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Major AU


Cliegg Lars was a man not prone to flights of fancy so he knew it wasn't his imagination when a heavily pregnant woman stumbled onto his Moisture Farm.

She appeared to be Human but one could never be sure on Tatooine. But he was sure that she wasn't a Tusken Raider: her Basic was too perfect.

Mira said that she was in labor and Cliegg was tempted to agree with her. The way the woman shifted and soft, frightened whimpers escaped her lips every so often. A few hours later it was clear as day that she was indeed in labor.

Mira handed little Owen to him and led the woman to one of the few bedrooms in their home.

Hours past slowly and the woman's screams rose and fell.

Finally the child arrived just as the suns rose the next day.

Mira emerged from the bedroom tired and hungry.

"The little one wasn't anxious to come into the galaxy. He fought nearly every step of the way." Mira said as she ate a pallie. "Not too different than Owen." She said as she took the baby back.


The next day the new mother and child were gone.

Cliegg tried to track her but her tracks vanished after a short distance that had nothing to do with the shifting sands.


Five years later . . . .

Cliegg was standing in front of a vaporator when he heard footsteps. He reached for his blaster, turned around and promptly froze.

Standing a few meters away was a human boy with blondish hair and blue eyes. He was about five standard years old and quite cute.

Cliegg lowered the blaster.

"Where did you come from?" He asked the small boy. The boy didn't respond.

"What's your name?" Cliegg asked. The boy blinked his strange blue eyes several times. "Anakin Skywalker," the boy, Anakin, finally replied


Cliegg led Anakin inside since the boy said that it was forbidden for Cliegg to touch him.

Mira looked up as they came in.

"Cliegg, where did he come from?" she asked.

"I honestly don't know Mira. I was out there fixing a vaporator, I turned around and there he was." Cliegg explained.

Mira knelt in front of Anakin.

"Where are your parents?" she asked. "You wouldn't understand." Anakin told her. Mira smiled kindly. "I just might understand." She said. Anakin sighed. "They're all around and they will never leave me." Anakin answered.

Mira stood.

"I think his parents are dead." She whispered to Cliegg.

Cliegg nodded. It made sense with his cryptic answer.

"Hello!" Owen's voice suddenly said.

Both Cleigg and Mira jumped at the sound of their son's voice.

"Hello," Anakin replied.

"Wanna play?" Owen asked. Anakin nodded and soon both boys were drawing in the sand.


Four years later . . .

Cliegg was showing Anakin and Owen a broken vaporator and how to fix it. He knew that Anakin already knew how to fix it but Anakin had chased after him and Owen when they left the homestead an hour earlier and Cliegg didn't have the heart to send Anakin back to Mira.

The sound of a ship's engines filled the air and Anakin turned his head away from Cliegg and Owen.

Cliegg looked away from vaporator and watched as a ship flew over their heads, flying slightly off kilter. The ship landed gracelessly, almost crashing, in the sand a distance away.

Cliegg's eyes narrowed.

Why is a ship landing way out here? He wondered.

Like a blaster shot Anakin was racing across the sandy ground for the downed ship.

"Anakin!" Cliegg shouted. "Come back!" he called as he raced after the boy he had come to consider as a son.


Qui-Gon Jinn sighed.

They had been hoping on landing close to the nearby settlement. Instead the ship decided to land not too far from a Moisture Farm, well land was putting it too kindly. They nearly crashed.

He could feel three people approach the ship. One of them seemed to radiate power and it made him nervous.

"They are here Master." Obi-Wan reported.

"Lower the gangplank, we mind as well discover if they are a threat now instead of later." Qui-Gon told his apprentice. Obi-Wan nodded.

Qui-Gon moved to the gangplank and watched as it was lowered before cautiously exiting the ship. Standing in near the foot of the gangplank was a small human boy about eight or nine standard years old with bright blue eyes and sandy blond hair. Behind the boy was another boy with brownish hair that was about the same age as the first boy and a man that must be their father.

Qui-Gon examined the three humans with the Force and discovered that it was the boy with blond hair that was the powerful Force Sensitive.

"We saw your ship and before I knew it Anakin here was running towards it." The man explained. "Is anyone injured? My wife has medical training."

"As far as I know no one is injured. But thank you for your kind offer." Qui-Gon said.

