patient, biding his time and planning things just right. It had taken him three and a half weeks alone to plan a flawless incursion into Gringotts to obtain Helga's cup. Now, on this day, he was moving. The last Horcrux was destroyed and the wheels were starting to spin faster and faster, with Harry urging them along and going for the ride.

"You should be more careful," Severus counseled in a slightly miffed voice when Harry took out his wand and blasted the decaying door to pieces. He was quite obviously disgruntled at having to struggle to keep up with someone younger than he was when Harry was not even running.

"There is no need," Harry said as he walked past the door and into the main room and over to a specific spot in front of a filthy fireplace. "Riddle never thought someone would find this place or connect it with him so he did not bother to erect any proper wards."

Barely missing a beat, Harry swung his hand in a sweeping arch, summoning a shadow blade. The deadly blade sliced through the rotting wooden floor as if it were no more than soft butter. A high pitched but fairly low scream sounded briefly before it vanished. Harry banished the sword and started rooting around the wreckage with the tip of his wand. After a minute he straightened up again with something floating before the tip of his wand.

"What is that?" Severus questioned, not recognizing the small gem that floated there.

"The resurrection stone," Harry said with a slight grimace. He snapped the stone from the air and gripped Severus' arm, Apparating them back to Hogwarts. "The stone was supposedly created by death to bring the dead back to life. Not a mockery of death like the Inferi but really and truly bring the souls of the dead back into the mortal world."

"Such magic is impossible," Severus said, scoffing slightly at the idea. "Hundreds of witches and wizards have attempted to bring the dead back to life. None have succeeded."

"I agree," Harry said as he stuffed the stone into his pocket with a shrug. "However, that is what the stone is supposed to be according to Beetle the Bard. But that's irrelevant at the moment. Right now, we must focus on getting ready to go to the next muggleborn's house in Maidstone. The Headmistress said we would arrive at eight thirty sharp."

"Harry you shouldn't–" Severus started but was cut off.

"I want to go," Harry said calmly, with only a slight connotation to his voice that Severus could not identify. "I want to be more involved in the school's function. I will be perfectly well protected, especially since you will be there while McGonagall is with the other family."

"Harry," Severus said, getting the first inkling that his son was not telling him everything. He hesitated briefly before he said, "Very well."

Harry knew Severus suspected something but he did not dare to say anything. Too much depended on his plan to risk any vital information getting in the wrong ears. He trusted Severus implicitly, but he could not trust that something might happen to lead to someone he did not trust getting the wrong information. He was grateful though, that Severus let the matter go. He would explain everything mere moments before but not any sooner.

The whole point of holding that conversation in non-hushed tones as they walked into the Great Hall where everyone who was staying at the castle was eating dinner was to let it leak out that Harry, the Dark Lord's biggest target, would be off Hogwarts' grounds and away from the strongest protections available. The bait was simply too tantalizing and Harry was positive that Voldemort would not pass up such an opportunity. It was also the reason why Harry had sent a letter to the Ministry, requesting the presence of a few Aurors as he would be leaving Hogwarts to tend to muggleborns. He had also sent a letter to a specific person within the Ministry to give her time to prepare, discretely of course.

Harry sat down at the Head Table with Severus and next to Draco and his children and began to eat dinner, he was not about to go into this on an empty stomach. Dinner passed uneventfully, as expected. As it drew to a close, Narcissa came up to the Head Table and escorted her grandchildren out of the hall and up to her suit, where she would watch over them while Harry, Draco, and everyone else was out of the castle. She had been delighted to find out that she was a grandmother and had taken every opportunity she could to visit with the babies, which had been quite a lot recently.

At precisely eight thirty, Harry boarded one of the carriages with Severus. Draco was on board as well but he was hidden thoroughly with both a disillusionment charm and Harry's invisibility cloak. It was imperative that people think that Harry was alone with only Severus for protection. If Voldemort had even the slightest suspicion that something was off then Harry's whole plan could collapse. Of course, they ran that risk anyway with them leaking the information of where Harry would be but the more they could minimize that risk the better.

