Thank you to anyone who reads this. This is my first attempt at writing. I've read many of the stories on FF but have never been brave enough to write and post. This is a story that has been floating around my head for awhile and needed to get out.

All of the characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. I'm just playing with them for a bit.

Out of the Shadows

Third times a charm, or at least that's what I hope. I left my home six years ago and this was the first long stretch of unemployment. I woke up this morning really hoping that this interview will be the last.

I arrive at the agency early to check in and get ready.

"Bella, the clients are already in the board room. I told them that I would send you in as soon as you arrived." Gianna told me. I absolutely hate it when the clients do this to me. I sure hope that this isn't a bad omen to getting the job. I love what I do but having to deal with demanding people can be a real pisser some times.

I give myself one more check in the mirror. I know I look good because I spent most of my life trying to hide from my self-image but not anymore.

I confidently walk into the room and was almost knocked on my ass by who was waiting for me. Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale sitting at the table.

Every bad memory from high school comes flooding back to me. The lack of friends, the lack of confidence, the lack of looks, the excess of fat. I was one of many who lived in the shadow of the Cullens and Hales. Alice Cullen, the perky cheerleader who could do no wrong, or at least not get caught. Rosalie Hale, the ice queen that should have been home coming queen but was too cool for that.

Just my bad luck that these two had to be my next clients but wait. Why would they need me? I do a quick scan on my internal database. Jasper Hale, Rosalie's brother, was the coolest musician in the school, town and state in most opinions but I don't remember hearing about him recently. Emmett Cullen, Alice's first brother, was an incredible athlete, all state in so many sports that I can't remember but his name is not ringing true with any professional teams. Last but not least, Edward Cullen, Alice's other brother, was the one that every girl wanted to get with. He was a great student, great athlete, great musician and basically the star of the school and town. Holy shit! Why didn't I remember Edward Cullen first?

Edward Cullen was the new "it" boy of Hollywood. He showed up on the scene about a year ago and floored everyone with a couple of indie films. He landed the lead role in a new book adaptation, and had every young girl pinning posters of him on their bedroom walls.

This was not going to be my lucky day. It should be interesting to see what reaction I get from Alice and Rosalie. Will they remember me at all? I wasn't going by Isabella Dwyer in Forks. Plain old Bella Swan was put in the closet when I moved to L.A. and transformed by outer shell.

By the time this all flashed through my mind I had only taken a few steps into the room and closed the door. When I turned to greet them I was met by one smile and one scowl. Two guesses which wore what.

"Good morning", as I approached the table. Alice and Rosalie both stood up.

"You must be Isabella. A pleasure to meet you." Alice chirped in the same extra perky voice that used to make my teeth grind in high school. I never really knew Alice back then but I never really got the chance. I just knew that I was lower than lower in their books so I never paid much attention to the person just the persona.

Rosalie extended her perfectly manicured hand. "Thank you for meeting with us on short notice."

"You're welcome. I hope that you haven't been waiting long."

"We just got here actually but we are short on time so I think we should just get to it" Rosalie took her seat again.

I sat opposite from them both. Passed them two copies of my current resume. From the look on their faces I don't think they've placed my face yet. Thankfully my resume contains no information before college.

"I notice from your resume that you have worked for a couple of celebrities in the last two years. We are currently looking for an assistant that has some experience with the media. Our client is an up and coming actor who will need someone who is discreet. Can you tell us a bit about your last employers?" Rosalie folded her arms and waited for my response.

Neither Alice nor Rosalie was showing any sign of recognizing me. Hopefully my past would not be an issue for this job. I jumped into the interview like it was any other interview. I had become a confident person in the last 5 years, a complete turn around from high school. We talked back and forth for about 45 minutes until Alice's cell phone beeped at her.

"I'm so sorry that we have cut this short now. Our client is coming out of a wardrobe fitting so we really must be going. I have a really good feeling about you Isabella so we'll call you later today with our decision. Thanks again." With that Alice and Rosalie stood up and left the room.

I let a deep sign escape me as I sunk back into the chair. I gathered my stuff up and let the room. I stopped by Gianna's desk on my way out.

"So do you know the client that you were interviewing for? They wouldn't say anything to the agency just that they need someone with celebrity experience."

"I have no idea. They didn't give me a name but did say that it was an actor so hopefully he's a handsome one." I dropped off an envelope for the agency's director as I smiled at her, knowing full well that it was Edward Cullen.

First day of senior year at Forks High School, I park my beloved truck in the lot and just sit there. I don't want to get out and face all of the student body because I know my body is no good. The average woman wears a size 14 but not the average high school senior. No matter what Charlie or anyone else says, there's nothing worse than being fat in high school. Every thing that I wear is bland so I can blend in. I just want to get through this year and then get out of town.

If my self-esteem couldn't get any worse, the Cullens and Hales have just arrived. Rosalie and Jasper in her BMW and Alice and Edward in his Volvo. I decide to get out of my truck into a giant puddle that I didn't see when I parked. I hear laughter and quickly look up to see the Cullen/Hale clan looking my way. Edward has his eyes down and is shaking his head at me. Well there goes my senior year.

