Sesshomaru went to the bathroom and grabbed a ton of blankets and a water basin. His head was spinning and sweat dripped down his forehead. He wanted this to be a dream and just wake up and be in his mate's arms.

"SESSHOMARU HURRY UP DAMN IT!" He jumped and rushed in the room the smell of blood filled the room and he hurried over to kagome.

He ripped off her kimono and watched her bare nude body, he was actually getting aroused!

Kagome noticed this and kicked him in the face.

"Damn It Sesshomaru this is no time to get all horny on me do something!" kagome's head flew back and she screamed out in pure agony. She just wanted this to be over.

"Uhhh push kagome!" Kagome rolled her eyes and pushed; Sesshomaru looked down and nearly died when he saw the head starting to pop out.

Kagome was screaming her ass of it hurt like hell. Her legs were trembling and sweat covered her body, the sheets below her were soaked.

Sesshomaru grabbed the towels and wrapped the baby when it had come out, kagome was crying and Sesshomaru was in complete shock. He stared at the body and put it in the basin washing all the guck it had on off. The baby looked up at him and smiled with a little fang hanging out. Sesshomaru smiled and stroked his cheek. He noticed it had two little black ear on top of his head, and black hair like his moms.

Pride washed over Sesshomaru when he saw the two stripes on his cheeks like his, but the babies were blue. There was a crescent moon on his forehead, but the most stunning feature was his strikingly golden eyes. They were even brighter than his and Inuyasha's!

"Sesshomaru can I see my baby?" Sesshomaru smirked and walked over to the heavy breathing kagome and handed her the baby.

Tears built up in Kagome's eyes, they had a healthy baby boy. He looked at kagome and smiled gently grabbing her breast. Kagome got the hint and started to breast feed him. Sesshomaru walked over to kagome a placed a gentle kiss on her fore-head and closed his eyes. He had a family that loved him and now he had a beautiful mate and a beautiful heir.

"Kagome I want to name him Yuukan." Kagome nodded and smiled and Sesshomaru came and laid by her.

"I love you kagome."

"I love you to sesshy." His eyebrow twitched and he smiled.

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