With magic aiding the Thestral's flight, the carriage reached Maidstone in just over half an hour, putting their arrival at their destination just past nine fifteen at night. The full moon was rising into the sky as Harry stepped out of the carriage behind Severus, who was now fully aware of the situation and on high alert, though you would not know it just by looking. The man had descended into the level of cold perfection he had live in during his time as spy. Severus could act so marvelously that no one, not even the Dark Lord could spot the truth and now, the Potions Master looked exactly as he should, a professor come to inform a muggleborn about magic.

Severus knocked on the door to the simple looking muggle house that was technically abandoned. In reality, the entire middle class neighborhood was abandoned. Harry had spent a week and a half going from house to house, Polyjuiced to look like a business man from a reputable law office in London, convincing all the muggle families, none of whom had muggleborn children, to accept an offer for a free cruise. It had been arduous, difficult, and annoying work that had required a few subtle spells to nudge the people into agreeing but Harry did not let it get to him and he refused to complain. It was better than having them caught in the middle of a war.

Everyone in the neighborhood, including the plain looking woman who had answered Severus' knock, was a Polyjuiced witch or wizard playing at being muggles. Some were the staff at Hogwarts, some were Auror's, those trusted above all others by Susan Bones and Auror Scrimgeour, and others still were members of The Order, previously named The Order of the Phoenix. Minerva had taken over The Order in the middle of Harry's fifth year and renamed it since neither she nor any of the members wanted anything to do with Dumbledore anymore. However they did not want to think up a completely new name so they simply changed it to The Order, as their purpose was essentially still the same.

Harry stood in the corner of the simple living room as Severus explained to the muggle woman, who was actually Minerva, about the existence of magic and silently running over the past several weeks in his head. When he had finished getting the muggles to leave their homes Harry had spent the rest of his time before he had tracked down and destroyed the last Horcrux preparing this potential battlefield. He had gone around the edge of the entire neighborhood carving runes that would do two things: it would alert him to anyone with a Dark Mark entering the area and would erect an impenetrable anti Apparation ward upon Harry's command. After he had finished that, Harry had taken his time painstakingly erecting several other wards, including a secondary anti Apparation and at least three anti portkey wards. One of those wards acted like one giant Finite Incantatem that would cancel out any use of the Imperius Curse in the event that Voldemort had Imperiused Death Eaters in his ranks.

Suddenly the runic wards went off in Harry's head but he did not react, he refused to react. He watched, or rather felt, as several more people bearing the Dark Mark entered the neighborhood. Harry was hard pressed not to smile. His plan, at least on some level, was working but he did not react. Harry stood there silently, a simple observer to seemingly innocuous school business. Then he felt it. A powerful magical presence entered the neighborhood, one that Harry had only ever felt once before. Voldemort had arrived. He was the last, Harry could tell, and at the very back of his hoard of minions. This was to be expected. They were basically playing a game of chess. Voldemort was the King and his Death Eaters his pawns. He would allow them to go first in case there was a trap of some sort, using them as fodder, before he made his entirely predictable move.

Harry surreptitiously shifted in place and twitched his arm in such a manner so his wand slipped into his hand but remained hidden by the folds of his robes. Draco, still hidden, saw the movement and the wand. He went over to Severus and Minerva and tapped them twice on the shoulder to inform them that Death Eaters were present. In spite of the situation they were all in, Draco had to be impressed with both of his teachers for even though they certainly felt his hand neither had reacted beyond shifting their feet so they could be standing in an instant.

Just as Draco had drawn his own wand, the door exploded. Harry was the first and fastest to react. He sent a spell flying past the still falling remains of the door and blasted back a Death Eater while simultaneously raising the wards around the neighborhood. At the sound of shattering glass, Harry reacted instinctively and sent at least three spells towards the back door, each one either incapacitating or killing the Death Eaters that had tried to attack from the back.

At that moment, another of Harry's little tricks came into play. Orpheus slithered out Harry's pant leg with surprising speed and went after the Death Eaters, his eyes open and felling several Death Eaters who had been foolish enough to look towards the snake. As Orpheus mad his way outside, biting and glaring, he resumed his true size of a massive, thousand year old snake. Harry had spent a week inventing a spell that would effectively guard against a Basilisk's deadly gaze, testing it on several small animals that the snake had caught for a meal. He had been successful only a few days ago and had proceeded to teach and cast the spell on every witch and wizard that was fighting on their side.

