Alright a new chapter! I took longer to write this one because I kept changing how Sakura was going to meet Sasuke and a few other scenes. I think it turned out pretty good.

Chapter 5: Transition Assistance

Metal clanged against metal. "Get up!"

Sakura stirred and then bolted upright at the loud demands. The guards were standing in front of the cage door each holding a piece of a long metal chain with a shackle placed evenly apart.

"There'll be no funny business or i'll sting ya." One particularly ugly guard threatened as he unlocked the door.

Sakura's fear resurfaced as her eyes frantically searched for an escape. "What's going on?" She whispered tightly.

Oni clenched her fists and stared down the men. "We're here."

"Where is here?"

One guard suddenly reached through the opening to grab onto a young boy's leg and harshly pulled him out onto the dirt floor where he was immediately shackled. The women who were huddled with him shrieked in retaliation.

"We haven't got all day!" The same guard motioned for the others to follow, and they obeyed out of fear.

During this scene, Sakura moved away from the door and closer to Oni. There was no way in hell she was going to willingly step out of this cage, not knowing what her fate was going to be.

Oni squeezed Sakura's arm and tilted her head slightly towards her without breaking eye contact with the guards.

"You have to listen to me, Sakura." She whispered frantically. "I know it goes against every bone in your body but you have to obey them. We can't stay in here, and creating a fuss will only earn us a harsh beating."

Sakura tried listening but the sound of her wild heartbeat drowned out most of the noise. 'Did she just say obey?'

"Sakura, please, just do as I say." Oni pleaded when she saw the warring expression. "I promise you will be okay."

'Okay? Does she not realize that we've been kidnapped! Who knows what these monsters will do to us...' Sakura shuddered.

In seconds, the space was empty except for the two frightened girls. Oni slowly pulled Sakura towards the door, her body as stiff as a board. Sakura refused.

"We have to fight!" She argued almost pleadingly.

"We will have our chance, but now is not the time. Trust me. Trust me."

Oni continued to pull and found it a little less difficult this time, knowing her words were getting through. Sakura remained silent though, only shooting death glares to every guard her eyes could reach.

Once they were in arms reach, two guards took hold of them each and hastily shackled their hands out in front of them until the entire lot was bound to a single chain.

Sakura was disgustingly reminded of the old slave trades and the last time she checked, kidnapping and slavery were still outlawed.

'Oni better be right.'

"Hurry it up. If we're late we won't get paid, and i'll be damned if I have to walk away empty handed!" One guard heatedly exclaimed to the rest of them. Apparently he was in charge.

Sakura winced at the dirty shackles tightly bound to her wrists, and noticed how bruised and stiff her muscles were from the electric rod. As she was mentally cursing the guard out, her eyes were lifted to view nothing but dark gray tones in every direction. High rugged brick walls protruded from the poorly kept grounds of what seemed to be a castle-like fortress. Iron bars sharpened at the end dotted the outer layers of the walls and even sprang up from the dirt itself in mangled rows.

It appeared to be ancient and had a slight resemblance to a mid-century English castle, but had not seen war for probably over a century.

Despite the situation, Sakura became entranced.

The men had led them through a high narrow door that opened up into a disgruntled courtyard where various animals and livestock roamed free and small poorly managed vegetable gardens lined one of the brick walls. The area must've been the size of an olympic pool yet seemed very crowded with all that was being managed.

Sakura looked left and right, creating a mental map for future references, and caught sight of several workers who paused to stare at the 'new batch' of slaves.

'When the hell am I going to wake up from this nightmare!' She thought frustratingly.

Once they crossed the courtyard they were led into a series of smaller open yards, and then small rooms, and then led into a large chamber that could only be in the main compound itself. Despite the walls and floors being made of stone, Sakura interestingly noted the large intricate carpet coming from a narrow walkway from wence they appeared from, to a wider pathway leading to the main area where no stone could be seen on the ground. She also noticed how the men carefully made sure that the entire group stepped to the side to walk down the path where the ground was bare against their feet.

It was incredibly dreary. Numerous candles and the occasional torch were the only sources of light. Sakura wondered if the entire castle was like this.

'So... i've been kidnapped by Amish people?'

