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Chapter 1: Cruel Sorrow

Today has been by far, the worst most awful day in young Sakura Haruno's short life. Not yesterday when she failed the math test, not six months prior when Aunt Miaka passed away, and not three years ago when her best friend in the whole world moved to another country and left her to journey through highschool alone. Well, for the most part. For over a year, Sakura had the pleasure of being the girlfriend of one of the most popular boys in school and during those eight months, she was the happiest she'd ever been. Now the relationship, the love, the respect, and the happiness have become past tense.

Now there she was, standing on a crowded street corner frozen in shock, encompassed by the city people moving about in their own rituals who failed in inquiring to see if the odd pink-headed girl, who's tears flowed freely down her pale face, was okay. So they had every right to pass along, to ignore, or pretend to ignore the obviously shaken teen, because of what business was it of theirs to become entangled in the complications of a high-school girl?

Of this, Sakura did not mind nor pretend to feel hurt at their silence and in fact prayed no one approached her small corner of sorrow. And then the light blinked, signaling the 'okay' to safely cross the street, but out of all the shuffling feet, only her's remained stationary. There seemed to be no point in walking, no point in a destination, no point in continuing to move through the people with some false sense of purpose. No point at all.

Then someone hit her shoulder abruptly causing the teen to plummet to the hot asphalt below. Wide green eyes searched through the crowds in having been temporarily knocked out of the trance but the stranger had already blended back in with the others. So in one quick motion she picked herself from the ground, begrudgingly noting a new pain in her wrist, and settled into a measly pace in the direction of home.

'Great... it's probably sprained... just what I need...'

Already the day felt like a week with all the chaos that ensued just a few hours previous at the local highschool.

'Well, it all had to do with him. It's curious how someone, whom you've given your entire heart and being to, can go from the most precious person in the morning, to becoming an 'I-don't-want-to-talk-about-it' subject by that mid-afternoon. Clearly someone forgot to mention that love hurts.'

And oh, did it ache something terrible.

Sakura clutched her chest and focused on keeping the rest of the tears at bay and continued counting the lines in the sidewalk, which helped in diverting her thoughts from harmful places.

It took a good twenty minutes before her home stood at the edge of her feet just waiting to welcome the girl, offering an all too familiar safe haven. Sakura opened with door with a slight struggle, feeling abnormally weak from the exhausting day, and proceeded to her room at a quick pace in hopes of avoiding the daily 'how was school?' conversation with her mother. When luck won and she was finally safe behind the walls of her own room, a high-pitched sound invaded the air and the girl shoved her hand in her pocket to fish out a small red cell phone.

Upon reading the screen, a strong wave of nausea rolled over her so suddenly that it caused her to sink to the floor. It was nothing but a simple one line text message asking if she could 'meet up' with the boy who broke her heart and spirit only a few hours ago.

"No..." She whispered shaking her head back and forth slowly. "I won't..."

The whole thing was a set-up. From the very beginning he pretended to take an interest, and at first Sakura had thought it odd, but amidst the butterflies and the light-headedness she got whenever he came around, the doubts were forgotten. But she should've known.

It was no wonder the popular girls kept their distance from her, because they were all watching from afar, reveling in Sakura's unapparent* humiliation. Bets went around the students, putting forth chunks of cash to see how long the one-sided charade would last, a few even betting it lasting less than 24 hours, which inexplainably disappointed the girl for a short time.

'Eight months... I wasted over half a year... for what!' Sakura thought frustrated. 'Do they have any idea what they did to me?'

She gripped the phone, glaring at it, hoping somehow through it, he could feel her anger. Then, in an impulse move to be regretted later, Sakura stood up and chucked the little red device out of the open window onto the street below. The sound of plastic breaking sent a small amount of satisfaction to her, but it wasn't going to be enough to forget what happened, yet it helped.

"Sakura, honey, are you in there?" An older woman's voice sounded on the other side of the door followed by a few lights knocks. Sakura spun around and dove for her backpack, in an attempt to sound like she was busy doing homework. Yes, just another day in highschool with tons of work... she hoped her mom wouldn't notice any changes.

"Yeah, I just got back. Tons of homework tonight. Call me for dinner later." Came her quick answer.

"Well, alright... please try to get as much of it done as possible. Your father and I need to talk to you soon."

Sakura scrunched her eyebrows together and looked towards her door in confusion. Did her strong independent mother just speak with a nervous tone? That definitely wasn't normal, and now her stomach churned with new worries.

"O-okay. I'll try." She answered unsuredly. Upon reviewing the homework list, Sakura realized she had every right to be nervous, because everything seemed to be due tomorrow, it being a friday and all. Like she now possessed the capacity to focus on those things when life has now decided it was her turn to hold the crap card. It wasn't fair.

A lite breeze pushed against red curtains hanging from the window, and Sakura, who found her legs cramping, stood up and leaned forward on the small windowsill. Jade eyes turned upward into a painted sky full of blues, oranges, reds, and pinks in the lovely display of dusk. To the southeast, a shiny sliver of moon posed itself low in the skyline trying to enjoy it's last rays of sunshine until its cycle began anew again. Sakura couldn't help but stare in envy, wishing desperately that somehow someway she could just turn into a new moon and start over. She deserved a second chance, something wonderful to make up for lost time.

