Okay, for those who opened this up thinking that they were going to get a story (even though it said in the summary that this was not a story) leave now.

So, I have a question. It is: do you guys want to read an original story that does not end with the two main guy and girl characters falling in love? I mean siriously, every published

book or story on fanfiction has someone who finds true love at the end and they live happily ever after.

So here's what I say, I have an account on fictionpress where you're supposed to come up with original stories and post them, I already have one up, it's called The Labyrinth and

right now, only the prologue is up please read and reveiw it, can you guess how old I am based on my writing?

Any way, I was thinking about putting up another story on there, but there would be no happily ever after for my main character, the guy that likes her dies in war (supposedly

fighting on the enemy side), it's NOT a tragedy exactly, more of a bitter sweet ending ( come on, I'm not that heartless), Would any one want to read something like that?

20 people must say yes in their reveiws if they want me to post it. Thanks!

ps. sorry to people reading my other stories, I'm half way done with the next chapter for Gone and I've too been busy with school work to write a 7000 word chapter for The Doors

of Death (yeah, I do really long chapters) I'm hoping to update this weekend.

~Jess (aka EvilAndI'mProudOfIt)