Author: Alicia of The Temptation.

Fandom: Vampire Diaries (TV.)

Rating: Mature.

Word Count: 769.

Warnings: Slash: Daremy, OOC.

Summary: There was silence, with Jeremy staring at Damon, noticing how the vampire's half-closed eyes seemed brighter. A sign of happiness. Or, an inebriation. Either way, Jeremy smiled as he spoke, "You look like you wanna say something, Day."

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Notes: This is the final upload for Darkshines. I'm incredibly proud of how successful this series has become. I'm also pleased with the feedback I've received – I must thank two of my most following readers and fellow authors, Notsolony and KalaKitsune, who was originally the one to inspire me to write this series. I might possibly write a one shot in the future, but I'll be focusing most of my attention into two of my projects – Rise Of Power, an angel!Jeremy fic, and a possible Twilight Genderbender involving a male!Bella. If anyone has any comments, or want to give me ideas, or pointers in improvement just do so in the review or message me. Once again, thanks for the support, and I hope you enjoy this last upload.

White Roses

When he awoken in the morning, Damon's room was flooded with the morning's sunlight, and the bed was filled with the buds and petals of white roses. Jeremy sat up, petals falling from his bare chest onto his blanketed lap. He could smell the perfume of the flower, and hummed in the tranquil air. The door had opened, and Damon eased his way back inside with much disturbance. Stefan was fast asleep down the hall, and Damon wanted to assure nothing would wake his baby brother.

"I see you've noticed my gift," Damon crooned, a pleased grin upon his face. He took two steps at a time, stopping at the foot of the bed. Jeremy nodded, "What's with all the rose petals? Was Stefan trying to hunt a squirrel again?" Damon stifled his laughter, biting the inside of his cheek as he began to crawl onto the mattress, next to Jeremy.

"No," the vampire answered, "It's merely a gift from me to you." "Your gifts normally come with catches," the brunett retorted. "Especially the most romantic ones." He rose a brow, "What is it this time, Damon?" The vampire easily took a hold on Jeremy's hand, lifting it to place a kiss on redden knuckles.

There was silence, with nothing but Jeremy staring at Damon, noticing how the vampire's half-closed eyes seemed brighter than normal. A sign of happiness. Or, an inebriation. Either way, Jeremy smiled faintly as he spoke, "You look like you wanna say something, Day." Damon looked up, and Jeremy noticed the vampire didn't gel or straighten his hair like he normally did.

Damon's black curls cascaded behind him, making the far much older man look childish. Jeremy's other hand reached towards those curls, combing through them, brushing them behind Damon's ears. There was something about the soft curls warming Jeremy's heart. "You know, I love you," Damon murmured against his skin. "I love you more than anything else in this world."

"Even Stefan?" "Stefan and I have a different love," the vampire told him. "I'm protective of him in a different way, because he's my baby brother. He'll always be my baby brother, no matter what happens. But, with you, everything is different."

Damon arched his back, tilting his head until he was able to kiss the boy. Jeremy hummed at the cool sensation coming from the vampire's lips, and kissed back with as much sweetness as Damon released. The vampire had pulled away after a moment, and with closed eyes, he murmured quickly, "...Marry me." Jeremy remained still, but felt the smoothness of a velvet box pressed against his palm, a rose petal caught in the middle. The brunett inhaled, taking in Damon's scent of pine, lavender, and gunpowder, along with the heady aroma of white roses.

Jeremy sat up, looking down at the black velvet box as Damon sat up to look at the boy. The brunett's free hand slowly crawled to the top of the box, parting it away from the bottom and releasing the ring from hiding. The sunshine reflected against the beautiful face of the ring, consisting of a shimmering ring of chocolate diamonds, which emphasized the large, shining topaz gem. The sparkles reflected onto Jeremy's awed face, hardly hearing what Damon was saying, "I wanted to use Mother's ring, but Stefan was planning on giving that to Elena – don't tell her anything, by the way."

Damon tucked a rose petal onto his lips, silencing himself for a moment. "Where...where did you get this?" Jeremy questioned, amazed and worried. "I had a jeweler friend of mine make it," Damon crawled onto his stomach, then to his knees, his hands cupping Jeremy's cheeks. "I know I shouldn't, but I want to shower you with as many chocolate diamonds as I please.

"But,...these will be first. So,...what do you say?" Damon's own eyes were sapphires, bright but worried. Jeremy's lips quirked into a small smile, his eyes gleaming and his head easing into a nod. Automatically, Damon's eyes sparkled and his mouth erupted into a grin. "Yes, Da-" Jeremy couldn't finish his sentence with Damon pouncing forward, taking the boy's lips with his own.

As the two laid back into the petal painted bed, Damon slipped the chocolate and topaz ring onto Jeremy's finger, before locking his own around them. His chest was warm after many years, and he could feel the rose petals falling down his back onto the mattress. Jeremy sighed into the kiss.

For the rest of eternity...