Well, Sakura must've been daydreaming a bit too long, because her mother was back at her door telling her it was time for dinner.

At the table, Sakura was greeted by her father, an athletically buff man with sharp features adorned with bright green eyes that mirrored his daughter's. His posture shouted business but his demeanor was kind and determined. Sakura absolutely adored her father, looked up to him, respected him the way one should, and loved it when he spoiled her.

After the usual greetings, Sakura sat down opposite of her parents, noting a strange tension in the air between them. Her mother's usually neat red hair seemed frazzled and her small face seemed worn and weary. Something was not right.

"Go ahead and eat, honey." Her mom urged. Sakura looked down at her plate, also noting it was her favorite dish, but couldn't bring herself to lift the food into her mouth, possibly in fear of it being rejected. Her insides were all twisted and a million different explanations raced through her head.

'Maybe they found out about what happened at school today? No, if that were the case i'd be getting lectured right now... Then what? I doubt they're out of their bindings over one failed math test. Maybe someone else died? Did dad lose his job?'


A pink head shot up. "Y-yes?"

Her mother pointed towards her plate. "You haven't touched your food at all. Are you not feeling well?"

"Well I... didn't you say you had something to talk to me about?" Sakura watched the tense silent exchange between her parents and it wasn't helping her stomach. Her mother stood up and sat in the chair next to Sakura, reaching out to grasp her hand.

"Yes we did. Honey... I, you're father and I, we..." Her mother was actually stumbling over her words? This is now very serious. Her own mother was practically becoming unglued in front of her eyes! She looked beyond the petit red-haired woman to her father who was slouched in his seat with one arm cradling his forehead as if he just had the worst day at work.

'Oh please just tell me he got fired and we have to move far away because we can't afford to stay here anymore!'

"Sakura, you're father and I, after discussing it for a long time now, we... I well, honey, we're... we just thought it'd be best if we took a break."

Sakura looked at them both as if they'd gone crazy. "A break? What do you mean, like you guys need a vacation or something?"

Her mother ran a hand over her face looking flustered. "Well, yes in a way we do..."

"Sakura, what you're mother is trying to tell you is that we no longer wish to be married." Her father interjected in a soft but stern voice.

And then it seemed time stopped for Sakura. Her eyes widened, she let loose the eating utensil, breathing ceased, and sound disappeared.

'No longer wished to be married?'

"Y-you mean... you two..." Her voice was down to a whisper.

"Sakura, we're getting divorced." Her mother proclaimed shakily while squeezing her shocked daughter's hand. Bad news usually happened in three waves. First the shock, then the anger rolls in, followed closely by denial. Mother and father both knew that the second wave was about to hit, and crash hard.

'Divorced...? Do they really mean it? No... after all this time I thought we we all loved each other. I never saw anything that would make me doubt their relationship, nothing at all, and now... how could they do this?'

Not only was this bad news ripping an entirely new hole in her already damaged heart, it was just setting off the last explosive that would completely take out the bridge.

She abuptly stood in anger. "You can't get divorced!"

Was this really happening?

"How can you do this we're a team! We're all we have and you can't just take that away!"

They could only stare with forlorn eyes.

"Why? Why now! I need you both now more than ever! I've taken pride in being a whole family as i'm watching my friends and their friends go through their parent's splits and though I felt sorry for them I was secretly very glad and thankful that mine loved each other enough. Why isn't it enough anymore?"

She slammed her hands onto the wooden table and leaned in.

"You can't do this... you have to fix it." She plead.

"Sakura," Mr. Haruno spoke up. "We can't. We've tried for years. Now you need to understand that this is not going to change anything with how we feel about you. We love you very much-"

"How can you say that!" Sakura cut him off. "Love doesn't tear families apart, it binds them! Makes them one! You have to try harder!"

The situation was becoming desperate now. Because with every passing moment, the news sunk in just a little more, and the look of defeat in both of their eyes only shoved reality more in her face.

"We've tried, honey... trust us. It's not like-" Mrs. Haruno stopped mid-sentence when she witness Sakura putting a hand over her mouth and running towards the bathroom.

Sakura's stomach couldn't take it anymore and began emptying itself in her bathroom of what little contents she consumed for that day. It hurt, it burned, and everything ached.

The door was locked, so her parents knocked in an attempt to console the broken child. They stood there for five minutes with no reply, and then another five passed, and then another, until almost a half hour went by. By then, the two flustered people removed themselves from the doorway and went out in search of solitude to process the recent events.

Sakura lay on the soft bathroom carpet, after throwing up everything she had. Too exhausted to move, too shocked to feel any more pain, and too tired of everyone close to her breaking her heart, the petit teen began to weep and weep she did until exhaustion took over and she succumbed to sweet dreams of someday being in a pain-free world.

Surely, nothing could top this day; the absolute worst most depressing day of Sakura Haruno's life.

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