That blasted centaur took thirty good minutes of his precious time for that blasted check up on that blasted fairy. He could have done something worthwhile instead of hiding in that smelly spare room where they put their cleaning materials. But patience was a virtue he is trying to master. Many have failed due to their lack of patience. Patience, along with a brilliant strategy, always wins a battle.

It's just a matter of knowing when to act.

Once he is sure that it is safe to go out, he went to the unfortunate fairy's room, floating, and locked the door just in case someone suddenly decided to blunder in and saw him there. He didn't stay in that smelly room just to get caught immediately without even fulfilling what he was meant to do in the first place.

He stopped for a brief moment to look at his victim. That despicable female former LEP captain lay on the bed, obviously unconscious and is far from waking even if he decided to break something in the room. He could feel a satisfied smirk form his features. Situations are in his favor. Once he is done, no one will notice what happened. It's also a good thing that the former female LEP captain was out of magic, or else it would be difficult to do this.

He would have sent someone else to do this job but it feels more satisfying if he did it in person. And there is no one to blame but himself if something went out of his assessment.

With a smirk he can't seem to get off his face, he began his mission. From his coat, he pulled out an injection filled with a special type of syrup especially created for this mission. He gently pulled the former captain's arm a little closer to him. It wasn't hard to find her pulse; he was so used in doing that when he was young.

Without any signs of hesitation, he emptied the injection's contents in her system. The syrup is imperceptible and beyond repair once it enters a body system and what happen before will be a suitable alibi for the upcoming results.

He chuckled evilly as he carefully hid the injection inside his coat and scanned the area in case he left something behind to make someone suspicious. It was also a good thing that this room doesn't have cameras installed; he would have destroyed the footage anyway. His ring is specially designed, emitting Solinium pulse that whites out any surveillance tapes; both on human and fairy technology. It was all thanks to a certain mudboy whom he heard him explain years back.

There was also a reason why he is hovering around the room instead of just walking in. It's better to be safe than sorry. Knowing that blasted centaur, he would think of a way to examine the place and he wouldn't want his footsteps traced.

Absolutely contented that the process of his plan is going well, he left the room. Phase one of his revenge is on the progress.


It wasn't like Artemis Fowl II to be openly worried about something. Usually he would just mask his emotions with his usual perfect poker-face façade that fangirls in and out of the school campus adore for an unknown reason.

However, this particular situation took that usual façade away, though no one will notice it immediately. Artemis's face is still emotionless as ever but if one happens to stare and observe intently for quite a fraction of time, one might notice the worry shown in his mismatched eyes. But that's only for the observant to notice.

Well, on Artemis's defense, who wouldn't worry in such a situation?

After being healed by some reluctant fairies, they left Artemis in one of the wards in the LEP's medical wing. He had to give the fairies compliment for the impressive facility but that mental praise didn't last long as he remembered the current problem at hand. No one told him anything about what happened after they reached the medical wing. In fact no one even dared talking to him. The only response he received so far is a nod and a shake of the head when he asks questions.

And now, there he sat in the blasted ward staring intently at the floor, as if he is concentrating in boring a hole in it with his gaze. So far he had no news regarding Holly's situation and he has no idea who that demented culprit from the video is. It was enough to make even a genius like him loose his patience.

Artemis sighed and laid on top of his bed placing an arm on top of his eyes to shield it from the light. He needed to calm himself down. The only leads he has so far are: 1.) The culprit is a member of the people who wants revenge for something and 2.) The culprit is a he, not unless he is wearing a voice changer to mask his true voice but that is most unlikely.

The only question that kept nagging his mind is who the culprit is.

He was busy in his own mental debate to notice that someone opened his door and that someone came in his room.

"So this is what the almighty Artemis Fowl II looks like when he is alone in his room when bored," someone said in a fake amused manner, "Very much like a normal teenager; disregarding the fact that you are wearing a suit."

Artemis lazily lifted his arm high enough to take a peek and raise an eyebrow at the centaur.

"Feeling better, Arty?"

Artemis scowled and sat up on his bed, giving a glare at the centaur in the process. "What do you think?" he snapped, "And don't call me Arty,"

"I was just trying to lighten up the mood, no need to be snappy." Foaly said with a chuckle, raising his hands in a playful surrender manner, "We are all worried here too."

