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Space, Yavin System . . .

Anakin sighed in relief as the stolen Imperial Ship fell out of hyperspace and Yavin and the Rebel Fleet appeared before him.

"Rebellion Ships this is Anakin Skywalker aboard the Imperial Ship that just came out Hyperspace; I have a passenger on board that is eager to be reunited with his family." He announced on all frequencies as to not overly alarm the Rebels.

"General Skywalker, is it really you?" Bail Organa's voice asked over the comm.

"Yes Senator; it's been a long time since we last spoke." Anakin acknowledged.

"Your family is here and I know they are eager to see you." Bail informed him.

"And I have someone with me that is eager to be reunited with you; I also have important information for the Rebellion." Anakin told him.

There was silence on the comm for a few moments. "You have Daren with you?" Bail asked, his voice soft and hopeful.

Anakin gestured to Daren with an encouraging smile. "I'm here Uncle," Daren said. "General Skywalker saved me from the Death Star as well as Tarkin and Darth Atrocios."

"Senator, the Death Star is on its way here. We need to destroy it before they can repair the Main Weapon." Anakin said as he piloted his craft towards the ship he Felt his family on. "We cannot allow that monstrosity to continue to exist."

"We have found its weakness and we are briefing pilots for the mission. Perhaps you can help us Master Skywalker." An unfamiliar voice cut in.

"I will do everything I can." Anakin said as he prepared the ship for landing.


Obi-Wan couldn't help but smile as he watched his friend and brother descend from the boarding ramp of the stolen ship.

With a matching smile Anakin strode across the hangar and the two embraced.

"I knew that you survived and laying low somewhere in the far reaches of the galaxy." Anakin told him.

"And I knew you were someplace safe but I never thought you would go back home." Obi-Wan admitted, feeling foolish now.

"I was a coward and rebelled at the thought of not having a choice or say in my Destiny so when things went bad and I was away from Coruscant I allowed my fears and desires to overrule me and I disappeared in shame to Tatooine. I came up with excuses, cut myself off from the injustices that were happening and allowed shame to rule me." Anakin told him.

Obi-Wan grimaced but waited to see if Anakin would add more to his list of 'sins'.

"I waited until I was forced to take action and I can't begin to imagine the lasting damage I have caused by my inaction." Anakin whispered.

Obi-Wan examined the man before him in both the Force and with his outward senses.

"I have met your children and find them to be intelligent and determined. I had the opportunity to speak with all of them; I am especially impressed with the two older ones. Even when they were faced with the possibility of the loss of nearly all their family besides each other and their cousin Aryaih they stayed strong; and Leia also brandished a blaster in my face demanding answers." He told him

Anakin's face reddened.

"You have no need to apologize for her behavior. I tried to keep things from them to protect them from the Empire but when they saw that their home was in ruins and Saia was the only survivor they could find they were justifiably angry and suspected that I knew more than I implied I did." Obi-Wan assured him.

Off to the side Bail Organa cleared his throat. "General Skywalker, I thank you for rescuing my nephew at what must have been at great personal risk." The older man said with a smile and radiating relief and joy.

"It was the right thing to do Viceroy; Daren is a remarkable young man. I feel that it was an honor to meet him." Anakin said politely.

"We need to talk soon about going after the Emperor before he can replace Rook." Anakin told him grimly.

Obi-Wan grimaced; Sidious would be looking for a new apprentice but he would be vulnerable to destruction like he that been nineteen years ago. They had a chance to destroy the Sith but this time they had Anakin on their side and willing to do his part.

"Daddy!" several young voices called out excitedly.

They turned and watched as younger Skywalker children ran across the hangar with their older siblings and family members trailing behind them.

The grim expression on Anakin's face lifted as he smiled at the sight of his family hurrying towards him.

"I will contact Master Yoda and the others about this opportunity." Obi-Wan promised Anakin as the Skywalkers and Larses closed in.


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