The leader of the men suddenly motioned for them to stop. "All of you, face me." They obeyed reluctantly until they looked like a line of of forsaken souls getting ready to greet the grim reaper.

"Listen up!" He barked at them. "You will not make a sound. You will not move. You will obey every command that is given to you." By this time, he had begun to walk back and forth, making sure to stop for only a moment in front of each one, staring down menacingly to better squash any rising resolve.

Sakura regretfully shivered under his intense face, but her resolve only grew.

"The Master will have a look at each of ya, and determine which part of this place you will help run. Any of you miserable animals dares to object to his will, will surely see a bloody red end to your short puny lives. Believe me... his hands do not do the punishing."

Sakura lifted her head at the way the man stressed the last bit of his sentence. It didn't make much sense.

The leader seemed to be finished with his welcoming speech as he nodded to his fellow men, and they sauntered through another set of doors in brighter spirits when a ward of the compound handed them their earnings.

'Finally.' Sakura thought relieved, and set her attentions on escaping the chains. They didn't seem too complex, just poor iron work. But the mechanism proved to be a little more difficult as she twisted her wrists this way and that trying to mentally map out the interior iron work.

All too soon, footsteps were heard approaching the room. The women grasped to each other tightly unable to stop their flow of tears because they all knew they've reached the last leg of possible freedom. It only made the small teen work faster. It was definitely a good thing she'd been placed last on the chain, meaning she was closest to the door.

"Ah, new slaves." A high clean voice swept through the room turning all heads. It was a man medium in stature and build but oddly donned grayish hair. It drastically contrasted with his youthful face, especially with the round glasses he wore.

And then, as if a vacuum were switched on, the warmth was sucked out to leave dense cold air that made Sakura break out in goosebumps. But her shudders weren't caused by the drastic change of climate, but due to an ominous dark presence that hauntingly followed the gray-haired man.

For a moment, she ceased all movement and focused on the new figure that filled the room with an intensity she's never felt before. This must be the Master.

'Dammit, Sakura, you don't have time to stare!' Mentally slapping herself, she continued her mission trying to be as discreet as possible.

"Only seven?" Quipped the first man. "Suyo and his men must be hitting a dry spell." He held up a large open book and placed the tip of a pencil on the edge, ready to scribble down whatever he needs. "Let's get this started."

Sakura glanced up as the dark figure stood directly in front of the first person in the line, which was a middle-aged woman. He stared straight at her for a moment until she began to shake uncontrollably until a desperate sound escaped her throat, "i'll do as you say! Just make it stop!"

Whatever he was mentally putting her though didn't sound pleasant, but perhaps it was just some cheap eye trick... or something. Then he spoke. "Kitchen." It was cold, without emotion, and felt so final that almost everyone in the room shuddered. The woman sobbed while her shackles were removed and she was rudely rushed away from the area.

The figure moved down the line to the next victim, and then the next. He was moving much too efficiently for Sakura's liking, and she feared it would be too late... but then a breakthrough!

Her shackles went limp but she didn't let them fall or make noise. 'Finally! Alright... get to the door and run like hell...'


'Run!' Sakura threw off the chains, bursted to the door and bolted down the passageway without a single look over the shoulder. She didn't notice the yelling from behind because her heartbeat drummed violently in her ears. She pushed doors away, jumped over miscellaneous objects, even shoved a few people aside who had no idea what was going on, and ran through the open courtyard towards the gate that would lead to the outside.

'Just keep running no matter what!' She repeated to herself. The gate drew near and by some miracle it was open, allowing a small group of adults carrying caged chickens through from the other side. Throwing whatever manners she had left away, she practically bulldozed her way in the crowd through the narrow gate and popped up victorious on the outside.

'Yes! Keep going keep going, don't stop!' Adrenaline high with a dash of desperation, Sakura kicked even harder against the ground. The lake was her destination, because there she could try to find her way back again, but this time with a little more planning.

She followed the path that led into the wilderness for about five seconds until an invisible force collided with her body and she tumbled hard to the floor. It completely knocked the wind out of her, but brimming with survival instincts, she burst back up only to freeze at the sight in front of her.

A tall, dark man covered in an all-black cloak stood menacingly still in the path's way. He was the object she had collided with. How he moved so fast as to beat her to this place and then act as if it were totally easy, was beyond comprehension. And at this point, Sakura didn't really care.

