Someone had finally done it. They had conquered the world. It was rumored he was insane. Only slightly. Then a call came to all Operation Head Pigeons members to gather in the nearest meeting hall. In the main hall was Jhonen Vasquez, and the people who voiced, wrote, or had anything to do with Invader ZIM! Then the TV screens turned on.

"Attention all members! It is I 'Maximillion Frederickson' of Operation Head Pigeons." Called a booming voice over the loud speakers. "I have conquered the world, and will revive Invader ZIM!"

A cry of happiness filled the meeting halls while some wondered who he was.

"I will sponsor InvaderCONs in all possible locations! They will be really epic! And stuff… Anyway! Operation head Pigeons is a complete success! Congratulations to ALL!"

"We love you!" came the cry from the members. The Control Brains of Operation Head Pigeons were celebrating their victory while the Invader ZIM! cast cheered.

"We did it! We really did it!" They all yelled, many bouncing with joy.

"Yes victory is ours!" He screamed while laughing manically.

And from then on there were Invader ZIM themed places everywhere, and a global holiday to celebrate it. And when the earth and human race prospered he was guaranteed a spot in history. Millions came to love Invader ZIM and it won many awards. When the inevitable deaths of the cast arrived, the episodes stopped coming. Any unfinished episodes were finished and entire collections of Invader ZIM items were sold for a mere twenty dollars because, taxation really helps with that stuff. It was a sad day but Invader ZIM lived on in the hearts on billions.

A.N. I am a proud member of OHP and wrote this in under an hour. I do hope you enjoy. Check out my other story and review! Thanks for reading. I really wish this would come true.

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