"A J-type 327 Nubian!" The blond boy said, awed.

The man smiled. "If you say so Anakin." He said, smiling.

"Dad, do you want me to get Mom?" the other boy asked, curious. The man shook his head. "No Owen. She's still busy cleaning up the mess you and Anakin made on the courtyard floor." A smile on the man's face.

Qui-Gon nodded to himself. It was just a family of Moisture Farmers, they would pose no harm to them; unless they did too much talking to beings in the nearby settlements.

"They wish you dead." Anakin suddenly said. Qui-Gon and the farmer jumped slightly.

"Anakin, what have I told you about saying things like that?" The farmer asked fear in his voice.

"Who wishes me dead young one?" Qui-Gon asked, kneeling in front of the boy. Anakin narrowed his eyes and then stared at the sky. "They are evil and they want to destroy you." Anakin finally said.

Qui-Gon frowned slightly. He had no enemies, at least none that he was aware of.

Anakin suddenly looked over him and smiled. Qui-Gon turned to see one of the queen's handmaids standing behind him dressed simply. Anakin watched her intently for a few moments before saying something in a alien language to his brother.

Qui-Gon reached out with the Force and tried to touch Anakin's mind. He received a Force Push for his effort. "Anakin, what have I told you about doing that to people?" The man asked his son "But he-" Anakin began before stopping. "Sorry," he mumbled.

Curious Qui-Gon reached out and brushed the mind of the Farmer. He was an ordinary man trying to make an honest living.

Obi-Wan came down the gangplank. The hyperdrive generator is dead, we're going to need a new one." Obi-Wan reported.

Anakin brightened. "I can fix anything!" the boy declared proudly before fixing Obi-Wan with a stare that suggested that he was reading more than his face. "You should have asked her if she wanted you to stay." The boy told the young man.

Obi-Wan felt shocked and confused.

"We can offer some of you shelter in our home and the use of our comm station." The farmer said. "Thank you," Qui-Gon said.

He turned to Obi-Wan. "See what parts we need and who would like to go with us. Jar Jar is coming with us for sure." He told his padawan. Obi-Wan nodded and walked back into the ship.


Anakin bounced down the stairs of his home, singing a song that was nonsensical to anyone but him. He knew that it was a mixture of children's rhymes from many Force Using cultures; many of them were ancient prophecies.

"Mira, we have guests." Cliegg called out to Mira who was sitting in the kitchen cutting up pallies.

Anakin watched as Mira set the fruit aside and came out.

"Welcome to our home." She said kindly. Anakin smiled, Mira was one of the kindest people that he knew here.


Padmé shifted in her seat during dinner. The farmer, Cliegg, and Mira, his wife, were silent while Anakin and Owen chattered like a pair of birds.

Suddenly a few pieces of fruit floated into the air and started to do tricks. Padmé's mouth opened slightly in shock, was Master Jinn doing that? She glanced over at the Jedi Master and saw that he had a curious expression on his face.

"Anakin, what have we told you about doing that at the table?" Cliegg asked. Anakin's gaze lowered and the fruit landed in the bowl on the table.

The rest of supper was silent.

After supper Mira shooed them outside and Owen and Anakin started to either draw in the sand or make things with the sand like piles of sand that looked a bit like buildings.

"What are you playing?" Padmé asked, feeling like an outsider. "Ani likes to draw in the sand pictures of places he sees in his dreams." Owen explained as he dug a trench with his hands. I'm making the Farm."

There was silence for several moments.

"Do you want to do art with us?" Anakin asked. Padmé nodded and knelt down. "Do you want me to me to draw my home?" She asked the two boys. Anakin nodded without looking up from his drawing.

Slowly Padmé drew her parents house on Naboo in the sand, a smile on her face.

"I'm going to marry you one day." Anakin suddenly said, taking her completely by surprise. "What?" Padmé asked shocked and a bit confused. "Ani just says things sometimes." Owen said. "Sometimes he's right."


Qui-Gon Jinn knelt meditating in the garage. There was something unusual about the boy named Anakin. He wasn't your average untrained Force Sensitive. He knew how to tap into the Force and use it to some extent.

What made Qui-Gon curious was who had taught the boy and why didn't he feel like his parents.