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Mira set the table for breakfast. Anakin was his usual self levitating the plates off the table and rearranging them. Mira didn't mind him doing it as long as there were no strangers around.

Anakin had always been different. He liked that bloodstained blanket that that woman had given birth on years ago, she had never been able to get the stain out but one just didn't throw away useful things on Tatooine.

He would say something and then it would happen; sooner or later.

And there was that one time that she had taken both Anakin and Owen for a walk. A Tusken Raider had appeared out of no where. The Raider had charged them and then he suddenly dropped his weapon and clawed at his throat. Finally there was a snapping noise and the Raider fell dead to the ground. "He was evil." Anakin had said softly. Cliegg had panicked when she told them about the Raider and told them to stay close to the Farm for weeks. Anakin had had nightmares about the Raider for weeks. He told her and Cliegg that he had killed the Raider because he was going to hurt all of them and they had been so nice to him. Mira couldn't believe for the longest time that Anakin killed the Raider without touching him but Anakin could do some strange things.

Mira watched as their guests trickled into the dining area. The Gungan was muttering about the heat. "Mustafar is hotter." Anakin said. "There are rivers of lava all over the planet's surface. If you're not careful you could fall in and burn alive."

The Gungan made a shuddering noise and sat down.

"How do you know so much?" the girl, Padmé, asked curiously. "I was taught everything I might need to know since I- you would understand." Anakin suddenly said.

Padmé blinked but let the matter go.


Breakfast started out quiet but Cliegg knew that as sure as there were two suns in the sky that Anakin would start talking to their guests.

Sure enough the boy turned to Qui-Gon Jinn.

"Where are you from?" The boy asked. "I'm from Stewjon." Qui-Gon replied. "But you haven't been there in years." Anakin said. There was an uncomfortable silence for a heartbeat. "You live on Coruscant with everyone else like you." Anakin said.

The silence that followed was nearly deafening.

"What makes you think I'm from Coruscant?" Qui-Gon asked. "Your padawan spoke in a Coruscanti accent. Besides I saw both of your lightsaber and his. The place where Jedi reside Coruscant" Anakin explained.

Cliegg bit his lip, afraid that Anakin had stepped across some invisible boundry.

"You are a smart boy Anakin. I bet you listen to the pilots around here." Qui-Gon said. "Not really." Anakin said. "Most of the time they tell exaggerated stories." Anakin said flatly.


Qui-Gon leaned against a crate, watching Anakin and Owen sort spare parts in the courtyard. After a bit Clieeg Lars joined him. "I bet you are very proud of your sons, especially Anakin." Qui-Gon said. "I haven't met anyone quite like him before." "Anakin is a good boy, he's always willing to lend a hand and isn't afraid of most strangers although most strangers are afraid of him."

There was silence for several minutes.

"Who is Anakin's other parent?" Qui-Gon asked, curious as to who had helped create such a powerful Force User and an untrained one at that.

"As you have come to suspect Master Jedi I am not Anakin's father but Mira isn't his mother." Cliegg said. "About four years ago I was out fixing a vaporator when I heard footsteps. I turned around with my blaster in hand and there Anakin was, just standing there watching me. He didn't tell me where he had come from but he did answer my question about his name: Anakin. He wouldn't let me touch him. He kept saying that I was forbidden to touch him at the time. But he allowed me to lead him to the homestead. Mira asked him where his parents were and he answered that they were always with him. I discreetly asked around but he wasn't missing and no one came looking for him so Mira and I took him in and have raised him with Owen."

Qui-Gon turned this new information over in his mind.

"His last name is Skywalker; if that helps." Cliegg added helpfully.

Skywalker was both Sippschaft and Ashlan. However Anakin didn't look like an Ashlan and both Ashlan and the Sippschaft loved the children born to them no matter what. The key Qui-Gon believed lay in Anakin's name; it meant 'fatherless warrior' in Ashlan and 'warrior without family' in many other languages. Qui-Gon guessed that whoever chose Anakin's name chose it on purpose.


Owen Lars sighed. They just didn't seem to have what was needed to repair the ship: parts to a hyperdrive. He watched as Anakin used his abilities to upend a crate and dump the contents on the ground then he observed Anakin sort the parts carefully.

"What are you looking for?" Padmé asked. "I will know when I find it." Anakin answered simply; throwing another part back in the crate.


Obi-Wan watched the strange boy look at the hyperdrive. "Well?" Obi-Wan asked. "It's broken. You need a new one and I know where one is: Mos Espa." Anakin declared.

"The ship could probably fly there." Obi-Wan said thoughtfully.

"She likes you too." Anakin said. Obi-Wan blinked. "Who?" he asked confused. "Siri Tachi, she likes you lots." Anakin explained. "Satine Kryze loves you more; I think." He continued.

Obi-Wan frowned. He didn't like that this boy seemed to think that Siri Tachi liked him and the Duchess of Mandalore loved him. It made him uncomfortable. To make matters more puzzling the boy hadn't met either woman.


"According to Anakin the nearest compatible hyperdrive is in Mos Espa." Qui-Gon told Cliegg and Mira. "Watto." Cliegg said flatly. "We buy parts from him if we are in that direction. Anakin says that the parts are the best and if they aren't then he fixes them."

"Cliegg, why don't you take our guests over to Mos Espa and see if you can acquire it." Mira suggested.

Cliegg nodded. "I have some produce to sell and Mos Espa is usually slightly better business and then Anakin can tell you whether or not you should get the hyperdrive."

Qui-Gon nodded.

"We will leave tomorrow for Mos Espa then." Cliegg declared.


Anakin woke when it was still dark out. Something was out there somewhere and it was Dark, very Dark.

Anakin shivered and started to pull his Light around him so that he could disappear but quickly changed his mind. The Dark thing was here for his new friends. It would sense what he had done and might come here to find out what it had sensed.


The drive to Mos Espa was uneventful. Something that both Cliegg and Qui-Gon were grateful for. Anakin and Owen chattered like birds the entire time.

At a market Cliegg got out and started to unload the cargo trailer. "Anakin, why don't you show Qui-Gon where Watto's shop is?"

Before Qui-Gon knew it Anakin was leading him through the streets of the spaceport. Now and then Anakin would point something out and tell him what it was or wave to a person tending a stall.

Finally they reached Watto's shop. "Mind Tricks don't work on his kind." Anakin whispered to him. Qui-Gon nodded and entered with Anakin at his side.

-Good day to you.- A Toydarian said, flying at them from behind the counter. -What do you want?- "I need a T-14 hyperdrive, I understand that you have one." Qui-Gon answered. "Ah yes, I do have one." The Toydarian said brightly. "You must be a friend of that moisture farmer Lars. He rarely lets that boy out of his sight." He commented.

Qui-Gon just nodded.

"Let's go out back and you can take a look at that hyperdrive." The Toydarian said chuckling as he led the way out back.


Anakin listened as the adults talked.

The hyperdrive was in perfect working order and he had brought enough of his own money to give to Qui-Gon to buy it.

"So, how are you going to pay for it?" Watto asked. Anakin quickly stepped in front of Qui-Gon and pulled his money pouch out of it's hiding place and handed it to Watto.

"Having the boy carry the money?" Watto asked as he told the pouch from Anakin's hand and counted the money.

"It seems that you have enough money for it." Watto finally declared. A smile came to Anakin's face. Soon his new friends would be safe from the Dark thing that he had sensed in the night.


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