"Let me go. I have a right to be free." She demanded and stepped into a defensive stance.

The man made no attempt to reply or acquiesce to her demand.

Sakura grew increasingly frustrated when she noticed the withering light disappear over the horizon, and knew she had to leave now in order to reach the lake by nightfall. If she was lucky.

"Let me go! I just want to get back to my family, okay? So step away!"

But instead of obeying, the man took a handle of steps forward, all the while staring intensely at Sakura. Said girl took a hesitant step back. She didn't exactly have the fortitude of a fighter to expect to win a fight against this guy.

She was about to yell in warning but stopped open-mouthed as her eyes caught his. Was it her imagination or were they glowing red? They were! And not only that, they were... spinning?

Sakura stared for a moment and then blinked several times to ensure they weren't playing tricks on her. Yet, the man's eyes were still a bright red. Were these the very eyes he used against the first few people?

At first the word 'vampire' screamed through Sakura's mind, but the logical side spoke up to suggest they were just really expensive contacts created to intimidate people like her.

After another few short awkward moments of intense eye-staring, the man finally blinked in a look of slight bewilderment as his eyes returned to normal.

"How did you do that?" His cold gruff voice cut through the silence. Sakura cocked her head to one side, "do what?"

Instead of answering, the man activated his red eyes again, this time with more chakra. It was beginning to really creep the teen out.

"Um, whatever you're doing... it's not working. What are you trying to do anyway?" Not that she really wanted to know but the situation was becoming very curious.


Sakura took note of his lack of vocabulary or inability to speak properly to another, very frustrating, but before she could comment, there was a burst of energy from the man and then they were airborne.

He had quickly grasped her waist and jumped into the air with unimaginable speed and moved through the forrest into the fortress with unmatched agility that Sakura had never witnessed before and barely comprehended, even as she was dumped unceremoniously into a large room.

"Sasuke-sama, you've returned with the runaway." The gray-haired man stated slightly amused.

Sakura was having a hard time processing the new information. How in the world did he do what he just did? And now his name's Sasuke?

"Where should we put this one? The garden, or the kitchen, maybe the cellar perhaps?" Four-eyes opened his notebook just as a pair of hefty men, donning servant attire, entered the room and headed towards the girl.

"I don't think so!" Sakura sprang up.

"Struggling is futile at this point, my dear. You're a slave now and will do as commanded by myself and the Master."

"No! I have a right to be free! What you're doing is illegal and wrong!" She backed up towards the wall as the men advanced, as panic gripped her body. 'This is really happening... they're going to make me a slave for the rest of my life and i'll never see my family again... I can't let them take me... at least not without a fight!'

"So, Sasuke-sama. Shall I book her for the laundry crew?"

Sakura threw a pleading look in Sasuke's direction just as the guards pounced and grasped both of her arms.

"No." Sasuke said.

Sakura stopped struggling and for a moment feared he had something more sinister in mind for her. The other man gave him a questioning look.

"She'll be my personal servant."

Sakura gasped with wide-eyes that followed the dark figure out of the room as he quickly left the scene. The gray-haired man stared on for a second wearing a contemplative face bordering on boredom until he 'tsked' and proceeded to write something down.

"No way!" Sakura loudly rejected. The guards continued struggle with containing her arms. "I have my rights!"

The man lifted an eyebrow amused, "and what rights are those?"

"Slavery is illegal! By law I have a right to be free!" Were these people just playing dumb or did they seriously adopt a lawless lifestyle?

He replied with a quizzical look, "I do not know the laws of wherever you're from, but here in this kingdom, Sasuke-sama's word is law, and no one is excluded from it."

"Wait! I don't belong here, you'll be in serious trouble!" Sakura tried twisting our of her captor's grip and kicked one in the knee during the process. This earned her a slap in the face which caused her to lose balance and fall to the floor in complete shock. No one had ever done that before!

"Enough!" The man commanded.

"We're sorry Kabuto-sama." One of the guards replied shakily, and they both bowed low. Sakura, still frozen holding her cheek, gazed on as the man now named Kabuto towered over the quivering men with a sneering look.