Seconds after Orpheus started tearing into the enemy ranks, Kane appeared and followed him, ripping and tearing Death Eater's apart with his powerful claws and deadly teeth. Harry ignored the presence of his familiars, as did everyone who was not a Death Eater, and began forcing his way through the hoard at the front door. At first, the Death Eaters seemed to have the upper hand, discounting Orpheus and Kane, but none of them were a match for Harry's strength and tenacity. They were slowly forced back and Harry could make his way out the door.

Harry's exit of the house triggered the second half of his trap. The wards that prevented escape lit up like a second sun and the resistance revealed itself. Over two hundred witches and wizards between The Order, the Aurors, Hogwarts' staff, and the Ministries Unspeakables, came out of the nearby houses or dropped the charms that kept them hidden from sight. The Death Eaters started to panic at the sight of such an overwhelming presence of opponents to fight. Their numbers were not exactly skimpy, standing over a hundred and fifty Death Eaters, but not only were they outnumbered they had been caught unprepared.

Between the unexpected resistance, Orpheus, and Kane, the Death Eaters started to panic. Several attempted to flee, the Dark Lord's wrath be damned, but found that they were trapped seconds before they fell to someone's spell, claws, venom, or heart stopping gaze. Nothing compared to Harry though. A rare few would say he looked like he was conducting a symphony but to everyone else he was more devastating and a thousand times more horrifying than Orpheus' sweeping gaze. His hair swayed back and forth, as he dodged spells and fired his own. His eyes shone with a deadly emerald fire that made the Killing Curse seem tame.

Harry's wand never once stopped glowing as spell after spell flowed from its tip, unleashing pain, death, and unbridled terror. Harry flicked his wand at a Death Eater and the man's arm, the one that had been holding his wand, transfigured itself into a live cobra that promptly turned and bit the man in the neck before returning to an arm. Harry had moved on before the man had even been bitten. The next Death Eater fell before he realized what was happening as his head separated from his shoulders, slit at the neck by a slicing curse. It was not long before the Death Eaters were actively attempting to avoid getting in Harry's way as no one stood in front of him and lived.

Eventually, Harry had made it through the throng of Death Eaters to the destination he sought. Before him stood Voldemort, ignorant of his presence and sending off curses into the fray in an attempt to defeat the unexpected resistance. Since he had a moment, Harry stowed away his phoenix feather wand and summoned the Elder Wand. With that done, Harry allowed all of his rage, his pain, and his grief that he had suppressed over the past two months over the loss of his son to come to the surface. He no longer saw an enemy or the battle around him. All he saw was the monster that had affected his life in so many ways and was the reason for the death of one of his sons.

Harry filled his lungs with an impossible amount of air and released it in one mighty, magically amplified roar that ceased all activity on the entire battlefield. The fighting did not stop simply because of the roar, Kane had been letting roars ever since the battle had started. No, what stopped the fighting was what filled the roar. Pain, anguish, and sheer hatred caused the roar to echo endlessly through the area making everyone turn to face its source.

"Well, well, well," Voldemort hissed in his high voice that had inflicted terror in so many. All it did to Harry was confirm his target. "Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. Come to –" Voldemort's words were cut off as Harry, who was beyond words now, thrust the Elder Wand and his empty hand forward. Electricity erupted from his wand and hand, striking Voldemort's body. The man screamed in unexpected pain, causing several eyes in immediate area to widen in surprise. No one had ever caused Voldemort pain before.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you talk far too much?" Harry inquired in a detached and deathly calm voice. He easily deflected a random curse from the man he was torturing before flicking his wand. Voldemort cried out in more pain as his wand arm began contorting and twisting. Another flick from Harry's wand had Voldemort's legs began to be slowly and painfully dissected.

"Harry!" Hermione called from the edge of the crowd. "What're you doing?"