Artemis paused then he exhaled deeply, "How is she?"

"Still unconscious," Foaly answered, "Lots of minor burns. Her magic ran out before she could fully heal herself. But No.1 is coming soon, so no need to worry."

Artemis gave a nod at that statement. His mind began wandering again to his mental debates. He felt uneasy and his great mind can't supply any reason why. A chill ran down his spine and his stomach felt hallow. He didn't even notice that he was scrunching his fist on the bed sheet. That was until Foaly spoke again.

"Are you sure you're alright?" the centaur asked

"I'm fine," Artemis answered with a curt nod. There was a moment of silence but before the centaur could say something Artemis beat him to it.

"That person. The one behind all of this," he began then looked at the centaur, "Do you have any idea who he is?"

Foaly gave an exasperated sigh after shaking his head, "Afraid not. The ship exploded, remember? We don't have any evidence for leads,"

"The campod he used for his message is on self-destruct either. I had no choice but to throw it and watch it explode from afar." Artemis said but he looked more like he voicing out his thoughts without realizing he is saying it out loud.

"A campod?" Foaly repeated. Then he stomped. "It's Opal,"

"Possible. Since he did say that he is out for revenge on the people for some sort of injustice," Artemis replied unknowingly placing his index finger and thumb on his chin; his mannerism when he is thinking. Then a thought popped up, "The voice, however, belongs to a male. But then again, it is possible that it might be Opal masking her voice."

"If I could hear that voice again maybe I could…." But Artemis trailed off and didn't continue what he is going to say. Foaly raised his eyebrows at this. It is very rare to hear the genius mudboy trail off or more like ranting like that.

But who can blame him. He just recovered from his Atlantis Complex six months ago then something depressing like this happened. Foaly was inwardly worried that this situation might trigger that guilt-ridden illness again. All he could do now at that moment is to prevent Artemis from stressing his mind. Foaly already predicted that in situations like this, Artemis is prone to blaming himself for the incident.

"It's not your fault Artemis," the centaur said, "It was an accident. No one can predict that,"

"Does Opal have any living relatives?" Artemis asked suddenly, ignoring what the centaur just said.

"No, as far as the records say," Foaly answered. Artemis raised an eyebrow skeptically so Foaly explained, "Opal's mother died in an illness and her father died during a retrieval mission 50 years ago in Russia. Her brother died when a research facility near Atlantis exploded 50 years ago. It was an unknown accident and everyone in that facility died. Due to the fact that the research facility sank beneath a deep trench and we can't risk deploying more officers, as none of the other officers returned, to conduct the search, the LEP decided to just let it be; which was approved by the families of the victims."

There was a moment of silence after that explanation. Two of the greatest minds on earth were at lost at the current situation.

"We'll check and interrogate Opal," Foaly said. As they speak, the said pixie is behind bars at Howlers Peak but her past self is still on the loose, however.

"But if she is proven innocent in this," Artemis prompted

Then Foaly let out a scowl, "Then we have no leads."

Artemis nodded and again they were engulfed with an uncomfortable silence.

"Trouble granted the permission to let you visit Holly when she wakes up," Foaly said suddenly, before the silence gets too long. "However, you must stay here till she does. Orders are orders."

Artemis sighed and nodded. Then Foaly tossed him a mobile phone, which Artemis barely caught but at least he managed to do so. The genius looked at the centaur with raised eyebrows.

"You need to call your family. I'm sure they are worried about you," the centaur said and headed towards the door, "I'll call you when she wakes up,"


Artemis took a deep breath in as he dialed the Fowl Manor hotline. Someone immediately picked up on the first ring but far from what he is expecting, a young voice answered the receiver, which Artemis immediately recognized the moment the person monotonously said 'Hello? You have reached Fowl Manor. How can I help you?' in a flawless British accent.

Artemis let out the breath he has been holding, "Myles, it's me Artemis."

A few months before Artemis was released from his therapy in Argon's clinic, Artemis' six-year-old twin brothers started taking a liking in learning various languages around the world, very much like what he did when he was about their age. Beckett is mainly interested in learning the languages spoken in the orient countries such as those in Asia while Myles is interested in the languages spoken in the northern countries such as Europe. But there are several languages where both of them can speak flawlessly namely Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic.

"Arty?" the boy said but it was immediately replaced by a frantic woman's voice who nearly shouted his name from the other line making Artemis wince.

