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"Abra, Teleport!"

"Hey, you-!" But the trainer was already blurring out of sight, and abruptly Ash saw Cerulean's Pokemon Center snap into view.

"Sucker," Ketchum snickered quietly.

The swimmer at Misty's gym was easily dispatched by almost a single thunderbolt from Ash's Pikachu, and the five or ten a it took to travel back to the Bond Bridge was almost soothing.

Suddenly, time seemed to stop. Ash took inventory briefly, and when he looked again, a random encounter had begun. A surprise to anyone who'd never been an experimental adventurer perhaps, but Ash was well-prepared. The wild Mew swam into view, its tiny levitating form flowed in a graceful spiraling pattern. Now was the time!

"Pikachu, use Thunder Wave!" The trainer pointed at the pink Legendary, and his electric rodent nodded furiously.


The little creature cocked its head inquisitively but jolted sharply as the trainer's mousy powerhouse went to work stunning it and whittling its HP down with thundershocks and quick attacks until at last the trainer hurled a pokeball.

And failed. Ten times over.

On the very next however, the cute creature gave in and Ash picked up the ordinary red-and-white sphere to wonder at his new pet, and congratulated Pikachu on a job well done.

"The legendary Mew is a way more powerful psychic at a measly level seven than the Abra I caught south of here, and it took barely any effort to succeed."

Gamebreaker mode- Success!

Pikachu was giving him a victory salute. Ash grinned at his pokemon, and left the bridge to fight Misty.

"Indigo League, here I come."