"No less than what is deserved," Harry said calmly as he stalked forward, though his voice traveled to every ear into the vicinity. Hermione looked sick but had she known the reason behind Harry's actions she would likely backed up his actions. Draco knew and only wished he were doing it himself. Severus suspected and so did not interfere. Minerva was on par with Hermione in terms of shock. "Your Horcruxes are gone Riddle." Harry said savoring the look of shock and horror that consumed Voldemort's face despite the pain the man must have been experiencing. "You will never touch my family again."

With that, Harry pointed his wand at Riddle. Fire poured from the tip in a frenzy and dug its way into Voldemort's abdomen, eliciting an inhuman scream. Harry stepped back and poured all of his hatred, his grief, and his pain over Aiden's death, something that would no longer happen, into the spell. Voldemort quickly started to burn from the inside out, screaming in unimaginable pain all the while. His body twitched and convulsed as the flames destroyed his bones and burned away his flesh.

In a matter of minutes, Voldemort was gone. Not even ashes remained behind. There was quite simply nothing left of the monster that had destroyed thousands of lives. Harry stood there staring at the spot where Voldemort had been moments before, panting heavily, his rage and pain not even close to being spent. He slowly lifted his gaze towards the surrounding crowd of shocked observers. Everyone, enemy and ally alike promptly flinched drastically at the demonic gaze of Harry's green and silver eyes. Every Death Eater and even a few others, quickly dropped their wands and raised their hands, fearful of attracting such a powerful wizard's attention.

Suddenly Harry felt warm, strong arms wrap themselves around his shoulders. Recognizing the arms and the scent of roses that filled his nose, Harry started to feel himself crack. The Aurors, Unspeakables, and The Order, snapped out of their shocked daze and quickly started detaining Death Eaters as Harry's overwhelming presence started to fade. The raven haired teen stood there stiff in Draco's comforting arms for several moments, trying to remain strong, but it quickly became too much. Harry's knees gave way and tears started flowing down his face as he began truly grieving for the loss of his son. Harry had never really grieved for Aiden; despite the fact that he knew his son would live a long life now. He had simply devoted his entire attention towards destroying the target of his rage and pain.

Now that target was gone, completely and utterly destroyed, and Harry had nothing left to focus on to ignore the pain. As the last of the Death Eaters were detained and the ten or so Imperiused men and women were remanded into custody to ensure their innocence, Harry released the last of his control and fully broke down. The wards surrounding the battle sight fell as Harry started wailing in heart breaking sobs that tore at everyone who heard them. With the help of The Order, The Ministry began Apparating every detainee back to The Ministry while the Hogwarts staff and a few Unspeakables began putting the neighborhood back in order while Draco just sat in the middle of the street gently rocking Harry while crying alongside him.

"Harry," Severus said in a surprisingly soft voice. When Harry simply continued to cry into Draco's shoulder the Potions Master turned his attention to the blond. "Can you two walk? We're done here and should get back to the castle."

Proving he had indeed been listing, Harry transformed into Shadow and started padding his way over to where the Thestral had pulled the carriage safely away from the battle, which had actually lasted much longer than it had seemed to the distraught youth. Harry hopped into the carriage and onto one of the seats where he continued to mourn. Draco and Severus followed, along with Hermione. Draco picked up Harry's limp and compliant front end so he could sit down and lowered him into his lap.

"Draco," Hermione said gently when the carriage had been in the air for several minutes. "What's happened?" The witch almost regretted her words when Harry let out a painful whine accompanied with a yowling howl that pulled painfully at her heart.

"Harry," Draco said softly, gently stroking the midnight fur of his animagus lover and massaging a little behind the panther's ears. "The war is over. That future is not viable anymore. I think it is safe to tell them. It should not cause any problems." Silence filled the carriage for a minute or two before Harry gave his permission by softly licking Draco's pale cheek. So, Draco told them what had happened in the Headmistress' office all those weeks ago, confirming Severus' suspicions and breaking Hermione's heart.

"So this whole thing," Hermione said when she had regained some control over her tears. "This entire trap wasn't about stopping Voldemort. It was not even about stopping the war. All you wanted was to get at the murderer that took your child from you. Oh, Harry," the witch got up, crossed the carriage, and enveloped Shadow in a hug.