"Arty!" came Angeline Fowl's worried voice. Artemis tensed a little at the sound of his mother's voice, "Arty, are you alright?"

"I'm perfectly fine Mother," Artemis answered

Angeline let out a breath, "Where are you right now? I'm sending Butler there immediately. Why, oh why didn't you take Butler with you?"

"No need to fret Mother. As I said, I am fine and I am currently in the LEP clinic right now. Sending Butler here won't be necessary since I think the LEP will not approve of that under such current circumstances." Artemis answered completely ignoring the last question.

"Won't approve? Why? What happened?"

"There's been a lot going on down here," Artemis answered simply, "I think I might be needed here for a while. Something came up and Foaly needs all the help he could get,"

There was a moment of silence before the caller on the other side gave a sigh, causing a few statics on Artemis' line. Though he regretted lying to his mother, he didn't have the heart to say that someone is trying to kill him - again. It will just make her worry.

"I guess you're out to save the world again," Angeline said softly.

"I'm afraid so Mother," Artemis answered as he tried to make his voice sound so reassuring over the phone, "Don't worry, Holly will be with me on this one - as she always has."

"You two really are quite a team," Angeline said, sounding delighted at some idea Artemis didn't want to imagine at that moment. "Is she there with you?"

"No. She's sleeping in the other room," Artemis said. At least that wasn't a lie.

"A pity. I would like to talk to her," Angeline said, "Okay Arty. I'll leave you to your task but promise me that you will tell me everything when you return. Call Butler so he can pick you up, understood?"

"Yes Mother,"

"Arty," Angeline began making Artemis groan mentally. His mother was really that strict in implementing the new Fowl rule: none of the Fowl kids will call their parents in a very formal way e.g. Mother and Father.

"Yes I understand Mum," Artemis said.

"And Arty?"

"Yes Mum?"

"Take care of yourself," Angeline said in a way that sent shivers down Artemis' spine. It was like something bad is bound to happen, "I love you dear. Bye,"

Artemis' mouth felt dry as he mumbled his answer, "Bye,"


Artemis was about to drift into sleep when someone knocked on his door a little too loud than the normal, as if the person is kicking it. Artemis got up and grudgingly opened the door putting on his best poker face at who it may be. As it turns out, it was one of the LEP's new officers - judging by the way he acted. He informed the young Irish genius that Holly was showing signs of waking up and that he was assigned to escort him to her room.

Artemis gave a curt nod before following the officer, who was walking a little faster than the usual pace of walking. It was as if he is trying to get away from Artemis as far as possible, but that was probably more of a fact than an observation. Luckily for the officer, Artemis chose to hold his tongue and go silently till they reached their destination. Once they reached the door of Holly's room, the officer gave a quick goodbye before dashing off.

Without wasting any more time, Artemis knocked on the door. He wasn't keen on just barging in a room, though he knew that the door was unlocked and the occupants of the room are expecting him. After a few moments someone opened the door but it was not what Artemis is expecting.

"What's with that look Foaly?"

"Artemis," Foaly began as he closed the door once the Irish teen entered the room. Then he gave him a glass of cold water, no ice - just cold water. Artemis looked at the centaur inquiringly but Foaly didn't look at him. "Drink it. You'll need it,"

Artemis raised an eyebrow at him but drank a few gulps.

"Something is terribly wrong," Foaly said, letting his gaze point to the female elf sitting on the bed drinking a glass of water. Artemis can't see anything that is wrong at the scene. When one wakes up from being unconscious, it was normal for the person to take a drink of water. He was slightly relieved at the fact that Holly's injuries are all healed; making a mental note to thank No.1 later if he happens to see him.

Artemis was about to ask what's wrong when Holly finished drinking her glass of water and her eyes fell on him. Her mismatched eyes widen for a bit in shock before shifting uneasily in her position, holding the glass tightly that if she was strong enough, it would crack.

"Holly?" Artemis asked, obviously surprised at her reaction and that was something since Artemis Fowl II rarely shows how surprised he is.

"Who are you and how do you know my name?" came the female elf's answer, eyes full of curiosity. Then she looked at Foaly, "And aren't humans not allowed here in Haven?"

The silence was broken by the sound of a glass shattering on the solid floor, scattering small pieces of glass and splashed of water on the ward floor.