I spend the next couple of months blending into the background yet again. I've made an art out of being unseen. I have a couple of classes with Edward where I try to look at him as much as I can without being blatant about it. He is the star of many of my fantasies, okay all of them, but that is as close as I get to him. I don't think I've ever spoken to him expect to say excuse me. I've spent 12 years of school with him and he still doesn't know my name. Most of the time he just looks through or over me. I am invisible.

The strangest thing happened to me as I was going to my car. I started to shake, and was breathing heavy. I don't know where this came from but it was like a panic attack. Why the hell can't I get past being in high school? I've come so far in the last few years. I will not let the thought of Edward Cullen send me back into a blubbering mass.

I was calmed down by the time I got back to my apartment. I decided that I needed to go for a run before my nerves had me going back to the Dunkin' Donuts.

I went for a really good run in the hills behind my apartment. When I got home I stripped off and had a shower. When I stepped out I took a couple of minutes to give myself the once over. It had been a long time since my emotions had me craving junk food. I was a perfect size 6 now. I wasn't about to kill myself to get any lower and I liked having a couple of curves. I spent too many months getting fit to let my emotions take over again.

I walked out into my small apartment. It was a one bedroom in a nice area of L.A. but not fancy. I spent so little time here when I was working that it didn't make sense to spend thousands on a condo or to rent a bigger apartment. I had everything I needed and good neighbors, which counted for a lot in L.A.

The kitchen was a galley style and was stocked by Whole Foods. I didn't get radical with my diet but I definitely don't have the menu of McDonald's memorized anymore. I made a light supper with lots of veggies.

It was nice having this break between clients. When I'm working I'm usually grabbing food on the run or not eating for long stretches. At least the food that I'd get was of good quality. Being a personal assistant can have its perks as well as its pitfalls.

I've been doing the PA thing for the last 3 years or so. That's not long but in this city that seems like a long time for a lot. Most people who start out think that they will be working for J. Lo or someone like that with all the perks and travel that go with it. Usually they start off on some trophy wife who puts you only slightly higher on the totem pole than the dog walker and some times even lower. I've seen many a girl last about a month before they go running. I've been lucky with my clients so I've gained a lot of experience and recommendations.

I finish up my pasta with a nice glass of wine. That's my one vice, a really good wine or cocktail. I've never been a beer kind of person unlike my dad. While cleaning up the dishes I hear a beep from my phone.

From :

Wonderful to meet you. Can you come to the following address in 1 hour?

I check out the address on Google map and see that it's about ½ hour drive from my place. Thankfully I'm already showered so I just have to change.

I send a quick text back to Alice to confirm that I'll be there. My heart is going a mile a minute again at the thought of seeing Edward Cullen again.

I change into a nice pair of black pants, a deep blue blouse and my sexiest heeled boots. I quick touch of make up and then I'm off. I jump into my Porsche 911. Okay I have two vices, booze and cars but not together. Charlie would kill me if I ever drink and drive.

As soon as I got my first big pay check I invested in my dream car. It's a long way from my Chevy truck but I love her just as much. There is nothing better than going for a drive on the PCH with the top down. That wasn't going to happen tonight because I wasn't about to show up at the address looking like a wind tunnel victim.

Twenty minutes later and 15 minutes early I arrive at the address. A really nice bungalow in the Malibu hills. It's an older home but well looked after, nothing like the modern house of the Cullens in Forks. I always preferred the Hales white Victorian styled two story but Dr. Cullen liked the clean lines of modern design I guess. I was never privileged to visit the houses but I drove by them enough in my time to have them memorized.

As I sat in my reminiscing about the houses in Forks, there was a loud knock on my window.

I screamed as I jumped out of my seat a bit. All I heard was a deep throaty laugh, as I look and see Emmett Cullen standing there.

"Is there something I can help you with?", he asked as I rolled down the window.

"I have an appointment at this address in about 10 minutes. I'm not blocking anyone here, am I?"

"No, I just don't like having people hang around my house. What did you say your name was?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Isabella Dwyer. I have an appointment with Alice Cullen." I can see that Emmett is trying to place my face but it's not catching. Obviously my invisibility cloak in high school really worked.

"Well you better come in then, early or not." I rolled the window up, turned the engine off and opened the door. Emmett closed the door for me as I gathered up my bag.

"I'm Emmett by the way. I like your wheels."

"Thanks. A Christmas present to myself." I followed Emmett up the driveway and towards the front door.

As we walked into the house, I noticed that Rosalie was giving the evil eye to Emmett. "Emmett, what were you doing outside?"

"Well I went outside to check out the hot car in front of the house and found Ms. Dwyer out there. She has just as good taste in cars as you babe, Porsche 911 Turbo."