"It's why we planned it for a night on the full moon," Draco explained further. "It's the one time of the month where no one would be able to overpower Harry. The one time when no one else could match him for raw power."

"You knew everything from the beginning and yet did not say anything?" Severus said his voice betraying a slight amount of hurt. "Do neither of you trust me?"

"We trust you Severus," Draco said, looking the man straight in the eye. "But this wasn't about trust. This was about ending the man who killed our son. We did not tell you until the last minute because it was imperative that you act as natural as possible. We are both certain that the purebloods in Slytherin who did not seek sanctuary with us were leaking information to their parents. We could not risk Voldemort suspecting that something was off." Severus thought about it for several minutes before he conceded the point. Had he acted any differently because he was aware of what was going to happen then it could have destabilized everything.

"Very well," he said after a few moments of silence. "I understand. However, there are other matters that need to be tended."

"Like?" Draco questioned as he shifted slightly.

"Harry," Severus said softly, forcing the youth to look at him by waiting patiently until he did. "I know you must be in a lot of pain right now but I need you to turn back so we can talk properly." Several long minutes passed before Harry complied and returned to his human form, though he resolutely refused to leave Draco's embrace. "Now, I doubt you want to deal with this right now but it must be done. There was someone at the battle that was neither under the Imperius Curse, nor a willing Death Eater."

"Who was it then?" Harry grumbled in a broken voice. His throat was dry and scratchy from all the screaming he had done.

"Dumbledore," Severus said flatly. "He was fighting for the Death Eaters but when he was taken down and examined they found no trace of coercion. Yet, he was attacking our forces."

"Severus," Harry said. "Please get to the point. I've no wish to banter words."

"Do you remember four years ago?" Severus asked, eliciting an annoyed scowl from Harry. "When I found that potions text in the chamber and asked you to translate a section that had been written in Parseltongue?"

"You think Voldemort managed to get a hold of the potion after all?" Harry asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No but I think that someone else might have stumbled upon the recipe, if not Voldemort himself," Severus said as he pulled out a few pages from his robe pocket. "I managed to convince Salazar into giving me the ingredients only and have been working on trying to find an antidote to the potion. Unfortunately, without knowing the exactly how Salazar brewed the potion there is only so much I can do."

"Brilliant," Harry grumbled darkly as he mulled over this newest piece of information with a dark scowl on his face. "I suppose it had to happen eventually. It will probably bite us in the ass but I'll translate the potion and help you brew an antidote."

"There are ways to keep this silent Harry," Severus said gently as he leaned forward in his seat, resting his elbows on his knees. "We do not even know that it was that exact potion that he discovered. It could be the results of a spell other than the Imperius but I thank you for helping me Harry. Regardless of who it was used on, no one should have to endure such a thing."

"I agree." Was all Harry said before falling silent, tears making their way down his face for anyone who bothered to notice.

When the carriage landed back at Hogwarts, Harry silently gestured for the others to go into the castle without him, saying only that he needed a few minutes alone before he saw his sons and daughter again. The other's understood and left, though Draco was highly reluctant to leave Harry alone after such an ordeal and he kept glancing back at his raven haired lover before he disappeared into the castle walls. Turning from the castle, Harry marched across the grounds towards the eastern edge, the largest stretch of semi-flat grounds that Hogwarts possessed.

"Greif does not become you young one." A deep, ancient, and booming voice sounded from somewhere in the shadows. The Tenebris, ancient dragon like beings that had agreed to guard the castle, were such masters of the dark that they often mingled with it, making them appear as if they were not physically there at night. "Understandable though it may be, it rolls off you in disgusting waves of pain that hinder your talents."

"It will pass," Harry said to the air, looking up to the stars that twinkled in the heavens, almost mockingly. "And I like to think that sometimes it can enhance my talents. I came to ask something of you mighty beings."

"As expected," Another one of them said. Harry had asked their names once but they refused to tell him, saying that were they to utter their names to anyone not of their race, that person would bleed to death from their ears in a matter of moments. "We are here to guide as well as guard. Speak your thoughts and we will speak ours."

