I'd Follow You Anywhere by Emachinescat

A Supernatural Fan-Fiction

SUMMARY: New Orleans, Louisiana. Six people have died in the past two weeks. All ruled suicides. Three jumped off cliffs, three drowned in a bog. And this isn't the first time it's happened. A job for Sam and Dean? Most definitely. But this case just might hit a little too close to home as the guys are forced to face up to their mistakes and fears in the most cruel way imaginable. Season 2.

I'd Follow You Anywhere


He stood at the window, back stiff and muscles tight, eyes locked on something outside, something on the lawn outside his second story window.

"Carter?" He jumped, tearing his eyes away from whatever was so interesting down below, and turned to face his wife, a beautiful chocolate-skinned woman wearing nothing but a thin pink slip that reached just above her knees. His eyes, wide and dark, met his wife's. "Carter, you comin' to bed?"

He swallowed heavily and Lilian narrowed her eyes. "I—" He tried to speak but his voice failed him. He cleared his throat and tried again. "Y-yes. Of course."

Frowning, he allowed his wife to lead him to bed, trying to focus on how sweet her smooth skin smelled and the way her long brown hair tickled his face. His mind kept returning to the window, to those sad, blue-grey eyes that had stared at him from their overgrown yard. Finally, after Lilian had fallen asleep, he detangled their respective limbs and climbed out of bed, wearing only his boxers. His bare feet padded softly, muffled, as he made his way once more to the window and looked down.

His heart skipped a beat and then started hammering harder than before, slamming into his rib cage in fear, excitement, adrenaline. She was there. She met his gaze with a tiny smile, a dimple appearing that he knew all too well. His heart swelling with joy – his fear was now pushed away to the back of his mind – Carter threw on his housecoat and raced across the room, down the stairs, and out the front door. Once on the veranda, he allowed his eyes to adjust to the night and looked around. Where did she go?

Ah. There. He smiled as the girl stepped into his line of sight, raven hair cascading in perfect little ringlets over her small shoulders. Blue-grey eyes glinted with mischief, just like they always had. Her coffee colored skin seemed to almost shine in the moonlight. In her frilly white dress – his heart caught in his throat; that was the same one they'd buried her in – and dimpled smile, his Melanie looked like a little angel. Perhaps she was.

He opened his mouth to speak, wanting to hear her name, but she simply smiled mysteriously, placing a chubby finger in front of her lips. He fell silent, afraid he might scare her away. He wouldn't want that.

They stood there for several moments, neither moving, simply staring at one another, an unspoken conversation hanging in the air. Then she turned her back and walked away.

Carter's heart leapt into his throat; where was she going? They'd just been reunited, he couldn't lose her again! Without a second thought, he was tearing after her as she walked out of the yard and into the wood surrounding the remote home. "Melanie!" he found himself whispering, afraid that if he called her name too loudly, he'd startle her away for good. He was just able to keep her in his sights as it was, her white dress contrasting enough with the surrounding darkness that he could tell where she was going.

He followed her, his Melanie always staying within eyesight but only just. Sometimes he would despair, fearing that he'd lost her, but then he would see a snatch of white or hear a sweet, echoing giggle, and he'd plow on in that direction. When she finally stopped, he saw that she was halfway across a clearing, standing in a grove surrounded by gnarled old trees, their roots rising from the mossy ground and then dipping back down. The air was muggy and warm; mosquitos buzzed angrily around his face. He didn't care. He stared at her face, unable to take his eyes off of her. She was so beautiful.

"Melanie…" When he spoke to her, his voice was cracked with emotion and longing.

She smiled at him. "Do you miss me?" she asked, eyes wide and innocent.

His heart curled into itself as he answered desperately, terrified that she was about to leave him again. "Of course, I do, baby. I miss you…" He choked.

"We can be together again, you know," she said, and her eyes twinkled with hope. "Follow me?"

"Oh, baby," he said, voice hitching, "I'd follow you anywhere."

"Good," she giggled, then turned and took off at a run. "Then let's go!"

Smiling, Carter darted after her. A third of the way across the clearing, he realized he was slowing down. Halfway across, and his legs were moving sluggishly. But still he followed. Soon he could barely move his body at all. Everything was wet. Something squelched as he tried to take a step and instead sunk even deeper into the bog he was immersed to the neck in. He didn't even seem to notice. He followed Melanie, praying he'd be able to catch up, trying to move faster…

And then it became too deep. His feet found no purchase and he began to try to push his way through the muck and slime, eyes fixed on Melanie who stood on the marshy ground above him like she weighed nothing. She was walking on water, an angel. My angel.

The last thing Carter LeGrange saw before the bog finally became too much and he began to sink in earnest was Melanie standing over him, a smirk on her small face. "Goodbye, Daddy," she crooned before melting away into the mists of the bog.

The bog closed over Carter's head and the forest was still and quiet once more.

A/N: So there we are, setting up the initial scene. Next chapter will see Sam and Dean coming into the picture, as well as find out a little more background information on this Carter LeGrange. Also, seeing as this takes place during season two, this story will include a lot of angst and whump, as well as the essential amount of bromance needed to make these guys who they are! :) This is my first attempt at a true Supernatural story so please review and let me know how I'm doing; there's MUCH more to come! XD

~Emachinescat ^..^