I stepped out from behind Emmett. "I'm sorry I'm a bit early but you never know with L.A. traffic how long it might take. I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

"No, not at all. Please follow me out to the deck." Rosalie led me through an updated living room with attached kitchen. The exterior of the house was in the sixties but the interior was definitely this decade, if not this year. Obviously the love of modern design was not limited to the father.

We stepped out onto the deck, which had an incredible view of the ocean. There was the standard pool and hot tub but Rosalie led me over to the shady part of the lawn. Under the trees, relaxing on the loungers were Alice and Edward.

Alice noticed me first and jumped up with a smile ten miles wide. I start to regret not getting to know her in high school. She never was mean but she was never out of her sphere of friends.

"Oh Isabella, I'm so glad that you were able to make it this evening. Sorry for the rush but we really are in a desperate state. Edward… oh I forgot to introduce you to him. Isabella, this is my brother Edward. He is the one who we hired you for."

I turn my attention to Edward and my heart starts to pound. I start to enter the fight or flight mode. What the hell am I doing here if I can't be around him without making a scene. I thought I was over all this when I left Forks. Who the hell was I kidding!

This was my ideal man. He still starred in my fantasies. I was almost as bad as all those teenagers. I needed a cocktail or a donut soon or I was going to lose it.

Edward stood up and I took a good look at all 6 feet 1 inch of him. He was wearing dark denim jeans that hung at just the right place, with a white t-shirt, that clung to all the right places. His eyes were covered by sunglasses but his hair was the same tousle of bronze sex hair that he had in Forks.

I don't believe it! The real thing was just as good as the fantasy. How can that be? I didn't expect to ever be in his presence again but here I was being a total idiot.

Then he spoke and his voice sounded like sex. It was deep, smooth and so confident.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen."

"Isabella Dwyer, nice to meet you."

He took off his glasses then to take a look at me. Something was behind those beautiful green eyes that bothered me. There was moment of recognition but that was impossible. If Alice, Rosalie and Emmett didn't recognize me then there was no way the Edward would. He never looked at me expect to move around me or to collect an assignment at school.

"Sorry about that. You look kind of familiar to me but I can't place the face.", he said as he shook his head.

I noticed Alice smiling at us out of the corner of my eyes. "So Isabella, what do you say? Do you want the job?"

"Don't you want to check my references or previous clients before you offer me the position?"

"Oh don't worry about any of that. I have a really good feeling about you." Alice sat back down again and put her sunglasses back on.

"You'll have to forgive my sister. She is a bit of a freak but her instincts have never been wrong before. Are there any questions you might have of us before you accept the position?" Edward was even sexier when he was being a gentleman.

"Oh don't worry she's going to take the job and be awesome at it. The best you've ever had." Alice's confidence in me was shocking at the least.

I still didn't know if I wanted to fight or flee yet. My hormones and bank account were saying stay but my nerves were sending me to the door. I don't know if I ever wanted them to find out who I really was or that I already knew them. On the other hand, just the sight of Edward on a regular basis for a few weeks might cure me of this obsession.

As I stood there with my mouth open like a fool, I realized that they were waiting for me to give them an answer.

"Uh…how could I say no to such a vote of confidence. I gladly accept the offer. I'm sure that we can go over all the particulars tomorrow or the next day."

"Unfortunately we don't have time to wait. I have to be on location by Wednesday morning so the job would start tomorrow, Isabella.", Edward answered me. "Didn't Alice or Rosalie let you know about the peculiar circumstances?"

"Edward, we're sorry about this. The interview was very brief and we just didn't cover the particulars. Jasper has done up the contract with the agency and it just needs Isabella's signature." Rosalie touched my shoulder to get my attention as she motioned back towards the house.

"Uh…well then I guess I have some reading to do. Rosalie, please lead the way." I started to walk behind Rosalie towards the house. I took a quick glance back to notice that Edwards was still standing and watching me leave the patio. I'm gonna have to control this heart beat of mine or I won't last the week.

I followed Rosalie into the kitchen area where a large dining table was. Jasper was already there with the contracts.

"Jasper, meet Isabella Dwyer. She has agreed to be Edward's PA. Could you please go over the contract with her." Rosalie motioned for me to have a seat across from Jasper and then left the room.

"Ms. Dwyer, thank you so much to agreeing to this. None of us realized how much work Edward's career was going to be. We decided as a family that we needed to step back to our own lives so a personal assistant was needed. Please do not think that he is difficult to work with but we all have our own careers to tend to as well. You'll find that this contract is not much different than your last client's. We asked your agency to draw this up with the same duties and benefits that you are familiar with. The compensation is greater due to the last minute need of your services."

I took a few minutes to look over the contracts, and they were as Jasper said. The compensation was much greater than before but I have a feeling that I won't be lasting long as Edward's PA so I better make the most out of the money. I signed and dated, then passed it back to Jasper for his witness signature.

"Thank you so much Jasper. All I need now is the details for our flight tomorrow and the duties that Edward will need done before we leave town."

Thank you again for spending some time on my little story.