"As far as I am aware, your power knows no limits." Harry said as he lowered his head to stare out over the grounds and the endless sky beyond. "You can see, hear, and affect anything around the entire world. I need your help to determine if it is safe to lower the castle back to the earth."

"While you are correct fledgling," yet another voice sounded, this one male where the other two had been female. "Our power and knowledge is dangerous to mortal minds. We will help you as much as we can but know that the things we tell you need to be limited simply because it could be too dangerous for you to know."

"I understand." Harry said, having expected such a response.

"Good." One of the female voices sounded. "Then know that while the most obvious threat to this castle has been dealt with, your display has caused many out there to harbor fear of you. It stands to reason that they will attempt to try and usurp you from your position as owner of Hogwarts."

"I thought as much myself," Harry sighed with a slight frown on his face. Would he ever have peace? "Thank you for your counsel great ones and for your continued guard over this institution."

Harry waited a few seconds for a response but when there was none coming, he turned and walked back into the castle. The halls were empty as he calmly made his way towards his tower, where the wards had told him Draco had moved the babies too from Narcissa's rooms. When he walked into the tower he almost immediately heard crying coming from upstairs in his and Draco's bedroom along with Draco's and Narcissa's voice trying to get the babies to calm down and go to sleep. Harry smirked in amusement. No one knew how, but Harry was the only one capable of getting his kids to bed without too much of a fuss.

"Having trouble?" He asked in wry amusement when he finally made his way upstairs and into his bedroom.

"They've been like this for almost an hour." Narcissa said as she gently bounced Alice and rocked her back and forth. "I tried singing for them like I used to do for Draco but they wouldn't have any of it and kept crying."

"That's because they want their papa's song tonight," Harry said with deep affection in his voice as he picked up baby Auric from his bassinet and went over to the piano that was hiding in his room. He touched the top of the piano and dispelled the magic that Nif had placed on it to keep it concealed from the rest of the world. It was time they all saw. "They love their papa's song."

Harry made sure that Auric was securely in his lap and would not slide off before he put his hands and started playing the song he played right after Dumbledore's trial. He had realized a few weeks after the babies were born that the song was the lullaby that his mother had sang to him when he was a child and was quite frankly shocked that he had remembered it after these long years. The gentle notes floated through the room and the babies almost instantly stopped crying in order to listen in on their favorite song. Fawkes, who had been sitting on his perch watching the two have trouble with the babies, softly added his voice to the piano. Before the song was even half over, all three babies were sounds asleep, Auric lying heavily against Harry's stomach.

"Why didn't you tell me you could play the piano?" Draco asked in a whisper as he tucked a sleeping Aiden into his bassinet.

"Because I needed something for myself with my life being such an open book to the public," Harry explained softly after finishing with Auric. "I wanted something that was just mine but now it's there's too and there's no point in hiding it anymore."

Draco smiled sadly in understanding. They bid Narcissa good night and started getting ready to go to bed. Draco, however, was surprised when he got into bed after donning his pajamas. Harry pulled him close and pressed his lips against Draco's. They made out for several long, luxurious minutes until they were both well and truly aroused. When they broke apart for air Draco saw a look in Harry's eyes, a look that made him both happy and sad. It was a look that said that Harry loved him with all he had to love and one that begged for distraction.

Feeling a need for his own distraction, Draco bent down again and started nursing his lover's neck, creating a large and prominent love bite right under Harry's jaw. The blond moved lower and lower, not pausing to note that they were both naked. He took one of Harry's nipples in his mouth and began to nibble and suck, causing the dark haired boy to buck and gasp in pleasure. He repeated the process with the other nipple before he started making his way down again, leaving a trail of love bites as he went. When he reached Harry's erect seven inch member he surprised the other boy by taking it all into his mouth. He did nothing beyond enveloping Harry's cock with his mouth as he could tell that that one move had Harry on the edge so he waited until he calmed down.

