Author – Alicia of the Temptation

Fandom – the Vampire Diaries (Television series)

Rating – Unspecified

Warning – Slash: Daremy

Summary – Unspecified, unrelated stories based on two pairings: Damon x Jeremy, and Stefan x Jeremy.

Disclaimer – All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc, are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.


It horrified Elena to know how desperate Jeremy could be. Then, again, he was a human teenager. He had needs. But, he should have gone to someone else – someone who wasn't Damon. To walk through the house those few nights Jeremy came over and hear them just down the hall, or even next door, while she was in the bedroom she once shared with Stefan, was sickening. It was possible jealousy, it was possible worry.

Some nights, she didn't feel a thing. All Elena did was listen to the muffled grunts and moans, the hard thumps on the walls. It was when she finally saw them when she knew it was something more than desperate fucking. At the Grill, while Bonnie was glaring at the two after the horrible break up she had with Jeremy but a month ago, Elena saw the darkness in her brother's eyes. The same darkness, mischief, Damon held when he first came back to town. While her brother's fingertips grazed Damon's hands softly, almost tenderly, Elena noticed the other hand hovering closer and closer to the immortal's crotch.

And Damon kept a coy smirk, wolfish eyes. Later that night, Elena could hear everything very clearly as she walked through the halls. "Uha! D-Damon! Mm!" She never knew how vocal her brother could be. And, every other day, it was the same thing. The darkening of his eyes, the Cheshire grin, the searching hand – every trait Damon brought with him, Jeremy inherited. Except the eye-fucking, that was all the brunet.

And it sometimes sickened Elena how lustful her brother – a mere child, in her eyes – could be. Other times, it was the lust in Damon's eyes torturing her. Because, when Damon's icy eyes turned into molten sapphire with desire, every time Elena saw him kiss her brother, saw that collection of veins appear around his eyes, as if he's lost all control, it sickened her to know he was purely lustful for her brother, for Jeremy.

Notes - I used to have several stories for Daremy Slash. Some already uploaded. However, I wanted to have a clean slate. You can see my past history on my profile, and if you had read some of them, message me if you have any comments or concerns. I'm not sure whether or not I'll reupload Cherry Wedding and A Valentine's Day Gift. However, I do intend on continuing White Darkness for an outlet, and all details will be set.