"No one is to lay a hand on the Master's personal slave. Now take her to Tsuki in the wet rooms, and make sure she stays there. We need her cleaned and properly dressed." He ended his commands by snapping his book shut and pushing up his glasses. "But first, bring her here."

The guards scrambled to obey. "Please! Just let me go!" Sakura pleaded desperately as the men pinned her arms against her body hard. A few tears escaped as she watched helplessly as Kabuto pulled out a small syringe full of a clear substance and injected it into her right arm.

"So you don't squirm so much." He calmly answered her obvious unspoken question. And as soon as he finished that sentence, Sakura began to feel her muscles relax slightly. Kabuto smiled an almost creepy smile and then disappeared from the room.

By now, whatever he had injected her with was really starting to work as Sakura felt a sensation close to that of being heavily intoxicated. Her feet slid clumsily across the stone floor with her miserable attempts to escape the guards clutches, and occasionally her head would lull to one side.

They led her slowly down some stairs, through intricate hallway passages, and passed several rooms until they arrived at the section of the compound known as the 'wet rooms.' A tall and round woman greeted them coldly at the door.

"What is this?" Her high rich voice resonated down the hallway as she scrutinized the groggy girl.

"This is the Master's new personal servant. She's to be prepared for him immediately." One guard answered matter-of-factly.

The woman put one hand on her large hip. "What's wrong with her?"

"Kabuto-sama's doing." The other answered irritably. Sighing knowingly, she motioned them inside to lay her on a stone slab. After obeying her orders, the men retreated from the room and Sakura was left alone with the large scary-looking woman.

"I can... I can walk..." She lifted herself up and tried walking towards the door in a last desperate attempt to leave.

"Ah no you don't. No one ever escape's past me. Now let's get you cleaned up, yes?"

Sakura blinked up at the lady when her thick arms held her inside the room and began leading her into another.

"You're a strange one. Where is it that you're from?" She asked honestly curious. Sakura didn't answer at first when they entered the second room which was very large and filled with many little steaming pools. Girls of all ages turned to stare at the newcomer.

"What're... what're you all... staring at?" The medicine turned her mouth almost numb and she sounded like a drunkard. This feeling didn't go away, or even start to dissipate until about a half-hour later when Sakura found herself in a simple gray and red kimono that barely brushed past her knees and a pair of simple wooden sandals complete with traditional socks that were definitely going to make future escape attempts difficult.

"There. Now you're ready." The burly woman stated. "It'd be wise not to put up anymore of a fuss here. And forget all about trying to leave because no one has ever escaped. At least, not alive." She gave a quick laugh and pushed an abnormally quiet teen towards the door where a pair of guards were waiting.

"She's ready." The men returned the nod while grasping the girl. Inside Sakura's head, a battle of emotions were raging.

'Is she right? Am I ever going to get out of here? No, I can't let them get to me, i'm smarter than this. My family is waiting for me and I won't let my future be decided by these criminals. But how am I going to get out of this? Maybe I can make them believe i've lost the will to run, become a quiet submissive servant and try to find the loopholes. Then, in maybe a month or two or three, I can make the escape.'

The plan seemed to be perfect. Endure the discomfort and humiliation of being a slave for just a little bit in order to achieve life-long freedom. It gave a new strength and hope to the pink-haired girl.

As Sakura went over her new plans, she failed to realize where the guards had ended up until they were fully stopped in front of a large plain wooden door. It opened slowly to reveal a large semi-dark room, sparsely furnished with a musty air hanging in despair over their heads. Two sets of hands literally pushed her inside to retreat from the room, slamming the door in the process. Now she couldn't breathe.

"H-hello?" She choked out. Was this her new room or was someone in here? Then, out of the corner of her eye, something moved. It seemed to be rising and began to advance with only an outline for Sakura to make out.

"Kizuna no ketsueki jutsu!"

Sakura barely had time to spin around to see a bright ball of red electric energy fly and hit her square in the chest. The force of the impact and the sudden immense pain were too much all at once, and the young girl slid into an unpleasant unconsciousness.

Don't mind the jutsu name, it's probably wrong but i'll explain what it's suppose to mean later. So Sakura is going to get a rude awakening in a bit as she comes even closer to the mysterious Sasuke-sama. Oh and Oni is around, don't worry she'll be back soon. Was this satisfying?