When the tension in Harry's body finally eased, Draco pulled back to the point where only the head was left in his mouth. Harry had to put a pillow over his head to stifle the moan that pushed past his throat when Draco sensuously dragged his tongue over the sensitive head of his member so he did not wake the babies. Draco went down and then back up, dragging his tongue along the entire length of Harry's cock that pulsed and twitched inside his mouth. Without any real warning, Draco slicked one of his fingers and slid it inside Harry's entrance as he went back down on his lover's cock.

The action had the exact reaction he was hoping for. The second the blond's finger entered his body, Harry arched his back and came on the spot, spilling his seed down Draco's throat. Draco swallowed every bit of it and licked Harry clean before he removed his finger and came back up to lock lips with Harry again.

As they kissed, Draco rubbed his still hard member against Harry's softening one, their sweat and Draco's leaking allowing them to slide blissfully against each other. Draco ran his hand down Harry's side and hooked it under one of the brunette's legs and pulled it up towards their chests, allowing Draco to slip lower and enter his lover. Harry gasped into their kiss but there was no pain in it, just pleasure. He angled himself so Draco could more easily push in all the way. Sensitive as he was from Draco's blow job, Harry came a second time just from the feeling of utter fullness that came with Draco being all the way inside him.

Draco grinned at the second orgasm he pulled from Harry without even intending, though it nearly pushed him over the edge as well. He waited patiently for Harry to calm, biding his time by creating a mirroring hickey on the other side of Harry's neck. When the other boy at last stopped twitching, Draco pulled out a little before pushing back in, causing Harry to buck and gasp.

Despite the fact that they had been together for two and a half years and had sex already, this was only the second time they had sex, their lives having been too chaotic, between the war and raising triplets there simply had been no time for them to be with each other. As such, both were immensely enjoying their reprieve and the time they could finally spend with each other.

Feeling a little aggressive and possessive, Draco pulled out of Harry completely and flipped the other boy over before reentering. Harry was surprised but too far gone to really care about how he was being fucked. He nearly screamed in pleasure though when Draco dragged his nails across his back. He didn't do it hard and painfully. He did it just enough to create a contrasting sensation to everything else. Then Draco hooked an arm across Harry's torso and pulled him up so they were chest to back, kneeling on the bed with Draco buried deep inside Harry.

Draco started mouthing Harry's neck where it met his shoulders as he continued to pump in and out of Harry. He kept Harry pinned against his chest with one arm while the other smoothly dragged against Harry's skin and went down to grip Harry's erection. The gasp that escaped Harry's lips was muffled by Draco's hand as he put it over the other boy's mouth, predicting that delicious sound and not wanting to wake the babies. He lowered it a moment later and started playing with one of Harry's nipples.

Feeling that they were both nearing their climax, Draco indulged himself and bit down on Harry's neck/shoulder area hard enough to leave a mark. The action sent both of them over the edge and they came at the same time. In spite of the fact that he had already had two orgasms that night, Harry ended up spilling his seed all over the bedding in front of him, including the pillows while Draco continued to empty himself into the deepest recesses of Harry's body. So much did Draco pump into Harry that some started to leak out around Draco and down Harry's thigh even as he continued to cum.

Exhausted and spent, the two lovers collapsed forward onto the bed, neither caring about Harry's seed on the sheets nor noticing that Harry's magic had cleaned the mess up already. Draco rolled them both onto their side and pulled the covers over them and promptly fell asleep with Harry right behind him, neither of them noticing that Draco was still buried inside Harry.

–Scene Break–

Lucius Malfoy stood in the abandoned Riddle house that had been his master's base of operations since his second resurrection and silently fumed. He had not gone with Voldemort to pin down and kill Potter, as had been the plan when the parents of one of the students at Hogwarts had let it slip that the brat would be accompanying that traitor Severus to inform a mudblood and their parents about magic. Therefore, he had not been captured along with every last single Death Eater that made up their ranks, with the exception of Crouch Jr., who in his mind did not count since the fool was a muggle now. Lucius had stayed behind because his injuries would have him dead in less than a minute and Voldemort did not want his right hand man captured or killed should there be any resistance.

