My name is Levy McGarden. That chick who used to be the shy, quiet bookworm from Fairy Tail. Gajeel Redfox's girlfriend until Droy and Jet killed him. Sad how things are going great and then you get back-stabbed by your old partners and friends, huh?

Well, seeing how no one but me saw what happened, everyone assumed it happened when we were out on a mission. Nope. It was late at night at my place when I heard that gurgling sound. I woke up covered in Gajeel's blood with just his head on my chest.

With all the other situations we've been in, his death seemed ridiculous. But even the best wizards are helpless when asleep, I guess. When I was able to bring myself to push his head off of me, I saw a long blade in the base of his neck, his body slumped on the ground. A sneak attack done seconds before my eyes opened.

Since I wasn't able to convince anyone about what really happened, I left Fairy Tail without a second glance. Lucy didn't believe me which stung the most, I thought she had forgiven me about the rune thing in the S-rank tests.

I knew Jet and Droy were jealous of Gajeel but did they really need to kill him? I was finally happy and they killed the man who would do anything for me.

Their betrayal had me hungry for revenge and justice. That's why I joined Eisenwald and forces with Erigor. How do Jet and Droy feel now?

I hope they rot in hell.

I'm no longer the Levy McGarden that the world knew of before. I helped release all the Eisenwald members from prison and upraised the guild again. No longer am I known as a "fly". To them, the members that is, I'm not even a "fairy". I'm Death Goddess Levy, partner of Death God Erigor.

I'm accepted here at this guild. I'm the only girl and the men treat me like one of them. They would never betray me. Through them, I will destroy Fairy Tail and personally kill Makarov, Jet, Droy and especially Lucy.

This is my game. I'm the Master here, an S-Ranked wizard powerful enough to surpass even Erigor. I welcome those who seek revenge. I welcome those thirsty for violence. I've changed my ways and it brought me far.

A/N~ So, I don't know what I was thinking when I thought up this story ^-^". Either way, I hope you enjoyed the prologue. The chapters are going to be longer so don't worry.