Now, Voldemort was gone, permanently, and the blond aristocrat had no more ally's to call on. They were all either dead, captured, or believed him missing. Lucius had not gone straight back into the public eye for two reasons. One, it gave him easier maneuverability to work for his lord and two, his appearance and injuries would cause more than one person within the ministry to dismiss him as irrelevant since he could barely cast spells anymore. Then there was the fact that he was no longer Lord Malfoy. The minute that strange panther had nearly killed him, the wards and ancient magic of the Malfoy bloodline immediately transferred all status' that he possessed, excepting being a Death Eater, to his son. He could not enter or even approach Malfoy Manor without being rejected and the current Lord being alerted.

Lucius stared into the fire, trying to figure out how to salvage the situation.

–Scene Break–

To say that the Ministry was overwhelmed would be like saying an ant was small. The aftermath of the battle was not as chaotic as most believed it would be. The display that Harry had put on had shaken the very foundations of everyone present and none of the Death Eater's had dared to fight back with such a powerful and volatile person in the vicinity that was considered their enemy. To be frank, some of them were glad to be locked up and away from what they deemed to be a terrifying monster.

Amelia Bones had been present and while Harry had indeed caused her to stare in wonder, she dismissed everyone else's statements that the boy was a danger to the rest of society. She had recognized the pain she saw on the boy's face when he finally broke down. She had seen it once before, the pain of a parent who had lost a child. She was not sure how that was possible given that the rumors she had heard of Harry having children spoke nothing of him having and then losing a child.

Regardless though, everyone in the ministry was talking over how the boy was a danger if he was not controlled. The Minister, who was not at the battle, was quickly becoming fearful as he listened to the whispers spreading through the Ministry.

Amelia shook her head in weary disgust. She truly pitied anyone who dared to try and go against that boy now. He had trumped not only the darkest wizard of their age but the man who had defeated the last Dark Lord as well, on top of defending an entire school full of children from both the Dark Lord and the Ministry. It truly amazed her how blind people could be.

–Scene Break–

Harry woke the next morning to a strange feeling, one that completely and utterly baffled him. The arms around him and the body behind him was no mystery, he had woken up next to Draco countless times now. What had him baffled were the sensations coming from his backside. He felt completely full but it was not like he had to go to the bathroom or anything. Realization dawned on him a moment later when Draco shifted behind him and caused pleasure to radiate from that point in his body and his morning erection to twitch. The memory of last night came back to him and he realized that they had both slept through the entire night with Draco still buried inside him. Harry couldn't believe it and just laid there in shock… or he would have anyways.

When Draco had shifted in his sleep he moaned in pleasure and shifted again and again. He remained sleeping as he continued to shift before he quite simply started to fuck Harry in his sleep. Harry, truly not complaining really, shifted to allow the blond better access as he continued moving in and out of Harry, still not waking up. Harry started moaning and grunting in time with Draco's thrusts and his hand made its way lower, intent on gripping himself, only to be stopped by Draco. The blond, finally having woken up, took Harry's member in his hand and started massaging it while simultaneously moving a little faster in and out of Harry.

"G' morning," Draco mumbled passionately before turning Harry's head enough to kiss him full on the mouth. Harry moaned in response.

At that exact moment one of the babies made a noise. Harry froze but Draco continued what he was doing, though he tried to be quieter even as he moved faster. Another noise came from the babies and Draco moved even faster, intent on finishing before they woke up completely and required his and Harry's attention. Realizing what Draco was trying to do, Harry tried to help. He wrapped his hand around Draco's and moved it in a certain pattern that caused his pleasure to spike and he started flexing the muscles in his rear. In a matter of moments they were both climaxing just as the babies started moving and mewling in their bassinets.

"Talk about a wakeup call." Harry joked as he slipped off Draco and turned around to give him a proper kiss.

The blond laughed in amusement and enjoyed the kiss before they were forced to get up and tend to the babies. They took the triplets into the bathroom where they all showered. When they were all sparkling clean and the babies giggling at their father's, Harry and Draco dressed themselves and the babies before leaving for the Great Hall for breakfast. They greeted their friends with happy smiles. The sun shone down through the rafters as they ate and entertained the babies. The castle hummed and shone with merriment. Life was finally starting to look good.